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Make Your Own Tags

You have got to love tags! The are such a simple idea and yet they can add so much to a project. Tags can stand alone on a gift or be the accent to a card or page. They can be made plain and simple out of solid or print cardstock or they can be over-the-top with layers of paper and dimensional flowers. Whether the tag is basic or elaborate they all start with a simple shape. Maybe that is why we love them....they are so uncomplicated.

Candy Corn Bug Bag

Candy Corn Bug Box

You may have seen this cute little Candy Corn Bug in the New Images folder. When I designed him, I immediately knew that I was going to have to include him in a project. He is just too precious to pass by! I backed his wings in vellum to give them a fairy-like feel. This Candy Corn Bug Box project is probably not quite a 15-Minute Project, but it is really close! It depends on how much inking and decorating you want to do.

Leaf Tags

Autumn Harvest Gifts

Fall is my favorite time of the year. My grandpa Clyde would take us grandkids for a Saturday drive through Yellowstone National park since it was only an hour away from where we lived to look at all the Quaking Aspen trees changing colors. I was always amazed how those beautiful green leaves could change to the most vibrant reds, oranges and yellows I have ever seen. I always loved the orange leaves best because they would be so bright they were almost neon!

Haunted Village: Backdrop

It is no secret that the Halloween season is upon us. Haunted House attractions are springing up in the community, neighbors are stringing spider webs in the yard and costumes are occupying a prime location in the stores. This year we thought it would be fun to create a 3D Halloween Village. Each week, for the next four weeks, you will get another part of the diorama. It will be designed so you can fold it up and store it away for Halloween next year. After you put all the loving details into your project you will definitely want to use it again!

Soap Gift Box

Soap Gift Box

Recently I asked my Facebook fans for ideas to do with my five grandchildren ages 2 to 9. I got a lot of wonderful ideas from them! (If you want to see more ideas 'Like' my Facebook page.) One of the projects was to make soap in the microwave. It was such a success that I couldn't wait to tell the Pazzles office staff about it. Eventually I concluded that a demo was in order so I packed up the supplies and brought it all to our Pazzles kitchen.

Heart Stencil Page

Stencil Heart Layout

Plastic spray stencils are everywhere. They come in basic shapes and trendy patterns, like chevrons and hexagons. And as cool and trendy as some of them are, I always put them back on the shelf, thinking, "why buy it, when I can cut it with my Pazzles Inspiration?" Time to put that idea to work!

Stationery Box

I have a lot of friends saying, “I do” which got me thinking about gift ideas for special occasions such as this.

Paper Clip Flags

Those little flagged paper clips are adorable but way over-priced! Save money and make your own at home, they are super quick and easy!

From Card to Page Independence Day Layouts

From Card to Page

Do you consider yourself a Paper Crafter, a Card Maker or a Scrapbooker? I personally consider myself a Paper Crafter. Whether it is cards, boxes and dimensionals, or scrapbook pages, I want to make them all. However, I do know that there are those of you who are a bit more focused. I often hear, " I only make cards" or "I stick to scrapbooking". Being focused on one thing means you probably do it very well. However, be careful that you don't miss some wonderful cutting files just because they don't fit in your 'category' of interest.

Love Card

Have you seen the New Images added to our Image Library on Friday? The latest group included three cards. The Hello Card just begged to be recreated. It was so simple and yet it had so much potential! I could envision several different ways to interpret it.

Patriotic Card

Have you seen the New Images added to our Image Library on Friday? The latest group included three cards. The Hello Card just begged to be recreated. It was so simple and yet it had so much potential! I could envision several different ways to interpret it.

For You Card

“For You” Card

Today I am posting a 15 Minute Project. It is exactly as it sounds - a project that can be completed start to finish in 15 minutes or less. All of the images provided in this project will be images found in our library. Here is a simple, yet versatile card that can be as feminine or masculine as you need it to be. I hope you find the perfect occasion and special person in your life to share your card with.

Hello Card

Have you seen the New Images added to our Image Library on Friday? The latest group included three cards. The Hello Card just begged to be recreated. It was so simple and yet it had so much potential! I could envision several different ways to interpret it.

