How to Chalk Your Cut Pieces

How To Chalk Die Cuts

Paper Pieced and Chalked Bunny Rabbit

The Tricky Tuesday blog usually has a video tutorial to show you how to use your Inspiration and the Inspiration Studio software. Sometimes I might show you how to make a project from start to finish. However, today I am going to take you down memory lane to the earliest days of Pazzles. Today, I am going to show you how to chalk your cut pieces. Not only am I going to show you how to chalk but I am going to introduce you to one of Pazzles earliest products: the Chalking Tool.

Pazzles originally sold paper piecing patterns. As I traveled around the country doing scrapbooking conventions, I would do make and takes. I would teach how to cut and assemble a paper piecing. (Yes, with scissors!) I would also show how to make the paper piecings look more realistic by using chalk, pencils and pens. We came up with the idea of attaching an alligator clip to a stick and using poms poms instead of a cotton ball or cotton swab. It worked so well that eventually we were selling the tools to major companies. My husband used to make them by the thousands in our garage. Of course, we were soon imitated and my husband (gratefully) gave up his manufacturing setup in the garage.

 Paper Pieced and Chalked PumpkinWe still get requests for the Chalking Tool. I will admit that I will not use anything else. I have yet to find a better way to apply chalk. I use the tool to apply ink as well. And guess what I saw on a beauty website? A nifty tool to remove toe polish without ruining your manicure. Yup, a Chalking Tool—who knew? (It works great by the way!)

Pumpkin Gratitude Card InsideMy sweet husband offered to set up shop again to make some of the Chalking Tools for the Pazzles retreat. He kept going until we have enough to sell in the Craft Room store and he has promised that he will continue to make as many as we need. Yippee! The application of chalk with the tool is smooth and precise. Buff the chalk into your paper with the large pom pom and you will not need to set the chalk with any kind of fixative. Pom Poms are in every craft store in the kid craft section. If you watch for sales, you can pick them up for very little expense.

Watch the video to see how I apply chalk to my projects. I don’t profess to be an artist but I do love what the chalks can do for a  cut piece of paper.

Oh, and watch for the Pumpkin Pop Up Card project coming in a few days.  🙂



Learn how to add realistic shading and color to your cut paper pieces. In this tutorial you will learn how to use the Pazzles Chalking Tool with chalk, chalk pencils and chalk inks. Learn how to blend the chalk, how to set the chalk so it will not rub off and how to mix chalks to get custom colors.


Chalk can break into pieces making it hard to manage. This video will show you how to fix your broken chalk and make it one piece again.




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16 thoughts on “How to Chalk Your Cut Pieces

  • Victoria Kee

    I remember requesting a lesson like this when you were still the…thank you so much!! Now, I have another request for another video lesson: Facial features with inks and chalks. You are so talented! Thank you for sharing!

  • Victoria Kee

    Just watched the repair video and will note it. But, do you know if there is a way to clean up chalks that have fallen out of the box? It can create a real mess. I actually pitched a box of chalk as a result. I attempted to clean each piece up…but the black left residue on everything. Just wondering.

  • Christine Post author

    LOL, Vicki, I didn’t forget your request! I did have to wait until I convinced my husband to make the chalking tools. Apparently they are getting harder to find and I won’t teach chalking any other way.

  • Christine Post author

    Vicki, I clean my chalks by rubbing a tissue over them to pick up the dirty residue. Since you can get chalk wet, if I had dropped my chalks and black was over every color, I might try rinsing the chalk squares under water and gently rubbing with my finger. (I just tried it and it worked great.) Pat the pieces with a paper towel to absorb the water and leave them on a paper towel until dry. If you put them back in the plastic holder while wet, they will take longer to dry.

  • Judith Bettencourt

    Before the retreat, I looked all over for a chalking tool. I had lost mine and NEEDED another. My most favorite “present” at the retreat was to receive this tool.
    (I am so easily pleased)

  • Tracie Lelekatch

    Too bad the shipping costs as much as the tool 🙁 would like to order a few but $10 in shipping is more than I care to spend.

  • Linda Weisholz

    Thanks for reminding me about chalking as I haven’t used it in awhile. I have to get some alligator clips and attach them to a stick. I agree with Tracie about the shipping cost.

  • Christine Post author

    Thankfully, you always can use more blades and mats. That way you can spread the shipping cost around. 🙂

  • mary neldner

    Thank you for the reminder about chalks–I used them in my stamping days and LOVED them. Going to dust them off and put them in my Pazzle desk. Great demo and the poms are much better than the Q-tips. Thanks again.

  • Denise Sirabian

    Thank you for the video, just bought some chalks but haven’t used them yet, guess I will have to make something…I don’t have the tool, I will have to order mine. Hope he continues to make them. 🙂

  • Melinda Beltran

    Thank you Christine for this!!! Chalking is STILL my number one go to for dressing up the die cuts I make on my beloved PI!!! You are so smart to start making the chalking tools again! They are getting SO HARD to find and I still teach this method too!!! YEAH!!! I still have my very first chalking tool and it is a Pazzles one! I know as it has Pazzles on the side of it 🙂 Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!!!

  • Evelyn Yelinek

    Thank you so much for the chalking tips. My pictures always look a little bit like pre-school art. I love the dimensional look a god chalk job gives to a picture. I have thrown out lots of chalk too! Wish I new the ‘reassemble’ trick long time ago.

  • Kim Enslin

    I discovered a chalking set from one of my favourite stores (purchased my Pazzels there!) A company that makes the chalk sets can be found @ They really have a super range with the balls and aligator clips. They even have a special eraser. Hope this helps!