Summer Style Pocket Cards Collection

Summer Style Pocket Cards Cutting ...

There's so much to love about lazy summer days on the beach and this collection captures it all. Each of these pocket cards has a little mini beach scene on it that reminds me of our last beach vacation and dreams of a trip to Hawaii.

Sunny Days Layout Project Pattern

This Project Pattern will help you catch up on summer scrapbook pages. Mix and match the elements to make unique pages for every activity.

Flower Tea Light Set

Tea Light Paper Flowers

One of my favorite past projects in the Craft Room Library was the Rosette Snowflake Tea Lights Christine created several years ago. I loved the concept and wanted a summer version, so for today's project I made flower tea lights. These can be attached to packages, used as table centerpieces, or added to summer BBQ decor. I'm saving these for a girly tea party I'm hosting later this summer. The file contains four different flower options: hibiscus, rose, daisy, and water lily. My favorite is the rose. Make a bunch of the same kind, or mix and match the different flowers.

Cut Away Shaped Edge Cards

By now you likely have figured out that I love to make cards. It's my thing, and I know there are many of you out there that consider it your thing too. It's so much fun to come up with fun designs to cut on the Pazzles Vue that could never be made without this amazing machine. Shaped cards are one of my favorite ways to show off the Pazzles Vue and this is a different take on that idea. These cards are shaped on just one edge. There are four designs to choose from. Each card has an inner piece with a bit of Pen Tool detailing.

Shaped Journaling Spots Cutting Collection

Shaped Journaling Spots Cutting Collection: ...

After I make a really cute scrapbook page, I'm sometimes hesitant to add journaling because I'm afraid I will wreck the design, or make a mistake that messes up the whole page. This Shaped Journaling Spots Cutting Collection is my solution to this dilemma. These shaped journaling spots are cute enough to add to your design rather than take away from it, and they give you a small spot for recording the memories to go along with the photos. You can write your journaling before gluing it to the page so you can correct any mistakes before it's too late. If you hate your handwriting (like I do) then use the Pen Tool or the print & cut method for your journal spots.

Backyard Summer Cutting Collection

Backyard Summer Cutting Collection

One of the best parts of summer are those warm evenings when the whole neighborhood is outside. All the best parts of those summer nights are captured in the new Backyard Summer Cutting Collection.

Mason Jar Recipe Book Mini ...

Scrapbook mini albums are a very controversial topic. Most people either love them or hate them. I feel a little of both. I love to make them and spend hours adding all of the little details, but then I start to hate it once it's made because I don't know where and how to store it. Which side are you on in the very important topic? Recipe mini albums are different though, because they can be tucked in with my cookbooks and I feel like they have a proper place. I put together a really fun recipe mini album this week with all of the little details I love and I'm excited to share it with you. And if you love mini albums, the inside of this book has a unique system that you can use again and again for any theme. Along with the mini album, I've included a few options for print & cut recipe cards. The square cards are intended to be adhered into the pages of the album.


Sports Monograms Cutting Collection

A collection of 10 sports themed monograms. With this collection you can create and give customized gifts that no one else will be giving. Add monograms to water bottles, mugs or even sports equipment.

Dads grads and babies pullout cards

Dads, Grads, and Babies Pull ...

Watching the recipient pull this card out of the envelope is so much fun and I can guarantee your card will be the most unique and most impressive.

Fun Folds 3 Cutting Collection

Fun Folds 3 Cutting Collection: ...

Introducing another Fun Fold Collection! These special fold cards are so popular in the card making world and there are many tutorials online, but guess what? You don't have to measure, hand cut, and score because I've done all the prep work for you! Now you can choose your design, cut, and start embellishing in just a few minutes. Fun Folds 3 includes 10 different creative folded cards.

