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Pazzles Holly Jolly Holiday Blog ...

Thanks for joining us this morning! We've been busy little elves getting ready for today's hop. Each of the participating Design Team Members have created a Christmas project to share with you, and we are sharing them on our personal blogs. Grab a warm cup of cocoa and snuggle in for some Christmas craft inspiration! If you are new to blog hops, here is how it works. At the bottom of this post you will see a link to the next blog in the hop (Melin Beltran's Blog). Click the link, check out her project, leave a comment, and then follow the link at the bottom of her post to the next blog.

Pazzles Holiday Blog Hop

Pazzles Design Team Blog Hop

The Pazzles Design Team will be inspiring you tomorrow morning with a Holiday Blog Hop! The Hop starts at 6 am (MST) tomorrow morning. Start here at the Pazzles blog and hop to each of the participating Design Team members personal blogs to see Christmas crafting galore. Be inspired and enter to win a Pazzles Gift Card. See you tomorrow morning!

Gingerbread Village: Hotel

It's the 12th day of Pazzles Christmas and our visit to the gingerbread village has come to an end. We'd love to have you spend just one more night with us. Your accommodations at the Toasty Toes Inn have already been arranged, so find your room and get comfy! We have a special surprise for you! Waiting at the front desk is a beautiful package full of Pazzles goodies. It's missing a gift tag, so we must choose one of you to give it too! Leave us a comment telling us what you would do in a gingerbread village and we'll randomly pick one of you to receive the mystery gift! Comments close on Tuesday December 9, 2014 MST. Merry Christmas from Pazzles!

Gingerbread Village: Bridge and Pond

The milkshake pond is frozen this time of a year, and perfect for ice skating, but in a few short months when the weather thaws a bit (just a bit), you might be tempted to take a little dunk. Gingerbread people know what happens when their legs soak too long in the cold liquid, but still a few are tempted to see for themselves. It's a mistake that might cost a leg or two, so just obey the rules and stay out of the pond!

Gingerbread Village: Townspeople

It's the day of the candy parade in our gingerbread village and all of the townspeople are lining the streets to wave hello to the gingerbread floats. You'll see a few ice skaters, a snowman, Mr. and Mrs. Claus and all the other characters that make up this sweet village.

Gingerbread Village: Kids

It's always winter in our gingerbread village and that means the children spend many hours out in the snow. Nutmeg is the town's most fearless sledding champion. When the snow piles up against the eves of the house she starts on the roofs and uses the eves as snow jumps. She sometimes lands so hard she gets buried in the frosting snow and has to eat her way out.

Pazzles Cyber Monday

Pazzles Cyber Monday

Our Black Friday Deal continues today for Cyber Monday. Today is the last day to take advantage of this amazing offer! Purchase an Inspiration Vue Creative Cutter at a special discounted price of $380. Get an additional $380 of FREE PRODUCTS and free shipping! (free shipping for continental US only)

Gingerbread Village: Man and Woman

When the sugar snow starts falling and the frosting hills start shifting and drifting, the gingerbread families hunker down in their houses. But when the sun is shining, the entire town is out and about shopping and visiting.

Gingerbread Village: Hot Chocolate Van

When you hear the sound of "Let It Snow" floating over the gingerbread trees and frosting hills, you better come running. Marvin's Hot Chocolate Van is making its rounds and the melted marshmallows will go fast.

Gingerbread Village: Bakery

Graham's Bakery has been around since the beginning of the village and is known for its gingerbread toast and cinnamon sugar rolls. You can stop in for lunch or order a custom part for your house renovation. When they turn on their giant ovens at 3 am every morning, the best smells float through town.

Gingerbread Village: Trees

Living in a completely edible town has it's advantages! On Christmas Eve the peppermint candies are harvested from all of the trees to fill every good gingerbread boy and gingerbread girl's stocking to the brim! The licorice ladders help the workers get the biggest and best candies, which are always at the top of the tree.

Gingerbread Village: Sled

On cold, frosty days the gingerbread children gather on the biggest hill for some sledding fun! Their cries of excitement can be heard all over the village. When the day warms up and the sled runners start to get sticky, they lick the marshmallow frosting off their mittens and head home.

Pazzles Black Friday Sale

If you've been on the fence about purchasing a new Inspiration Vue, now is the time! Pazzles Black Friday Sale starts Friday at 12:01 am and we have an amazing deal for you! Purchase an Inspiration Vue Creative Cutter at a special discounted price of $380. Get an additional $380 of FREE PRODUCTS and free shipping! (free shipping for continental US only) Free Products With Purchase Includes: Pazzles Pen Tool Pazzles Pen Tool Spacer 6 Months Free Craft Room 20 Sheets of 12”x12” vinyl (one of each color we carry) 4 Image CDs (CD39 Greeting Cards, CD44 Paper Petals, CD48 Vintage, CD51 Party)

Gingerbread Village Paper House

Gingerbread Village: Main Street House

Just down Main Street is the cutest little house with every Necco wafer perfectly positioned on the pitched roof. The village kids like to sneak up and take a lick of the giant suckers stationed at the doorway, but do it quickly, because it's likely Mrs. Ginger is watching from the window. She'll write down your name and report you to Santa.

