Halloween Paper Projects Top 10

We’ve had many new Craft Room Members join us in the past few months! Welcome! Whether you have just joined us or have been a part of the Craft Room for a while, there is so much Halloween inspiration available to you. I thought it would be fun to do a Top 10 list of sorts and share some of our favorite spooky paper projects. Get started now and you can make all 10 before October 31!

Haunted House Mansion Completed Haunted Village1. Haunted Halloween Village

Part 1: Backdrop

Part 2: Graveyard

Part 3: Creatures of the Night

Part 4: Haunted Mansion

Halloween Toxic Treat Boxes

2. Halloween Toxic Treat Boxes

3. Candy Bar Wrappers

4. Skull Family Treat Box


5. Spiders Halloween Wreath

Boo To You Mason Jar with Holder
6. Boo To You Mason Jar

7. Boo To You Pop-Up Card

Halloween Treat Containers

8. Halloween Treat Boxes


9. Eerie Victorian Wall Hanging

10. Halloween Party Banner




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