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Acrylic Snowflake Frame

Snowflake Photo Frame

The holiday gift giving season is nearly upon us and ‘tis the season to make lovely holiday gifts! […]

Poinsettia Peace Card made using Stencil material cut on the Pazzles Inspiration

Poinsettia Card

It is that time of year again. Time to create some one-of-a-kind special cards for those few special people. I used Pazzles Stencil Material and the files I created from the Poinsettia Stencil card file exclusively in the Pazzles Craft Room.

Elegant and Quick Christmas Cards

Elegant and Quick Christmas Cards ...

I love sending hand crafted Christmas cards. It is like sending a bit of myself to my friends far and near. Lately, though, I just don’t have the time or energy for the detailed cards I used to make. Instead I want to create a simple card that is classic and elegant.

Custom lace flower pie crust with the Pazzles Inspiration and pastry tool

Fancy Pie Crusts with the ...

This is one of those special kind of projects that takes very minimal effort for really big results. Pie crust is surprisingly easy to cut and the results are breathtaking!

Measuring the Middle

Have you ever had an image that you wanted to have a specific part of it a certain size? Well, it can be kind of time consuming to get it just right using just the rulers or trying to eyeball it with trial an error. Well, today's tip is a sure fire way to make it quick and easy to get it exactly how you want it. For instance, if I want the back wheel of this bike to be exactly 2 inches, I can create a square by clicking on the rectangle on the left toolbar, then a secondary toolbar will appear across the top. I can select square and just create the 2 inch square. Then I need to select the entire object, in this case the bicycle and just use the handles on the corner to adjust it until the wheel fits perfectly inside of it. Now, I can just delete the square and cut out my image. For more information about creating a Square in the precise size you want, be sure and watch the Drawing a Square video. Drawing a Square I hope this tip will help you make the images whatever size you want, regardless of what portion you are adjusting.

A lightweight and sturdy holiday greeting perfect for your front door!

Greetings Wall Hanging

This holiday decoration is lightweight and could hang easily just about anywhere. I cut pieces from cardstock and […]

Fun Folds Christmas set of 10 unique folds cards with Christmas themes. Cut files and instructions from Pazzles. Available for sale in WPC, SVG and AI.

Fun Folds Christmas Cutting Collection: ...

Just in time for the Christmas early birds, we've got a fun new Christmas card collection to release today. Based off our popular Fun Folds Collections, this is a Christmas Fun Fold Collection. All 10 of the brand new card designs feature clever folds and unique design elements that will make receiving these cards as fun as making them.

Tree Puzzle Box

Tree Puzzle Box

This tree box is extra special because the trunk and the tree top are two separate boxes so you can add multiple treats!

No Class November 13, 2016

Just a reminder that there is no class this week. This would be a great time to review some videos or just spend the day with family or crafting. Mark your calendar now for the next Virtual Craft and Crop day on November 20, 2016 from Noon-6pm Central Time.  Be sure and JOIN US .

Thickening a Cut Line

Many times we have a font or image that we want to cut, but the line is just so thin it either doesn't cut well, or it cuts, but is so fragile that you can't remove it from the mat without it just disintegrating or tearing, even if you use the Pazzles Spatula. There is good news!  You can thicken those lines with a little trick using the Outline Tool.

Thanksgiving Easel Card

Thanksgiving Rip Strip Easel Card

A greeting card with a built-in festive sign your recipient can display to add to the warm fuzzies encompassed in this blessed celebration of gratitude and cooperation.

Engraving Tool: Autumn Wall Hanging

I’ve lived in a few places while in the Air Force and I have to say that fall in Georgia is the best I’ve seen. The colors are just beautiful, but green is still present, which is one of my favorite colors. For this project I used an old canvas frame. I took the fabric off and painted the frame black. I must admit I couldn’t decide what color I wanted to make the frame, but the black does make the copper metal pop. The frame I used is approximately 11” x 14” from side to side and top to bottom.

New Document Template: 10 Photos ...

This month's template is for a 2-page layout, giving you room for 10- 4x6 photos. There is also a place to easily add a title.  You could even use one less photo and add a journaling area or some extra embellishments.

Basic Autumn Color Palette

InVue Color Palette: Basic Autumn

I love the colors of Autumn.  Especially when you have a bright splash of color that seems to just show up randomly.  Enjoy this Basic Autumn Palette!

Spiral Text Ink Spot Cards

Making and sending cards is one of my favorite things! Although judging by the pile of handmade cards sitting on my desk and spilling out of every drawer, I must love making them more than I love sending them. I need to get on that! Today I'm adding a few more cards to my bulging stash with these spiral text ink spot cards. They are super easy to make, but pack a punch of autumn with the pretty colors and tiny leaves. I must admit, the tiny leaves are my favorite part.

November 6, 2016: Using Project ...

Every month Pazzles Craft Room members receive a new Project Pattern.  This weeks class will be showing you how to use them.  We will actually be assembling one of the projects. Join us starting Sunday at  7pm (times are USA Central, Chicago Time). If you are not sure what time that is in your location, go to the World Time Conversion site to see what time you will join us. Just go to Klo’s Classroom and click on Enter Classroom to join us that night.

InVue Software Video: Align Text

Last week, we learned how to do Basic Alignment of objects in our software. Take just a few minutes to watch this weeks video and learn the simple steps of horizontally aligning your text. This makes creating journaling blocks and different titles so much easier, getting just the look you want. Align Text This video will help you align your text horizontally through a few simple and easy steps.

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