Take a Second Look: the Ornaments from the Advent Calendar have many other uses!

Ornament Collage

The ornaments on the Christmas Tree Advent Calendar (released last Friday) are so amazing that I thought they were worth a second look.  Even if you do not follow the Advent tradition you will want to make the ornaments; they are truly mini works of art. Use them as they are or enlarge them. Either way they will be the perfect compliment to a holiday tag, card or gift. It won’t take long for you to come up with ways to make them uniquely your own:

  • Use white flocked paper for a fuzzy snowman.
  • Enlarge the gingerbread people and cut them from chipboard.
  • Use the cottage as the beginnings of a candle luminary.
  • Santa could be cut from vinyl and mounted on a wooden plaque. Add a special greeting and hang him by your front door to greet holiday guests.
  • You could make a bunch of candy canes and hang them from twine to make a fun banner.
  • Enlarge the sleigh, attach to a box that has the side cut to match the sleigh contour and fill to overflowing with Christmas treats.

Oh my, I better get crafting! I have more ideas than I will ever have time for!! I hope I have inspired you to take a second look at these beautiful designs.

PS: Scroll down to see each individual ornment.

Happy Holiday Crafting!











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6 thoughts on “Take a Second Look: the Ornaments from the Advent Calendar have many other uses!

  • Joanna

    I love these ornaments but can I make a suggestion for a cutting file. I would love a 3d Xmas tree to hang these ornaments on to, is this possible. I am looking on the forum where we can suggest cutting files but not quite sure which place to post? Can you point me in the right direction?

  • September Whisenant

    I appreciate the nudge to look at this project as more than just an advent calendar. I sort of glossed over it the first time because it wasn’t a project I was interested in making but now you have opened my eyes to the possibilites of the components. So thanks for making me take a second look and realize that there are some great files here.