Got the Winter Blues?

Is the winter blues getting you down yet? I know that around this time of year I am always ready for winter to be over! All the fun winter holidays are over, and I am tired of not seeing green. I want something new! If the winter blues is getting you down too, you can always find something new here at the Craft Room! Sure it's not exactly spring, but there certainly are fresh and new things popping up everywhere!

Wiper Cards

These wiper cards are a wonderful and unique card that can be transformed for any occasion! They have a unique opening feature that you will be sure to love!

Always Something New!

We hope that 2010 is off to a great start for you! We know that here at Pazzles we just can't seem to get enough of the Pazzles Craft Room! We hope you come back frequently to see all the new things that we are adding here! There is always something new in the Pazzles Craft Room!

Resolve to Take Some Time ...

We have just finished our first week in 2010! While we all struggle to keep those resolutions make sure to take some time to enjoy yourself and to catch up here at the Pazzles Craft Room! If you haven't had a chance to swing by the Craft Room lately, here is what happened this week!

Blade Length

Trying to figure out your blade length and pressure is almost an art. Getting it right takes practice and the more experience you have the easier it gets. I know when you are first starting out not being able to get your settings right can be really frustrating.

Where Were You in 1999?

Christmas is behind us though we are sure you haven't quite recovered from it yet. In fact, if you are like many of us you probably don't WANT to recover! We hope your Christmas was filled with love and wonderful memories. New Year's is lurking right around the corner now, hard to believe it will be 2010!

See You Next Year!

We hope you are having a very Merry Christmas. This whole week has been about celebrating the season. Perhaps part of your Christmas is getting to have some time to yourself? If so, we are glad you are spending that time with us!

Christmas Is Almost Here!

Christmas is right around the bend and here at the Pazzles Craft Room we have been kicking things up a notch to help inspire you during this season. It has bee an exciting week here at the Craft Room so we hope you can take a little time out of your busy schedule to see what we have to offer!

12 Tags of Christmas

Those of us here at Pazzles often wish we could let each of you know just how much we appreciate you! Through the years we have made so many wonderful friends. Some we have only spoken to on the phone, others are email or forum friends and many of you we have met at shows. We certainly are convinced that you are a very talented and lovely group of ladies. The 12 tags of Christmas is a gift from Pazzles to you, our very special customers.

Trifold Cards

Cards at the store are so expensive aren't they? Thankfully with a Pazzles Creative Cutter making your own home made cards of any shape, size, or look is easy. Provided by Chris's inspiration, we decided to make these trifold cards that have a little extra flap that you can weld any shape to such as a heart, star, or really anything! Take at look at these great designs that we made and you will see what I mean.

Christmas on a Budget

I love Christmas. I love the decorations, the smell, the food, the presents, and everything about Christmas. My favorite part about Christmas is giving gifts to my friends and family. My husband and I have always been on a fairly tight budget for Christmas. With so many presents to buy, we long ago decided to make our gifts each year and Pazzles Creative Cutter has been a huge help!

Happy Black Friday!

It's black Friday! Whether you are getting up before the sun to beat the rush, just got home after braving the crowds, or decided to play it safe and stay home we are glad you decided to spend part of your day with us!

Week Wrap Up

Another week has come and gone, and the holiday season is upon us! In between the family visits, turkey cooking, shopping and gift wrapping we hope you find some time to enjoy all the great gifts we have for you here at the Craft Room!

Mini Albums

Mini albums are wonderful way to commemorate a special event, topic or someone. They make great gifts and coffee table books too! This week we took our own spin on albums using a design created by our very own Lisa. These little mini albums close shut by themselves using a short flap and slightly resemble a matchbook in shape. These were so much fun to do and we all took very different approaches to the project.

We are ready!

The time has finally come for the Pazzles Craft Room to go public! We are so excited to share this site with the crafting community and hope you will love what we have here.You guys are what make this place really special and we can't wait to grow this community!


Sometimes I think we can get so wound up in all of the many things that the Creative Cutter can do that we forget how much easier even simple tasks are with the Creative Cutter. Of course I love paper piecing designs and cute titles just as much as the next person. But don’t forget that you can make perfectly proportioned window cards, tags of any size with a perfectly centered circle hole, or cards of any unique dimension!

Something New Every Day

Here at the Craft Room we are really starting to settle in to our routine and it is becoming increasingly clear that the Craft Room is an addictive place to be! With new blogs every day, new projects, lots to talk about in the forums, videos to watch, projects to share, and cutting files to download you can find something new here every day!

How Do Your Friends Inspire ...

This past week our team at Pazzles created tags for one of our upcoming featured projects. I decided I wanted to try my hand at making a dimensional rose. In my eyes, I'm still a pretty green in the crafting world. There are just so many different mediums and tools, I feel like every week I am running to my friends to have the explain to me how to use something.


How about spicing up your every day tasks with a little creativity and your Pazzles machine? That's what we at Pazzles decided to do and we certainly had a lot of fun! I think choosing "favorites" out of all the projects we do would be far too difficult but this one would certainly be up there!

Final Polishing

We are now a month in to beta and almost all aspects of the website are receiving some final polishing. We are so excited to see all of our hard work pay off and plan to continue adding and expanding on this already wonderful site! In case you missed it, here is what went on at the Craft Room this week.

A Touch of Glitter

The Pen Tool has to be my favorite Pazzles tool, hands down. Don't get me wrong, I love all the other tools too. Each one has helped me achieve the perfect touches to my projects at one point or another. I think the sheer mileage I have gotten out of the Pen tool tips it over as my favorite. My absolute favorite thing to do is to use a glue pen and glitter to create glitter text or accents.

Huge Steps Forward in Beta

As we watch week four of beta draw to a close, we've made some huge steps forward. One of the most exciting additions this week is our new store, but there have been many exciting additions to the Craft Room this week!

Closing in on the Finish ...

Rounding out week three of beta, we are slowly getting closer to the finish line! Lots of new and exciting things are being added every day and the Pazzles Craft Room is quickly becoming an addictive place to socialize with other crafters!

Sticky Mats

My Pazzles mat and I used to have a somewhat love/hate relationship. I’d break out a brand new mat and then put a new piece of paper on it, cut my project, and then my mat just wouldn’t let go of the paper! Arg! Then a few sheets of paper later my mat would calm down a little and start behaving more like a gentlemen. It wouldn’t take long till I had almost forgotten the early wrongs of my mat and it was love from then on out.

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