Gingerbread Village: Church

In the center of town just down from the pond is the Gingerbread Village church. After Sunday services the congregation gathers for hot cocoa and gingerbread cookies from Graham's Bakery. The stained glass windows were a gift from Santa Claus himself after a huge frosting storm in 1989 knocked out the old windows.

Gingerbread Village: Country Cottage House

Welcome to our annual 12 days of Christmas event! We have been busy creating so we can share with you. Come on in to our first Gingerbread Village piece, the Country Cottage house, and make yourself at home. This tiny house holds all kinds of sweet treats and you are welcome to stay as long as you'd like. If you get hungry just break a piece off the door and have a snack.

Rolodex Perpetual Calendar

Written communication is becoming more and more digital. With email, Facebook, texting and more, I find it […]

InVue Software: Multiply-November 23, 2014

With the holidays fast approaching you may find yourself trying to create multiple pieces of the same project. With the amazing multiply option added just this week to the InVue software, I will be showing you how to cut out the same project quickly and efficiently, but creating multiple items on the same page quickly. Join us starting Sunday at 1pm and 7pm (all times are USA Central, Chicago Time). If you are not sure what time that is in your location, go to the World Time Conversion site to see what time you will join us. Just go to Klo’s Classroom and click on Enter Classroom, join as a guest.

InVue Software Upate

Thank you for your feedback and compliments on our Pazzles InVue software. We're glad so many of you are beginning to feel comfortable using it. The addition of new features will be an ongoing project, but yesterday we released a new update for the InVue software. To access the update you simply need to open your software and the update will apply automatically. Here are some of the changes you will notice: Windows Platforms Can Now Associate PVG Files with the Software: You can now automatically open a PVG file in the InVue software by clicking on the file in Windows Explorer. New Multiply tool: This is a brand new feature we've added. The Multiply tool can be seen on the bottom of the left hand toolbar. Spend some time playing with this tool to discover all of the cool design options it features. Essentially this allows you to select an image and make evenly spaced multiples of it. To use this feature, select an item and you will see the orange bounding box appear. You can set your spacing in the multiply toolbar that will appear at the top of the screen. From there you can enter the number of multiples across and up that you would like. Or, simply drag the bounding box and the image will multiply to fill in the space. It's like magic!

Christmas Tree Pieced Card Two ...

Do you have your Christmas cards done yet? I am still working on mine. Every year I try to design an easy card that I can duplicate pretty effortlessly so I can get them done on time. But then there are a few special people who mean the world to me and I want to send them a special card. Maybe something a little more creative. A card they will know I spent time on just for them! But during this time of year, who has time to design a whole different card? Not me! So instead I took my original design and vamped it up! On the simpler card I used the Tree, Squirrel and Ribbon Banner files from the Craft Room. The snowflake is in the Pro 2014 software image gallery and I used the drawing tool to create the star, then I assembled them in a pretty basic design.

Christmas Lamp Card Two Ways

Hello Pazzles friends, Melin here today sharing a fun way to make a fast simple card and or take it to the next level. For the main card base, I used the Side Step Fold file from the Craft Room. I cut them both in kraft cardstock. I then used my DCWV Performance stack and found some lovely cream note paper. So I cut a cream mat for the main area of the card and then cut the rest of the mats in the patterned paper. I then turned to the Craft Room Library and found the fun Christmas Lamp file. I cut them out in black cardstock. For the "fancier" version, I took it a step further and embossed it with black embossing powder. If you look at it, you can see how it makes the lamp look a little more "realistic". I then cut the flames out and inked them to give them a bit of a "glow". I then cut out the garland and cut extras to line the bottom two steps on each card.

Christmas Cards Set

Happy Holidays Christmas Cards Two ...

From CAS (clean and simple) to just a little more fancy, whichever you prefer, this card has you covered. Clean and Simple Christmas Card First I made a simple card by drawing a rectangle and giving it a ducktail (ribbon) end. I duplicated and then resized them, giving me a step effect. I cut out the banners in simple red and green paper. I then cut a piece of white to fit the front of my card and used my Pazzles Pen Tool to add Happy Holidays with the Alex Brush font. I added it all to a premade card base to create a very simple, and easily duplicated holiday card, which comes in handy if you have to make a lot of them.

Christmas Elf Ideas

Elf Approved Cutting Collection: WPC, ...

Hide your marshmallows and lock down the pantry, the Elves are coming! So many people are participating in the fun Christmas Elf tradition, that we wanted to have a little elf fun this year too.

Candy Cane Christmas Cards Two ...

Hi fellow Pazzlers, Joanna here with you to share two Christmas cards using my Pazzles Inspiration. One is a Print and Cut card that can be made in bulk and the other is using the same design but paper pieced. The second card is more time consuming to make, therefore you would possibly only wish to make these for your closest friends! I sized the cards exactly the same and used the rhinestone feature on both the base cards. Instead of using rhinestones which would be quite expensive I filled the rhinestone design with a red fill and red line colour, then Print and Cut my base card. Print & Cut Candy Cane Christmas Card I created my rectangle for the inside white card and made an outline for the red card. Check out the Video Tutorial on Creating an Outline, which will help you with this process. I imported the Candy Cane cutting file into my software, which I found in the Pazzles Library.

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