Seven Days of Parties with ...

Invite your girlfriends over for a fun night in with the Girl's Night cutting files from the new Party CD and digital download from Pazzles! Play one of the included games, like 'Musical Nail Polish'. Snack on tasty treats from present-shaped favor boxes. Or sit back and watch a chick flick under the 'Welcome Divas' banner with paper diamonds hanging down from the ceiling.

A Pretty Prima Tea Party

Once a little girl, always a little girl. As Chris, Amanda, and I were preparing for our Fairy Garden Tea Party, the pink and tulle brought out the three year old in us and we fell in love with our projects. I hope you will enjoy these projects as much as we do.

Cut and Fold Medallion Gift Tag

Cut and Fold Medallion Gift ...

Today's collection is trendy, innovative, and actually fairly simple to use. The Cut and Fold Collection medallions, flowers, and doilies look complicated, but the Inspiration does the work for you. In fact, the completed medallions look amazing in plain cardstock, with no extra embellishments needed.

Cut and Fold Medallion Card

Cut and Fold Medallion Card

Today's collection is trendy, innovative, and actually fairly simple to use. The Cut and Fold Collection medallions, flowers, and doilies look complicated, but the Inspiration does the work for you. In fact, the completed medallions look amazing in plain cardstock, with no extra embellishments needed.

A Fabulous Peacock Feather Gift ...

Today's 15 minute project was inspired by a Pinterest picture of a beautiful Peacock with it's feathers in full display and a caption that read "Be Fabulous." Peacock feathers have been on my mind since CHA where we spotted them as one of the current trends in paper crafting.

Pixy Stix Sundae

This pixy stix sundae one reminds me of the dime store in town where I grew up complete with a vintage milkshake machine and spinning stools. As a kid it was a trip back in time.

Easy Classroom Valentine Ideas

Chocolate Robot

Got boys? This little robot Valentine is sure to please the little boys in your life. Plus it is so quick and easy to put together it is sure to delight moms too.

Create-a-Calendar Cutting Collection: WPC, AI, ...

I'm excited for today's collection because of the potential I see in it. The Create-a-Calendar set was deigned to let you make your own custom calendars, and includes the grid, the button numbers, and a title for each month. Make a seasonal layout for each month and a matching calendar grid, and you will have an adorable calendar to give as a gift or hang in your own home. At the end of the year, disassemble the calendar, trim off the hole-punched bottoms and you will have twelve layouts for your album.

Necklace Gift Card with Window Front

Heart Card with Necklace

This heart card holds a necklace and makes a gift for coworkers or as class valentines. Personalize your washer necklace with the perfect sentiment for each of your friends.

12x12 Scrapbook Layout Birthday Snapshots 2 Photo Pazzles Inspiration

Birthday Snapshots Scrapbook Layout

We saw that quite a few of you voted for scrapbook pages when we asked what images you wanted to see in the Craft Room Library. We will happily create some complete scrapbook page cutting files in the future, but for today we wanted to showcase a layout made by pulling some existing files from the Library!

Origami Pinwheel and Card

A cute origami pinwheel complete with folding instructions. Use as a full sized pinwheel or as an adorable decoration. Card includes different sentiments: "Happy 4th", "Happy Birthday", "For You", and "Celebrate"!

You Are A Treasure Button Card

You Are A Treasure Button ...

Button, button, who's got a button? This card centers around a big button. So go dig through your stash of buttons (we both know you have one) and find one! You can then easily coordinate your paper colors to match the button for a perfect card for any occasion. y the way, you may have noticed that today's card and yesterday's card both use stamps from Verve®. We are loving their stamps and think you will too so if you haven't already taken advantage of the coupon for 15% off all Verve stamps at maybe today should be the day! Come back tomorrow for another card in our Masculine Card series!

Pennant Card

Pennant Card

I love this card for a couple reasons. First of all it is a wonderful way to use up small scraps you have laying around. Secondly, it can easily be adapted to any color theme which means it is easy to make this a girl card too! I also love that it is just classic and elegant. I hope you enjoy this second card in our Masculine Card series!

