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Bunny Treat Boxes for Easter basket ideas

Bunny Treat Boxes

Are you ready to start your own bunny factory? Hold onto your carrots and let's get crafting with these little bunny shaped boxes perfect for storing chocolate and treats!

Easter Pillow Boxes

Easter Pillow Boxes

Using files from the library I created this easy window pillow box for Easter but it could so easily be adapted for any occasion!

Easter Peeps Printable Treats

I love sending treats to my Grandkids and using my InVue software makes it so easy to send personalized treats. First I started with a basic rectangle as wide as my sandwich baggie. I knew it was going to be a topper so I doubled the size so I could fold it over. Then, using the Spring Borders Set 2 file I choose the border I liked and sized it to fit my project.

Monkey themed birthday party with toy monkey cutting files

Monkey Business Cutting Collection: WPC, ...

This Monkey Business Cutting Collection made me smile. They make me think of giggly, horsing around fun. Of course that lead me to thinking about birthday parties and kids running around like monkeys. So, why not a monkey themed birthday party? Though I chose to paper piece my little monkeys, I could have easily print and cut them if I was having a larger party. It’s also amazing to me how you can take a very plain gift bag and make it look fantastic! I used the stationary box for the goody bag base. Since I wrapped the monkey’s arms around the bag I added the white part of his arms to the backside so they would show on the front. I adjusted the size of the monkeys for the cupcake toppers and just added a toothpick to the back.

Heart Candy Box

Heart Shaped Box and Candy ...

A classic big heart shaped boxes with candy sleeves you can fill with your own custom treats! A wonderful gift for everyone but especially special for those with dietary restrictions!

Push Pop Valentine Ideas

Push Pop Valentine

These Push Pop Valentines are quick and easy to make. Just a little bit of vinyl on the outside, fill with the item of your choice, add string and a tag and you are all done. Also included is a holder to keep them all in before you give them away.

Valentine Candy Tubes and Tube Holders

Valentine Candy Tube Stand

This candy tube holder box is an easy adaptation of the Pencil Holder cutting file found in the Craft Room library. Just add circles to fit your tubes to the lid and add some hearts!

Hershey Nugget Wrappers

Hershey Nugget Wrappers

I see that Hershey Nugget Wrapper printables are really big in the USA, so I thought I would […]

Printable Cherry Pie Slice

Printable Cherry Pie Slice

A delicious print and cut project that is 'easy as pie' to make! The back of the box opens so you can tuck small treats or treasures inside.

Oven Cupcake Box

I saw an idea like this in a little bakery a few weeks ago and couldn’t resist the chance to “bake” my own. Oops, I meant make my own! It was scrumptiously cute, and the perfect way to showcase a cupcake. Add a cute note to the towel hanging from oven door that lets your friend know how much you care. For your next birthday bash let your loved one know how special they are, and let his oven cupcake box warm their heart.


Halloween Bat Tube Favors

Joanna here today, with a Halloween themed blog post. It’s that time of the year when we can go Batty at Halloween. It is such fun to make all those treat favors for the kids…….you can just let your imagination run! I have used an existing file in the Craft Room Library, using the Pillow Box Bat. I decided to tweak the file so that I could make a snug wrap around my plastic food safe tubes. I have included the file for you, so all the hard work has been done. If you use larger or smaller tubes you may need to resize the wrap.

Poison Paper Apple Cutting Files

Poisoned Paper Apples

Take a bite if you dare! This fun project may be bad apples, but they're cute as can be. Put a spin on holiday treat bags and create these poisoned apples instead. Make sure you present them to someone special, and put them under your spell.

Halloween Tags

Halloween Treat Tags and Labels

As each day of September passes, it brings us closer to Halloween and my favorite spooky holiday celebrations. Today I've created some haunted Halloween treat tags and terrifying Halloween labels. Attach them to a bag of goodies and give them away to your favorite goblin or ghost. If you want to avoid the tricks, you have to be ready with the treats. This project includes four tags for paper piecing and four additional tags/labels for print and cut. The print and cut tags and labels were created with that process in mind, so they are not suitable for cutting out each piece. The Inspiration Vue makes it easy to cut them out, but you could also print them out and hand cut them.

