Make Your Own Rubber Stamps

Make You Own Stamps Autumn Thanks Card

Fall is a beautiful time of year. The trees are turning colors, the air is crisp and special occasions abound. Now that the weather is cooler, you may find yourself in the mood to stay indoors and create. Thanksgiving and Christmas are not far away, providing you with ample reason to indulge yourself in your paper crafting passion.

Make Your Own Stamps Autumn Acorn Pumpkin ThanksMaking cards is a quick and simple way to feed your creative energy. You can make several cards in an afternoon and those who receive them always appreciate the time you took to make them. Why not make them truly unique by making your own rubber stamps?

Using the Pazzles Rubber Stamp Kit, you can design and cut your own rubber stamps. The Rubber Stamp Kit is easy to use and economical. The rubber cuts easily and one kit can make several stamps. There are also refills available for the kit so your stamping creativity can continue on and on. You won’t need to run to the store or order stamps from the internet anymore. You can even make a stamp of your child’s drawing or handwriting. Woo hoo!!

In a former life, I sold rubber stamps as a consultant just so I could collect rubber stamps. It is an expensive hobby as many of you know. Finding the perfect stamp for a project was increasingly difficult, especially now that most of the rubber stamp stores in my area have closed. After making this rubber stamping video, I really feel the urge to stamp again. I love the fact that once again, my Inspiration lets me make exactly what I need, when I need it.

I did discover a few great tips for making the stamps along the way so be sure to watch the video. There is also a pdf file of step by step instructions for making the Thanks card. I hope you try the Rubber Stamp Kit, but beware, it can be VERY addicting!




Make your own custom rubber stamps with the Pazzles Rubber Stamp kit. Learn how to decide on an image for a stamp and how to create the cutting file. The video will also show you how to make the stamp from start to finish and what supplies you will need.




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13 thoughts on “Make Your Own Rubber Stamps

  • Brenda Adams

    Great Video…will have to try this out….cause I never can find that just right stamp sometimes

  • Victoria Kee

    I like the detail…thank you. I think that I watched it about 6 times with interruptions all 6 times. I will have to watch again the 7th time when I am at home alone…LOL.

  • Yvonne Bond

    I was hoping that you would do a tutorial on the stamping material. I not seen any examples of projects by anyone who have used it. I have had the kit for over a year and never attempted to use it so I am glad that you are doing a tutorial on it. Maybe it will be a subject for a challenge in the near future.

  • Kristina

    I agree with Yvonne because I read a review somewhere that cutting and assembling the stamp can be difficult, so a step by step video that shows at least the crucial parts (i.e. transfer of the rubber) would be most appreciated!

  • Klo Oxford

    The video shows you how to completely build the rubber stamp after you cut it…so be sure to watch it. it is very well done

  • Klo Oxford

    I’ve done a very detailed monarch butterfly. I did it for my mil a few years ago and she is still using it a lot. That is when I figured out the transfer tape thing that I was telling Chris about, and they Chris, being the genius she is, realized the packing tape worked even better. LOVE THAT. Also, be sure and use the baby powder or cornstarch with the foam piece. I took that idea from years past when Mrs. Grossman’s was teaching it with her stickers…and of course, Chris being the genius once again, used the paint brush to make it perfect and not a huge mess, (although, having spilled a lot of baby powder in my craft area made it smell good…LOL)

  • Christine Post author

    It is a huge compliment to me that so often Klo and I are thinking in the same direction. When she mentioned trying our vinyl transfer tape to me, I had already been mulling that option over in my mind. We always seem to spur each other on to greater things! 🙂

  • Christine Post author

    Last year my daughter and I made stamps for her children’s teacher (she has triplets, so yes, one teacher). None of them were very large and we had lettering that was quite small. The green rubber is best for tiny designs but you need to stack more layers to get the height.