15 Minute Projects

Quick and easy projects using images from the Craft Room Library

Mouse Birthday Card

Did you know that the InVue software has built in templates for card making? If you have not looked at these templates you are missing out on some good resources for quickly creating a card. Here is a video to show you more about the Document Templates. I have created a quick 15 minute project for you.

Pen Tool: Decorative Envelopes

Making envelopes is fun.  I have to be careful how I design them because sometimes I add too many decorations and forget I need to put them in the mail. For this project I chose to make a scalloped envelope named Deep Scallop Envelope located in the Craft Room Library.  You can make this envelope any size, but I chose to keep it small so I could add a small “Thank You” insert.

13 photo School Layout Sketch

New Document Template: 13 Photos ...

With school just around the corner, I realized it would be nice to have a template to be able to add school pictures too.  You can do one photo per year, or do a layout for each school year. Here are the instructions to put the Document Template file into your InVue software:

Hawaii Vacation Layout

Vacation Layout/ Layout de Vacaciones

This year my vacation happened sooner than I thought, because last April my husband won a prize at his company for his excellent results at the end of the year. The company planned an event for all of these employees around the world. This year the place for this amazing event was Hawaii. It was a dream. We went to The Ritz Carlton at Maui Island. The island is full of contrast; there are beaches, mountains, volcanoes and waterfalls.

Summer Style Pocket Cards Collection

Summer Style Pocket Cards Cutting ...

There's so much to love about lazy summer days on the beach and this collection captures it all. Each of these pocket cards has a little mini beach scene on it that reminds me of our last beach vacation and dreams of a trip to Hawaii.

Flying Paper Fish

I am always looking for fun little crafts I can do with my grandkids.  I saw a video one day of these really cute 'moveable' fish and knew I had to figure out how to make them.  After some trial and error, I was finally able to get them figured out. My granddaughter already loves her "Pying Pish" and was so excited to show it to her mommy and daddy.

Watermelon Ice Bucket, Planter and ...

For this quick summer project I grabbed an empty #10 can (that never made it to being a stomper for my kids AND that was opened with a safety opener to avoid sharp edges!).  I also grabbed a glass cutting board that I got at a thrift store and have had for quite awhile and use regularly.  I washed them up, dried them, and spray painted the can only (inside and out) with clear Krylon to seal it so it won’t rust and any rust already present won’t get onto other things.  I used the new Backyard Summer Collection: Watermelon wedge to create layered vinyl embellishments for a shabby chic ice bucket (or plant pot, or plastic utensil/napkin holder, or vase, or throw some colored tissue inside and fill it with mini muffins for a housewarming or hostess gift. . .) and matching, washable cutting board. I resized the entire watermelon wedge to about 4 inches square, separated the parts and created a 0.02 inline of just the red wedge.  I then created a 0.04 inline of the new smaller red wedge and the light green rind piece and cut 3 sets of these from white vinyl to layer directly behind the red wedge and light green pieces on the can; the white pieces were only used on the can.  I cut six sets of the whole watermelon wedge (using the smaller red wedge, not the original) from the corresponding colors of vinyl and adhered them to the can in this order: white wedges, red wedges, dark green (outer) rind, white (of lighter green/inner rind piece), light green inner rind and the black seeds.

Flower Tea Light Set

Tea Light Paper Flowers

One of my favorite past projects in the Craft Room Library was the Rosette Snowflake Tea Lights Christine created several years ago. I loved the concept and wanted a summer version, so for today's project I made flower tea lights. These can be attached to packages, used as table centerpieces, or added to summer BBQ decor. I'm saving these for a girly tea party I'm hosting later this summer. The file contains four different flower options: hibiscus, rose, daisy, and water lily. My favorite is the rose. Make a bunch of the same kind, or mix and match the different flowers.

Pen Tool Bookmark

Pen Tool: Reader’s Gift Tag ...

I am a member of a reader's club. We started in January of this year and we already have read a book per month. Every month we meet to share our opinions and feelings about the book. The June meeting was at my house, so I decided to do something for the members related to the book. The book we read was Passion India, written by Javier Moro. He is a Spanish writer. I love the way he writes. One of the assignments for me, this month was to use the Pazzles Pen Tool, a tool I love.

Celebrate/A Celebrar

It is a good idea to have a plenty of Birthday cards to celebrate these specials dates.  There are cards in several styles. Today I want to show a fancy birthday card.  For me a card of this type sounds elegant.  For the inspiration I searched in the best place for that, the Pazzles Craft Room; it is full of inspiration and files. I got interested in the Fun Fold 2 Cutting file collection. 

New Document Template: 4 Photos ...