Origami Pinwheel and Card

A cute origami pinwheel complete with folding instructions. Use as a full sized pinwheel or as an adorable decoration. Card includes different sentiments: "Happy 4th", "Happy Birthday", "For You", and "Celebrate"!

Farm Animal Boxes

My dad has been and always will be a dairy farmer. Oh sure, we pulled him in to the scrapbooking business for quite a while but as the saying goes you can take the man out of the dairy, but you can't take the... Okay maybe that isn't quite the saying but you get what I mean! So when I needed a gift box for him I decided to turn a gable box in to a cow. The little cow turned out so adorable and was so easy I decided to make him a few little friends. Aren't they adorable? These are a very quick project and are so cute. I hope you enjoy them!

Tie Tag

Father’s day is just right around the corner. Maybe you celebrate by enjoying a family BBQ or by hitting dad’s favorite burger joint. Whatever your plans are for the big day, mark dads favorite beverage with a tie tag and let him know how much he is loved and appreciated.

Moustache Heart Card

A mustache card! Honestly how were we going to get through this masculine card series without a mustache card? This card is very easy to make and though it is simple, I think it is also adorable! I have also included alternative text so the card can say "Thank You" or "Happy Birthday". With how in trend mustaches are right now I am sure you can find someone who will love this card!

Western Shirt Card

Western Shirt Card

For all the dads out there who are country at heart from their boots to their hat, I created this card just for you. Let that special cow poke in your life know how much they’re loved by creating this cute western shirt card. Yee Haw!!

You Are A Treasure Button Card

You Are A Treasure Button ...

Button, button, who's got a button? This card centers around a big button. So go dig through your stash of buttons (we both know you have one) and find one! You can then easily coordinate your paper colors to match the button for a perfect card for any occasion. y the way, you may have noticed that today's card and yesterday's card both use stamps from Verve®. We are loving their stamps and think you will too so if you haven't already taken advantage of the coupon for 15% off all Verve stamps at maybe today should be the day! Come back tomorrow for another card in our Masculine Card series!

Pennant Card

Pennant Card

I love this card for a couple reasons. First of all it is a wonderful way to use up small scraps you have laying around. Secondly, it can easily be adapted to any color theme which means it is easy to make this a girl card too! I also love that it is just classic and elegant. I hope you enjoy this second card in our Masculine Card series!

Origami Tie Card

June means a lot of things to me - half way through the year, summer vacation, and both Father's day and my father's birthday. So as we were thinking on projects for this month, I naturally started thinking about "man" cards. For most of us, manly cards are a struggle. There are so many options out there for girly things between ribbons, rhinestones, flowers and swirls; when it comes to the guys on the other hand I am often at a loss. Our team decided to face this challenge head on and bring you a series of masculine cards that hopefully will help you always have the card you need for the men in your life. We hope you enjoy this card series!

Make Your Own Box

One of the most requested video topics is based on a class that I teach at the Pazzles Retreats. I have come up with a fast way to make boxes that virtually eliminates line guides and rulers. After the ladies see how I do it at the retreats, they always ask if I will do a video lesson on my method. Since I have not wanted to reveal my "secrets" before I taught the class, I have waited until now to share it with all of you.

Hot Air Balloon Card

I was inspired to make this card for my mother because riding in a hot air balloon is on her bucket list.I have gotten so used to having the freedom to create whatever I want on the Inspiration I tend to kind of forget how "the rest of the world" lives! Shaped cards like this one are super easy to make. I made a video a while back on shaped cards so if you haven't seen it I am including it with this blog so that the next time you need a special card for a special gift you will know exactly how to make it!

Party Cups

Custom Party Cups

Have you ever gone to the party store to buy paper goods for a party? I seem to want to take things up a notch especially for graduation and baby events. I have found myself wandering the aisles looking at all the great paper plates, napkins, cups and banners. I might even put them in my cart and then...I pull most of it back out again. It is so expensive! It also seems like I can never find the right colors of paper goods to match the graduation colors.

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