Origami Tie Card

June means a lot of things to me - half way through the year, summer vacation, and both Father's day and my father's birthday. So as we were thinking on projects for this month, I naturally started thinking about "man" cards. For most of us, manly cards are a struggle. There are so many options out there for girly things between ribbons, rhinestones, flowers and swirls; when it comes to the guys on the other hand I am often at a loss. Our team decided to face this challenge head on and bring you a series of masculine cards that hopefully will help you always have the card you need for the men in your life. We hope you enjoy this card series!

Party Cups

Custom Party Cups

Have you ever gone to the party store to buy paper goods for a party? I seem to want to take things up a notch especially for graduation and baby events. I have found myself wandering the aisles looking at all the great paper plates, napkins, cups and banners. I might even put them in my cart and then...I pull most of it back out again. It is so expensive! It also seems like I can never find the right colors of paper goods to match the graduation colors.

Graduation Cap Box

Graduation Cap Box

It’s that time of year when school is almost out for summer. That means that graduation is just right around the corner for our proud 2012 graduates. Whether it’s high school or college graduation I hope that this graduation cap box will add the perfect touch to your party decor and favors. Not only does it make a nice gift filled with sweet treats and money for the lucky grad, but it’s also a great way for guests to remember this special event as well.

Kiss and Rolo Candy Pencil

These adorable pencils are actually a cleverly disguised Rolo candy with a Hershey's Kiss tip! These are very very easy to make and so cute! Great idea for teachers!

Describing Dad / Honoring the ...

Father’s Day cards tend to be either funny or sentimental and often the meaning is lost on young children. Cards for the graduate become one of many that are quickly discarded and forgotten. This week’s lesson shows you how to make a meaningful word book as a card for a grad or dad. The Grad card becomes a special memento of a milestone in the young person’s life by including pictures and copies of the graduation announcements, programs and school logo. The book has plenty of pockets to tuck a gift card or money and include pictures of favorite moments at school. The word books shown are a variation of the traditional word book and are a little less complicated to create.

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