Thanks Pumpkin Scroll Card

Pumpkin Scroll Card

The air is crisp, school has started and the leaves are turning colors. Yes, Autumn has really arrived. I may want summer to last but I have to admit, I do love the colors of fall. One of my favorite things to do in the fall is to visit the local pumpkin patch. Round orange pumpkins lie all over the ground with leafy vines trailing everywhere. Inevitably, I am inspired to make a card featuring a pumpkin. I often feel that no matter how many lessons you watch on the software, you do not truly understand how all the features work until you see them in action on a project.

Sunflower Gift Box

Sunflowers are some of the happiest flowers I can think of. They always make me smile, no matter what size or shade of yellow they are. For some reason they always seem to say "you are special to me". In late summer the roadsides and fields near my home have a multitude of wild sunflowers. A little bit of cheer that pops up in the most unexpected places. Naturally, I thought of adding a sunflower to a gift box as a way of telling someone how much they are appreciated.

Make Your Own Plastic Chipboard

I love the look of chipboard in my projects but I don't like that I always have to cut a layer of paper or cardstock to cover it. The chipboard may be brown or an ugly gray or even printed on (if I use a cereal box). So, I usually cut a second layer of cardstock and glue it on; or I paint it; or ink it; or in some other way try to disguise the chipboard. That is why I really love today's technique, I can make a nice stiff board that is already covered in the cardstock of my choice. Plus, I can recycle all of the plastic bags that seem to accumulate under my sink. It's the perfect combination: making something beautiful while repurposing something that would normally end up in the trash.

Harvest Spread

The way food is presented has a huge effect on how we perceive it to taste.It may all be in our heads but we simply cannot help that a wonderful looking spread makes us believe it is also a wonderful tasting spread. Well we may not be able to help you with the cooking part, for that you are on your own! But we can help you with making your harvest feast look amazing!

Printable Window Cling on Glass Candle Holders

Printable Window Cling Autumn Leaves ...

Last week I shared how to add color and shading to Pazzles Window Cling to make decorations for Fall. I hope you were excited to try the easy method of using alcohol-based markers on the cling plastic. This week I wanted to give you some ideas of how to use the Printable Window Cling that is included in the kit.

Decorate for Fall with Pazzles ...

I can remember how much fun it was to decorate the windows with seasonal designs using Window Cling kits I ordered through a catalog. (This was wa-a-y before the internet!!) The kids and I had so much fun deciding which piece went where. When we drove up to the house we could see the designs from the outside too. I loved it because I didn’t have to deal with tape on my walls or thumbtacks making holes that would need to be filled later on. Sometimes I was disappointed that I couldn’t find a set for the event I wanted. Now, I never have that problem since I can cut my own window clings on my Inspiration using the Pazzles Window Cling kit.

Treat Picture Box

Enjoy three different takes on this treat box that includes an opening front that reveals three pictures frames!

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