This month's template is for a 1-page layout, giving you room for 4 photos (1 - 5"x7" and 3 - 4"x4"). This could easily be converted to use for a 2-page layout and 8 photos. Here are the instructions to put the Document Template file into your InVue software:

Cut Away Shaped Edge Cards

By now you likely have figured out that I love to make cards. It's my thing, and I know there are many of you out there that consider it your thing too. It's so much fun to come up with fun designs to cut on the Pazzles Vue that could never be made without this amazing machine. Shaped cards are one of my favorite ways to show off the Pazzles Vue and this is a different take on that idea. These cards are shaped on just one edge. There are four designs to choose from. Each card has an inner piece with a bit of Pen Tool detailing.

Make a holiday trivet with a dollar store trivet-Dollar Store Craft Idea

Fourth of July Trivet with ...

Are you looking for a kitchen décor item to help with the celebration of the Fourth of July? Pull out your vinyl and take note of how to assemble this easy project. For this project I will supply you with instructions on putting vinyl on a clear trivet that you can pick up at the Dollar Tree. This trivet is nice for putting those hot pans on in the kitchen. From the Pazzles Craft Room Library I used the July 4th Set file. I used the firework explosion cut file from this set. I used the cut path with line scissors to cut a line through the image.  Once the project was cut in half, I highlighted one section and using the up arrow key about 15 times created an opening for my name.

Round Monogram Project Pattern

Round Monogram Project Pattern

Make personalized cards, invitations, gifts and décor using round monograms for a classic touch. This month’s InVue Project Pattern makes it easy to design perfectly rounded monograms in just a few simple steps.

Cat Lover Anniversary Card

Happy Anniversary Cat Lover Card

I enjoy making cards for family and friends, and along with birthday cards, I make anniversary cards. A few years ago, I realized that I make at least a dozen anniversary cards per year. The card recipients either don’t know each other or live far apart, so I began creating cards using the same basic design for all of them. I can customize the cards by using different papers or colors or adding a slightly different sentiment to emphasize the anniversary year. It is a huge time saver to be able to use one design, cut all the pieces at one time, and then simply assemble the cards as they are needed or when time allows.

Patchwork Flowers

Pocket of Patchwork Posies

Back in the days of my grandmother's youth, patchwork quilts were very common. Women saved scraps of fabric to create beautiful pieced designs. It was a very resourceful way to make something pretty out of what would otherwise be waste. Today is Earth Day and I thought it would be fun to do our own patchwork project, out of scraps, to celebrate. Most of us have way more paper scraps than we do fabric scraps, so let's have some fun and put them to use.

Earth Day Custom Tee Shirt

Earth Day is Friday and there are many ways you can celebrate this day. I have chosen a custom tee shirt project using the Pazzles Iron on Vinyl. Using only one Craft Room file, Think Green, I ungrouped everything so I could weld the trunk of the tree with the leafy part. This means it will cut out as one piece, and you get a better idea for how it looks as a silhouette. The text is already welded. Click on Wire Frame to double check if in doubt with any file. Next, I added the hashtag #earthday in Blackjack font and also welded that together so it cut in one piece.

Hi Friend Card

Hi Floral Friend Card

Hi, Hi, Hi dear crafty friends. Melinda here with you today. Have you ever wanted to send a special someone a note just to say hi? Well here’s a card I created that would fit that bill. I started by using the hi card file set in the Craft Room. I used the DCWV Bouquet de Fleur Stack for all the patterned papers. I cut my flowers out in white cardstock.

InVue Software Template

New Document Template: 6 Photos ...

This month's template is for a 1-page layout, giving you room for 6 photos that are 3.75" x 3.75". This could easily be converted to use for a 2-page layout and 12 photos. Here are the instructions to put the Document Template file into your InVue software: Download the Document Template and save to your computer.  (It is named 6-photos1.pvgt) Open the location of the downloaded file.

Spring Shaped Cards

Spring Shaped Card Set

One of the funnest things you can make with your Pazzles Inspiration is shaped cards. In fact, they would be pretty hard to make without your Inspiration. Today I've created a set of spring shaped cards that you can make, and have on hand for your next event. Based on past experience I can tell you that giving a shaped card you've made to a non paper crafter will totally blow their mind!

Happy Birthday Balloon

Happy Birthday Card

When it came time to create a card for my oldest granddaughter, D'aijha, who will be turning 14 years old next week I knew I had to do something in purple and pink with just a little bling. If something is purple, pink, or sparkles, then she loves it. With the freedom my Pazzles gives me, I was able to really customize this card to her personality.

St. Patricks Day Card

Brighten Your Day Clover Card

A super quick and easy flourished clover card for St. Patrick's Day or whenever you want to wish someone good luck!

Pi Day Layout Template

Pi Day Template

This month's template is in honor of Pi Day. I realize it is not the actual Pi sign, but I thought it would be fun to do a play on words and make a Pie Shaped Template. This template could be used for a game night, cooking, or any other fun and creative thing you would like. Use the pie pieces to put photos on or add creative journaling. The sky is the limit

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