Halloween Light Up Easel Cards

The funnest part of these Halloween easel cards is that you can tuck a battery tea light inside and watch the cards light up!

Halloween cutting files collection

Caught In A Web Cutting ...

I'm not sure it's possible to hate spiders more than I do, but I can't help being fascinated by the spider webs they create. A giant intricate web can be created in my garden overnight. Although I'm then terrified to stick my hand into my tomato bush to pick a tomato, I am amazed by the spider's creation. I decided to spin a few webs myself and I created the Caught In A Web Cutting Collection for you. It features 10 different spider webs including card overlays, scrapbook overlays, tags, doilies, spider web rosettes, and a giant wall spider web.

Fall Leaf Decorative Banner

Despite the fact that it's still swimsuit weather here in Kuna, Idaho, the calendar insists that fall is approaching. I love decorating my house for the season with autumn colors, and I love baking everything pumpkin, so I am for sure looking forward to the weather starting to change. I made this cute little fall banner this week to hang on my mantle. Maybe Mother Nature will see it through the window my hint will work. Until I have real autumn leaves to enjoy, I'll enjoy the paper version.

Teacher’s Pet Cutting Collection

Deliver one of these cute goodies to a teacher and you will for sure be the teacher's pet. You can share your new title with your child if you choose, but the glory will be all yours.

Scarecrow Shaped Card

Scarecrow Shaped Card

Are you ready for fall crafting? It's my favorite time of year for crafting because I love all of the rich colors of autumn and I love iconic fall images like leaves and pumpkins. Of course my most favorite holiday Halloween also happens to be in this season.

Harvest Time Treat Wrappers

Harvest Time Treats Cutting Collection: ...

Deliver fall baked treats in a cute package and double the wow factor. This collection features seven different treat boxes and bags, and three decorative embellishment files.

Emoji Cards

Emoji Notecards

When words fail you, you can always count on an emoji to get your point across. Send one of these fun emoji cards to someone and they will get the point quickly before they even read the message inside. Once upon a time we had only the expressions we could produce from our keyboard symbols, but emoji's have evolved with the times and become something so much more. I love to look through the hundreds of little emoji pictures on my phone to find just the right one to enhance my message. Are you an emoji lover too?

On the Coast Cutting Collection: ...

A vacation to the pacific northwest coast is all about misty mornings, cool lighthouse photo ops, whale watching, and finding treasures washed up on the beach. The On the Coast Cutting Collection captures all of those memorable elements. You'll find it perfect for scrapbook pages, but if you don't have any beach memories to record, use it on a card or gift. A set of lighthouse cards would make such a great gift. I decided to make a super special gift bag for my sister in law, who lives on the Oregon Coast. I purchased a plain white gift bag and added some blue watercolors to the front of the bag. I cut out the Lighthouse with Balcony file and the Anchor and Bottle file to add to the front of the bag.

BirthdayCandle Treat Boxes

Birthday Candle Treat Boxes

A birthday is always a special day and I like to have little treats on hand to drop off to my friends and family on their birthday. Since everyone knows I'm a paper girl, I like to take something handmade along with a treat. These little birthday candle treat boxes can be filled with candy, chocolates or cash. An electric tea light candle sits in the top of the box to provide the candle flame. They are a great way to use up ribbon scraps and the more ribbon and fibers you add, the cuter the candle gets.

InVue Software Shortcuts

Did you know the InVue Software is full of shortcut keys to make designing easier? Once you get familiar with these hot keys you can use them to easily move between functions and do frequently used actions. Attached below is a downloadable PDF that you can print out and keep near your keyboard until you become familiar with these hot keys. The download applies to both Windows and Mac. You'll notice the shortcuts look like this: ctrl/cmd + p. If you are a Windows user you will press the Control Key and p at the same time to enable the shortcut. If you are a Mac user you will press Command and p to access the shortcut. Click here for the InVue Shortcuts PDF download

How to Get Clean Cuts

If you're new to Pazzles or a seasoned pro, you know that getting clean cuts with your Pazzles Inspiration is important and generally fairly easy to achieve. If you happen to run into issues, there are several tips that beginners and experienced cutters alike can use to ensure clean cuts. Nothing is more frustrating than destroying an entire piece of paper trying to get a perfect cut. Here are few things to try so you can get your cuts perfect every time. Check Pressure and Blade Length

Lunchbox Animal Treats

Being a little kid is so magical. Everything is so exciting and every day is the best day ever. Even the smallest things make a little one so happy and it's so fun to be the cause of so much happiness and excitement. So join in on the fun and make up a batch of applesauce animals. Stick these in a sack lunch or deliver them to preschool on a platter and you are sure to get some great big gasps and lots of hugs of appreciation.

