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Paper Purses

Does it ever get a whole lot better than purses? They are the very definition of fashion and function wrapped up in to one package. Aside from the fact that they can be mildly addicting (and spendy) they are probably one of the best things on earth! Well....ok maybe not on all of earth, but they are pretty great! So here is a great way you can take your favorite accessory and make it out of paper.

Rose Treat Box

Here is a beautiful box pattern with a gorgeous rose on the top that really “pops” on the black and white design. Includes a card with "mom" title. Perfect for her birthday or for Mother's day!

Flower Pot Treat Box

A fantastic box pattern designed to look like a flower pot. Complete with a little packet for flower seeds! The perfect box to share some seeds or treats as a way to welcome in spring!

Scallop Treat Box

Here is a beautiful box pattern with a beautiful layered scallop design on the top. Perfect for a birthday or for Mother's day!

Easter Pocket Purses

These adorable little bags are called "Pocket Purses" and have the distinguishing feature of a band that covers the top of the bag. These purses would be a wonderful way to give out Easter candy!

Make Your Own Gift Boxes

Make Your Own Gift Boxes ...

Every Christmas for the last several years, my daughters and I make Stroopwafels as presents for friends and family. These tasty Dutch goodies are usually packaged up in little plastic gift bags. This year I thought it would be fun to make special little boxes to put them in. I have often wished that I was a better “paper engineer” but alas, I am not. I am, however, a person obsessed. I cannot look at anything without wondering if it can be cut on my cutter or translated into a new design. Christmas is the perfect time of year to find all kinds of fun shaped packages. A walk through any store will usually result in finding at least one or two gift box ideas. Often the boxes hold candy. After you finish eating the contents you can dismantle the box and use it for a pattern.

Nesting Boxes

Ever since design team member Amy Combstock Combs created her beautiful Christmas nesting boxes we've been itching to make some of our own. There are so many different fun things to do with this cutting file!

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