Flower Cart/Carro de Flores

A sweet paper flower cart that can be used in a party, filling it with some sweet candies or mini cupcakes. Also it can be used as a home décor putting paper flowers of several colors inside of them.

Baby Book

Baby book that can be used as table decor in a Baby Shower and after that it could keep the memories for that day.

Altered Notebook

Belong to a book club? Make a notebook to keep record of the books and write down notes about the characters, author, quotes or everything you consider interesting. This idea can be used also with the planners and you can make monthly or section separator using this technique on acetate or metallic paper.

Nativity Frame

Vinyl: Christmas Frame Decoration

This project was inspired by a light box board that I saw at local store. I thought I could make something similar to put Christmas sayings and images on using vinyl. It can be also used to count the days until Christmas with acrylic pieces, that would be more durable, for the count down numbers.

Piercing Tool: Stitched Embellishment/Adornos ...

The embellishments are an important part of any project. I have seen stitched cards and beautiful string art pieces and I wanted to do something like that, so I decided use this inspiration to do some embellishments using my Piercing Tool. I started, looking for some images to use with my Pazzles Piercing Tool. I also watched the Klo's Classroom videos about using the tool. These videos are available for Pazzles Craft Room members. It was my first time using the tool, and I felt in love with it. There are a lot of possibilities to try. I did some trial and error to get the correct space between the holes.

Hawaii Vacation Layout

Vacation Layout/ Layout de Vacaciones

This year my vacation happened sooner than I thought, because last April my husband won a prize at his company for his excellent results at the end of the year. The company planned an event for all of these employees around the world. This year the place for this amazing event was Hawaii. It was a dream. We went to The Ritz Carlton at Maui Island. The island is full of contrast; there are beaches, mountains, volcanoes and waterfalls.

Pen Tool Bookmark

Pen Tool: Reader’s Gift Tag ...

I am a member of a reader's club. We started in January of this year and we already have read a book per month. Every month we meet to share our opinions and feelings about the book. The June meeting was at my house, so I decided to do something for the members related to the book. The book we read was Passion India, written by Javier Moro. He is a Spanish writer. I love the way he writes. One of the assignments for me, this month was to use the Pazzles Pen Tool, a tool I love.

Celebrate/A Celebrar

It is a good idea to have a plenty of Birthday cards to celebrate these specials dates.  There are cards in several styles. Today I want to show a fancy birthday card.  For me a card of this type sounds elegant.  For the inspiration I searched in the best place for that, the Pazzles Craft Room; it is full of inspiration and files. I got interested in the Fun Fold 2 Cutting file collection. 

Spring Time Card / Tiempo ...

A Note from Pazzles:  We are so excited to have Adriana as a new member of our Design Team.  Adriana's first language is Spanish, so her blogs will be presented in both Spanish and English to honor this.  We are excited to be able to offer dual languages for our Spanish speaking friends. Thank you Adriana for taking the time to write in both languages! This expected season has come in some parts of the world: full of colors, the plants turn green, flowers start to bloom and the days are longer. In Colombia, my country we do not have all the seasons, but we have a city called Medellin where the flowers are blooming most of the time as in Spring, so people call it "The Eternal Spring". This month there are some birthdays to celebrate, so I decided to look at the Pazzles Craft Room Library to get some inspiration.  So I did a card for this special celebration inspired by this season.