Too Big, Too Small or Just Right? Different Kiss Cut Lines for Special Effects

Kiss Cut Line Length Example Pumpkin and Star
Proportion can make a significant difference when you are creating a design for a card or scrapbook page. The details on the design should enhance it and not detract from it. Tiny accents and lines on a large project can get lost. Putting large details on a small image will overwhelm it. Sometimes you need to use both types in order to get the right effect. I love the Kiss Cut tool to add details but sometimes the default size is way too small for my project. Are you like me and had forgotten that there are 2 sizes of kiss cut lines available in the Inspiration Studio Software?

I am such a creature of habit and I tend to go to the same tools time after time. Because it takes an extra step to find the second kiss cut option, I had completely forgotten to use it! I have to admit it was fun to rediscover the Kiss Cut Line 2 all over again. In the projects above, I used the smaller kiss cut line for the pumpkin stem and the larger one for the pumpkin itself. I cut these and then chalked over the lines to make them pop out but you could alsoKiss Cut Palette use a pen tool.

I also tried using the different kiss cut lines together so that they created a multi-line frame around the leaf. Look closely and you will see that I used the larger kiss cut for the middle one of the 3 lines.

You can find the Kiss Cut 2 option by clicking on the arrow under the color cube in the Color Palette window. That will expand the Color Palette window. Look for the Brush button and click on it. A new window will pop up and near the bottom is a window. Scroll down and you will find the options of Kiss Cut 1 and Kiss Cut 2.

As with most features in the Inspiration Studio Software you can find the Kiss Cut option another way. Go to Settings and Choose Brush/Pen. This is a good tip to remember. If you can’t find a feature start by checking the menu bar at the top of the workspace. Chances are, you will find it there. 🙂

If you are a new Inspiration owner, you can learn more by going to the Video library. There is a tutorial on the Kiss Cut line in The Fundamentals section.


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