Pazzles Project Pattern: Sweet Treats ...

Everything is cutter in mini and this little gift sack is no exception. Modeled after a mini grocery sack, it's just the right size to hold a small treat for someone special.

Wise Words Cutting Collection

Wise Words Cutting Collection: WPC, ...

At a loss for words? We've got 50! I'm excited to share this Wise Words Cutting Collection with you today. It's one I know I'll be using a ton and I hope you love it too.

Gingerbread Christmas Mini Album

Gingerbread House Mini Album

It feels so strange to be adding frosting/snow capped roofs to projects in the July heat, but I have to admit it has been fun. It's got me dreaming of sweater weather and snow days while the sun beats down outside. This gingerbread mini album can become a yearly tradition for your family or the start of a new tradition for whoever you gift it to. Pick one holiday memory and document it year after year in this album. Maybe it's your annual gingerbread baking, or the neighborhood cookie swap. It would be so cute to include a picture of the kids with Santa every year so you can see how much they have changed. Whatever you decide to document, this album can be pulled out and enjoyed year after year.

Holiday Family Recipe Album

When the holidays roll around I start dreaming of all the good food coming my way. The women in my family all have their special recipes that they make holiday after holiday. I look forward to each and every one and I thought it would be a great gift to gather all of those recipes and make an album. I'll make one for every family in our extended family and my hope is they'll be passed on to the next generation. That way my grandkids won't miss out on my sister-in-laws pumpkin bread or my aunt's butter rolls.

Christmas in July Mini Album ...

It's Christmas in July and we've got a week of fun for you. Each day this week we are sharing a mini album with you that is perfect for gift giving. Start creating these now and you'll have Christmas all wrapped up way before December 1. Each album will include cutting files so you can get right to work. We've included embellishment pieces, but don't forget you can customize any of these albums with pieces from the Craft Room Library. Merry Christmas is July Pazzles friends! The first album will be up shortly!

New to the Craft Room ...

We are excited to announce that Design Team Member Melinda Beltran is now designing for the Craft Room Library. Melinda is the owner of Paper Crafting World where she sells adorable cutting files and digital files. Today we've released five Paper Crafting World files in the Craft Room Library and there are more to come in future weeks.

Let’s Get Away Beach Card

It seems like the first half of the summer break goes slowly and the last half is over in just a blink of an eye. After the 4th of July celebrations, come most of the birthdays in my family and my wedding anniversary. The month flies by and then it's time to get ready for back to school. I really need a vacation somewhere in there, so I made my husband this wedding anniversary card. Do you think this will be a clear enough hint for him that we need a vacation? I'm hoping he sees through the cuteness of the card to the real meaning behind it! And if not, I'll take matters into my own hands.

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Making Rosettes and Swags

This rosette tutorial was posted several years ago in the Craft Room and although it's an oldie, it's a goodie. These rosette fans are super popular right now and make great affordable 4th of July decorations. Watch the video, then grab the cutting files and make up a bunch of your own. ~Michelle Lately I have been spending a lot of time looking in Scrapbook magazines, stores, online shops and company catalogs. Everywhere I turn I see rosettes and it isn’t hard to know why. They just “feel” happy! You can buy them premade, invest in a pricey die with only one size option OR….of course, you can use your fabulous Inspiration to cut them in a multitude of colors, shapes and sizes. I’ll let you decide which sounds more economical, more versatile and more individualized.

Stained Glass Window Cutting Collectin

Stained Glass Window Cutting Collection: ...

A stained glass window is such an amazing piece of artwork. If you've spent some time in a church with fabulous stained glass windows, you've likely had time to study it up close. They are beautiful from afar, but even more amazing close up, when you realize the work that has gone into it. Our Stained Glass Cutting Collection captures a bit of that awe inspiring work in a smaller format so you can make your own mini masterpieces. Cut one design from several colors of paper, then mix and match the pieces for a cool pieced look.

Popsicle Party Favor

Popsicle Party Set

Summer is for parties and I want to make sure I do my part to make your party a hit. Cute party décor is just the thing to set the scene and make your party a memorable one. This popsicle party has everything you need except the actual popsicles to throw a cool party.

Cut and Paste Cuttable Sketch

Cut and Paste Sketches: Good ...

I've got another Cut and Paste Sketch idea for you today. This lovely layout is perfect for documenting a day at the beach or summer BBQ. The layout holds five 3x3 pictures, so you can crop down larger pictures or have your pictures printed square. Remember, just because the layout looks pastel and girly, you can cut it out of darker papers and use it for a masculine occasion as well.

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