Origami Tie Card

June means a lot of things to me - half way through the year, summer vacation, and both Father's day and my father's birthday. So as we were thinking on projects for this month, I naturally started thinking about "man" cards. For most of us, manly cards are a struggle. There are so many options out there for girly things between ribbons, rhinestones, flowers and swirls; when it comes to the guys on the other hand I am often at a loss. Our team decided to face this challenge head on and bring you a series of masculine cards that hopefully will help you always have the card you need for the men in your life. We hope you enjoy this card series!

Hot Air Balloon Card

I was inspired to make this card for my mother because riding in a hot air balloon is on her bucket list.I have gotten so used to having the freedom to create whatever I want on the Inspiration I tend to kind of forget how "the rest of the world" lives! Shaped cards like this one are super easy to make. I made a video a while back on shaped cards so if you haven't seen it I am including it with this blog so that the next time you need a special card for a special gift you will know exactly how to make it!

Mother’s Day Easel Card

The easel cards that have become popular recently seemed perfect for a Mother's Day card. I love the idea of having a card that is also a keepsake to be displayed and enjoyed. While searching for ideas, the soft florals and scallops that are prevalent in the UK right now kept popping up. I knew they would make the card even more special.

Magic Slider Card

About two weeks ago someone in the forums asked about a cutting file for how to make a "magic slider" card. I had no idea what they meant so I went to my good ol' standby, Google, and started looking. Wow! How cool are these cards? As you pull on the slider your stamped design magically fills with color! Of course there is a trick to it is quite clever! This idea works with any stamp design so you can adapt this idea for a card for just about any occasion. Both the quote and the flower stamp are stamps from Verve©. Aren't they lovely? I thought this card would be perfect for Mother's day or as a "just because" card.

Cupcake Boxes

I hate to admit it, but I’m sucker for fun packaging. When something is displayed perfectly it adds a nice touch for the product inside. Well this cupcake box is no exception! It’s a great way to showcase your pastry specialties, and impress your friends with not only your baking abilities, but your paper crafting abilities too. Soon with the Pazzles Pastry Tools you'll be able to decorate your cupcake to match the box it’s displayed in and tie it together perfectly with a bow---literally! If you find you’re in a pinch for time or money (aren’t we all these days) and need to put together a little something for a loved one or a friend this gift is perfect.

Pastry Tools Teaser

I'm working late tonight trying to get everything ready for the Pastry Tools! We are so close to being ready I can almost taste it (haha get it? TASTE!). While I am waiting for some videos to render I thought I might give you a little teaser. So, here is another one of our cakes we made for the video tutorials that are included in the Pastry Starter Kit. There is SO MUCH information in these tutorials. I wish someone could have handed me these videos when I was first learning!

How Does This Go Together??

Are you like me; long on ideas but short on memory? I love creating designs with my Inspiration Studio software even if I won’t use them right away. I am a bit obsessive about saving them for future use. My problem is that I don’t “exactly” remember sometimes how they were supposed to go together!! Now, I have managed to get really SMART! It is such a good idea that I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner. When I want to save an example of how the pieces should be assembled, I use the Convert To Image function.

Paper Purses

Does it ever get a whole lot better than purses? They are the very definition of fashion and function wrapped up in to one package. Aside from the fact that they can be mildly addicting (and spendy) they are probably one of the best things on earth! Well....ok maybe not on all of earth, but they are pretty great! So here is a great way you can take your favorite accessory and make it out of paper.

DVD Cases

When we found these DVD tins for a smoking deal when you buy in bulk, we thought it would be great to pass the savings on to you and give you some ideas of how you could use them. If you love our ideas or have ideas of your own swing on by the Member's section of our store for a screaming deal on these DVD tins. Make sure you are logged in to your account so you can see the member's only price!

New Wall Vinyl in 12 ...

I’m sure you will all agree that it is very hard to keep a secret. Especially when that secret is really exciting and you KNOW that others will be just as excited as you are when they find out. We, here at Pazzles have been sitting on a secret for a long time now and today I finally don’t need to hold it in ANY longer! We are introducing a new line of Wall Vinyl in addition to the vinyl we already sell. The Wall Vinyl is in a mat finish and comes in 12 amazing colors for practically any décor style.

Cupcake Wrappers

Cupcake wrappers are tremendously popular right now, and it isn't hard to see why. They can take a ordinary cupcake to extraordinary for almost any event. They are perfect for birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers, weddings and almost any other event you can think of!

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