Halloween Neighbor Gift

Haunted House Treat Bag Set

Halloween is a fun holiday. It gives adults a chance to dress up and be silly, and gives kids a chance to eat lots of candy. There’s a lot of traditions that take place on this spooky night. My favorite as a kid was when my mom would fry up all the pumpkin seeds. She had the best recipe ever! It was as simple as frying the seeds in a stick of butter with salt until they’re golden brown. Yummy!! Then my friends and I would get ready for a night of trick or treating. We would go to the neighborhood across town where the houses were close together and you could show off your costume. It was the perfect time of year to scare all the little kids without getting in trouble! No matter what you find yourself doing this Hallows Eve, spread the fun to neighbors on your street and use this cute “Boo’ed” set to leave a splendid Halloween treat!

Traveling Circus Cutting Collection: WPC, ...

The Traveling Circus Cutting Collection is headed your way. Get ready to be thrilled and amazed under the big top! We've got lions and elephants, clowns and circus peanuts waiting for you. This fun collection has flat images for your scrapbook layouts and cards and dimensional items for you to plan your own circus themed bash. The circus tent and circus train can be used as circus party favors. The circus peanut party initiation was designed for print and cut, so making multiples is a breeze. Simply print it out on your home printer and use your Inspiration to cut around the edges.

Butterfly Cupcake Decoration with the Pazzles Pastry Tool

Easy Cupcake Decoration with the ...

I love baking with my daughter and enjoy all those special memories we create while doing so. We decided to make some cupcakes and make some quick and easy cut outs for our cupcakes using Wilton Sugar Sheets and the Pazzles Pastry Starter Kit. For these cupcakes we used the Large Flower, Flower Bunch and the Butterfly cutting files which can all be found in the Pazzles Craft Room Library.

“Straw” Berries Party Straws

I can't resist a fun straw in my drink. I remember when the plastic crazy straws came out when I was a kid. I hosted a get together a few summers ago and themed our adult beverages around these vintage straws. They were a hit! Create your own party in a glass. Mix up a pitcher of sweet tea, or your favorite berry delicious drink and create these "straw" berries to sip from. They’ll be a perfect “pick” for a summer shandy.

Ice Princess Party Favors

Snowflake Winter Party Favors

“Let it Go, Let It Go……” is sung in our household, and my car repeatedly! This movie is so loved in our household, that my almost 5 year old son has chosen it as his theme for his upcoming birthday party at the end of August. The Pazzles Party CD 51 holds many amazing files that can be tweaked as required for your chosen theme. I adore making party décor and favours, and these files give you an excellent base to work from. Most of the pieces of my party are taken from other themed parties on the Party CD and remade with my winter party theme. Circus Pinwheels to Ice Pinwheels These make the quickest little additions to a sweet table or to give as party favours. I plan to make more of these in coordinating colours, and adding a touch of glitter to the corners adds more festivity! They don’t have to spin either, fastening them to a paddle pop stick and used as a static display is quite okay.

Superhero Tea Pals

It’s a bird, no it’s a plane, no it’s a super hero tea pal! When a super hero helps you brew your tea in the morning, you will be ready to face any obstacle your day throws at you! They may look like they are maxing and relaxing in a nice hot steamy tub, but we all know what lurks below... I made these tea pals by altering the super hero files found in the Pazzles image library under Fantasy > Fictional Characters. I used the replace by segment tool to cut their arms off, repositioned them, and welded them back together so they could hang on the side of the cup and brew your tea for you. I included the altered files and the body file so you can make your own. I also think it would be fun to cut pictures of your kid’s or family’s faces and glue them to the face part of the file. Another idea would be to use the princess files (found in the same directory as the superhero files) and have a little girls tea party. There are also several other themed characters that will work perfectly with this project.

World Flags

World Celebration Flags

There have been several times this year that I wished I had a set of paper flags representing many countries. First there was the Olympics, then the World Cup, and now the Tour De France. In between all of these world events, I was in charge of a Cub Scout Blue & Gold Banquet with a world traveler theme. The point is, I decided it was time to have a little world celebration and make up some of these country flags. Today's project includes 18 different world flags, and a bottle hanger medallion. Customize these for whatever team you are cheering for and celebrate! In order to make these "cutting friendly" I've left off some small details on a few of the flags. Australia, USA and Brazil all have small stars on them which will need to be drawn with the Pen Tool.

Ice Cream Birthday Party

Cool ice cream cones filled with sweet surprises such as candy, gift cards, or nail polish plus a cute candle birthday banner

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