Classroom Valentines

You’re the Bomb

Bomb with a pixy stick or pencil fuse. Perfect for boys or girls and is so simple to assemble that the kids can help.

Owl Be Yours

This sweet little Owl Valentine perches on a pencil or Pixy Stix as a fun treat.

Pixy Stix Sundae

This pixy stix sundae one reminds me of the dime store in town where I grew up complete with a vintage milkshake machine and spinning stools. As a kid it was a trip back in time.

Chain of Love

Chain of Love

For all those crushes and special someones in our lives who truly sink our hearts, this ball and chain is the perfect Valentine. It can be mass produced for a classroom, or made just for that one and only, special Valentine.

Monster Finger Puppet

Monster Finger Puppets

This nice little monster comes with three separate "monster" sentiments which can be attached to the Valentine. Take off the sentiment and play with the monster finger puppet or use the holes for candy or a pencil.

Necklace Gift Card with Window Front

Heart Card with Necklace

This heart card holds a necklace and makes a gift for coworkers or as class valentines. Personalize your washer necklace with the perfect sentiment for each of your friends.

I’m Lovin’ You Fry Box

Mini fry box with yellow twizzler "fries" inside. This is a fun treat that any kid, big or small, will enjoy receiving!

Eye Love You

Eye Love You Card

This clever and very easy card reveals a monster when you open the card. I am sure some little monster in your life will love this card!

Time 4 Luv

Time 4 Luv Candy or ...

It must be "Time 4 Luv"! This adorable band can easily wrap around your favorite candies. It isn't just a band either, remove the band and put it around your wrist so you can always know what time it is...well...sort of!

Fancy Heart Frame

A beautiful flourish heart created with the pen tool frames this card and keepsake for someone you love.

Love Bug

Be My Love Bug Card

This easy and cute little lady bug uses the pen tool to write a fun hidden message "Be My Love Bug". You can make 10 of these little lady bugs out of just 3 sheets of paper too!

Kiss and Rolo Candy Pencil

These adorable pencils are actually a cleverly disguised Rolo candy with a Hershey's Kiss tip! These are very very easy to make and so cute! Great idea for teachers!

Alligator Valentine's Day Card

Alligator Valentine

This alligator was easy to make and his heart scales add just the right amount of detail. Enjoy him as a simple card, or to hang inside a book as a bookmark for kids or teachers.

Heart Top Box

This super easy treat box has a heart shaped window and top. A great last minute box to make.

Pyramid Box

A simple and elegant box that is exceptionally easy to make and large enough to hold mini candies. Great for favors at a wedding, shower, or party!

Candy Cases

Up-cycle small empty plastic cases into sweet treats

Owl Holder

Little owl holder for a pixie stick or pencil. Perch this adorable owl on a pixie stick or pencil branch and give to a special someone!

Mini Candy Bar Holder

Small case for holding mini candy bar chocolates This sweet little case with a slit inside perfect for holding mini candy bars.

Heart Lollipop Holder

An adorable holder that can be used two ways. This versatile candy holder that can be used to store small candies or to top a lollipop!

Cute Owl Treat Holder

An adorable holder that can be used two ways. This versatile candy holder that can be used to store small candies or to top a lollipop!

Heart and Arrow

A pixie stick or pencil can double as the arrow in this sweet and clever treat.

Simple Folded Box

This simple box folded card conceals your valentine message and sweets!

Fluttering By Sucker

This adorable butterfly valentine requires no glue! Simply cut two sets of wings and use the pen tool for a message if you wish, then slide a dum dum through the slits!

You Rock Pop Rocks

Pocket holder perfectly sized for pop rock packets This rocking valentine is perfect for tweens and teenagers who would rather not be overly "cutesy".

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