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Making Rosettes and Swags

This rosette tutorial was posted several years ago in the Craft Room and although it's an oldie, it's a goodie. These rosette fans are super popular right now and make great affordable 4th of July decorations. Watch the video, then grab the cutting files and make up a bunch of your own. ~Michelle Lately I have been spending a lot of time looking in Scrapbook magazines, stores, online shops and company catalogs. Everywhere I turn I see rosettes and it isn’t hard to know why. They just “feel” happy! You can buy them premade, invest in a pricey die with only one size option OR….of course, you can use your fabulous Inspiration to cut them in a multitude of colors, shapes and sizes. I’ll let you decide which sounds more economical, more versatile and more individualized.

Advent Countdown Cards

Advent Countdown Calendar

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse…… Can you believe Christmas is just around the corner? I’m constantly reminded by the children and also the Christmas merchandise that seems to hit the stores at the start of October! I’m sharing my ‘countdown calendar’ with all of you today and hope I leave you with some inspiration for your own interpretation of one. I changed my mind so many times of how I was going to create this calendar, but I have to say I’m very pleased with the result, and I can still go a bit further with embellishments if I want to. We haven’t done a countdown calendar quite like this before, and so the thought of creating something with family activities built in sounded like fun. The main files I’ve used are the Gate Fold Card from the Fun Folds 1 Cutting Collection, Assembling Rosettes files, and Pocket Card. I used the print and cut method for the small discs with each number and also for the activity cards.

Freedom Centerpiece Exploding Box Card

A centerpiece for your table for freedom that makes a strong statement in support of those who have given so much to gain and protect the freedoms we have.

Halloween cutting files collection

Caught In A Web Cutting ...

I'm not sure it's possible to hate spiders more than I do, but I can't help being fascinated by the spider webs they create. A giant intricate web can be created in my garden overnight. Although I'm then terrified to stick my hand into my tomato bush to pick a tomato, I am amazed by the spider's creation. I decided to spin a few webs myself and I created the Caught In A Web Cutting Collection for you. It features 10 different spider webs including card overlays, scrapbook overlays, tags, doilies, spider web rosettes, and a giant wall spider web.

World Flags

World Celebration Flags

There have been several times this year that I wished I had a set of paper flags representing many countries. First there was the Olympics, then the World Cup, and now the Tour De France. In between all of these world events, I was in charge of a Cub Scout Blue & Gold Banquet with a world traveler theme. The point is, I decided it was time to have a little world celebration and make up some of these country flags. Today's project includes 18 different world flags, and a bottle hanger medallion. Customize these for whatever team you are cheering for and celebrate! In order to make these "cutting friendly" I've left off some small details on a few of the flags. Australia, USA and Brazil all have small stars on them which will need to be drawn with the Pen Tool.

Easy Thank You Card: Layered ...

Today I am sharing a super quick and easy card featuring files from the Craft Room Library. I wanted to create a card that could possibly work for a masculine recipient. Here is what I came up with. My finished card size is 5" x 6.5". My base was from regular Bazzill Kraft cardstock. I started by cutting a white mat an 1/8” down from my base size. I then cut another mat from patterned paper an 1/8" smaller than that, using a small grid patterned paper. Next, I used the Chevron Paper Lace file from the library and sized it to 4.5" x 6". I cut it from regular blue cardstock. I then used the Downy Feather file and cut two of them from another piece of patterned paper.

Halloween Costume Ribbons

Halloween Costume Party Ribbons

I've mentioned before that I host a Halloween party for all of my extended family every year and costumes are requested but not required. I love to see what people come up with when choosing their attire for the night, and there have been many clever ideas over the years. At the end of the night I select a few people for the costume awards and I like to have a big ribbon to pin on their chest. This year I made my awards bigger and better with layers and layers of Doodlebug Designs papers and the Patriotic Ribbon file.

Rosette Snowflake Cutting Collection: WPC, ...

It's been lightly snowing in Kuna, Idaho the past few days, but the best snowfall has been inside the Pazzles office. While my office floor is covered with paper scraps, the office snowfall I'm referring to is the beautiful layered snowflakes lighting up the office.

12 Gifts of Christmas, Day ...

On the first day of Christmas the Pazzles Elves gave to me... Welcome to the first day of our 12 Days of Christmas 2012. This year we are giving you 12 different gift wrapping ideas. Make your gifts outstanding by giving them the Pazzles treatment with extra special bows, tags, and more. We hope you will love this series and cut out all the files to use for your holiday gifts.

Project Tutorials

Project Tutorials Welcome to the Project Tutorials! If you’ve been learning various techniques in the software and want […]