NSD 2016 Prize Winners

Thanks for playing along with us! We had three ways to win one of our mystery prize boxes and our three winners have been randomly chosen! Facebook Mary Ann Contreras is our Facebook winner. She shared an adorable fishing vest card! Klo's Classroom April Marsh won the Klo's Classroom prize for sharing her work during class! Blog Winner Stephanie Elliott was our final NSD 2016 winner.

No Designer Chat Tonight

We apologize for the late notice, but there will be no Designer Chat tonight. Klo is experiencing some bad weather that is interrupting her internet service. Designer Chat will be back tomorrow night (Tuesday 5/9/16) from 6-9pm MDT.

NSD 2016 Mystery Box Prizes

We've got big prizes to give away this weekend. There are three ways to win one of our mega crafting mystery boxes (retail value approximately $100). Prizes are open to international entrants as well as in the US. (Prize winner is responsible for all applicable customs and duties fees) Here's how to enter: Klo's Classroom  Join Klo's Classroom crop and share a project you are making today (5/7/16) on your webcam. One winner will be chosen from those who shared a project.

Free Scrapbook Title Cut File WPC SVG

NSD 2016: Free Brothers Superhero ...

Happy (inter)National Scrapbooking Day Pazzles friends! Thanks for being here with us today! It's the best day of the year so let's party! Every hour here on the blog from 9am-6pm (CDT) you'll get a new free scrapbook title file. Here's your first free file of the day. Download this file below and get busy making today.

Mother’s Day Journaling Layout

Motherhood is hard work and it's rewarding work. This layout is a Mother's Day gift you can make for yourself and someday it will be a priceless treasure for your children. Gather some photos of your children and add them to this page. Use the special pull out journaling card to write down some of your thoughts on this special day. On the right side of the two page spread is pocket to hold all of the love notes and cards your kids make you this year.

Patchwork Flowers

Pocket of Patchwork Posies

Back in the days of my grandmother's youth, patchwork quilts were very common. Women saved scraps of fabric to create beautiful pieced designs. It was a very resourceful way to make something pretty out of what would otherwise be waste. Today is Earth Day and I thought it would be fun to do our own patchwork project, out of scraps, to celebrate. Most of us have way more paper scraps than we do fabric scraps, so let's have some fun and put them to use.

Mom and Pop Cutting Collection

Mom and Pop Cutting Collection

A fun collection including all the pieces you need to celebrate mom and dad on their special days! Includes a remote control box, purse box, shadow box cards, and a mustache card!

Spring Shaped Cards

Spring Shaped Card Set

One of the funnest things you can make with your Pazzles Inspiration is shaped cards. In fact, they would be pretty hard to make without your Inspiration. Today I've created a set of spring shaped cards that you can make, and have on hand for your next event. Based on past experience I can tell you that giving a shaped card you've made to a non paper crafter will totally blow their mind!

Graduation Themed Layout

Graduation Day Cutting Collection

This collection makes it easy to create the perfect card, decorate for a party, and then document the important day after the party is over. Includes scrapbook titles that can also be resized to embellish the front of cards, and all of the pieces you need to make something meaningful for the graduate in your life!

Popcorn Bucket Date Night

Gift baskets make such a great gift for so many occasions and the gift is even better when the basket itself is adorable. Today I've created a movie date night gift basket that is perfect for an anniversary or wedding gift. Change the tag and it becomes the perfect gift for a teenager.

Candy of the Month Club ...

I'm excited to share this week's collection with you. I think its a fun idea that you can use over and over. The concept is like the Jelly of the Month Club, but way cuter. I'm planning to use this for Mother's Day, but its a great gift for teenagers too. The first time you give the gift, start with the current month and then every month on the same day you deliver the next candy carton. Its a gift that keeps giving for an entire year. In the instructions I've included a list of candy ideas that match the theme and tag of each month.

Easter Egg Village Garden Cottage

Easter Egg Village: Garden Cottage

It takes lots of veggies to keep all the bunnies in the Easter Village fed. After all, they can't live on jelly beans alone. Enjoy this garden cottage that is part of our complete Easter Village.

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