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InVue Color Palette: Yummy Summer ...

Summer is full of so many bright and yummy colors, that we couldn't resist creating a series of palettes for you. Here is the third in the series.  You will notice that each line in the photo coordinates to create a beautiful and fun palette for the senses.  Enjoy!

InVue Software Video: Move To

The Pazzles InVue Software gives you the ability to have an image moved to the exact spot you choose.  This is very helpful for creating and designing projects that you need precise placement on.  It is also a great way to layout out overlay or many other projects.   This video will show you how to use the Move To option in the software. Move To This video will show you how to use the Move To option, giving you the ability to place an image precisely where you want on the page.

Stenciled Art Frame with Airbrushing

Home Décor, mainly wall art, is high on my list of interests.  This stenciled framed art will be a gift to a relative who loves one of a kind art to display in her home.  To personalize it even more I added the initial of her last name. For this design I used Pazzles Stencil Plastic and used my airbrush machine to fill in the white and red areas.  If you don’t have an airbrush machine you can use spray paint or use paint of your choice using a paint brush or even a sponge. All the images are from the Pazzles Pro 2014 image gallery, but you can find similar ones in the Pazzles Craft Room. The butterfly and flowers are layered.  I used black cardstock as the backdrop since I wanted to use white paint.

Backyard Summer Cutting Collection

Backyard Summer Cutting Collection

One of the best parts of summer are those warm evenings when the whole neighborhood is outside. All the best parts of those summer nights are captured in the new Backyard Summer Cutting Collection.

Yummy Summer 2 Color Palette from Pazzles

InVue Color Palette: Yummy Summer ...

Summer is full of so many bright and yummy colors, that we couldn't resist creating a series of palettes for you. Here is the second in the series.  You will notice that each line in the photo coordinates to create a beautiful and fun palette for the senses.  Enjoy!

Paper Umbrella and Flowers Garden ...

An umbrella wreath full of vibrant beautiful flowers. Makes a fun baby/wedding shower decoration or decrease the umbrella’s size and add candy inside it for a fun party favor!

InVue Software Video: Rotate

The Pazzles InVue Software has two options for you to be able to rotate your images.  The first is a visual rotation and the second is a precise rotation. Today's video will show  you both ways to do this.   With the visual option, you will be able to use your cursor to rotate the image and with the precision, you can put in the exact degrees you want to rotate the image.   With the precision, you can also choose at what point you want the rotation to occur, as well as create a cloned copy of the rotation. Rotate This video will show you the two different ways to rotate in the software. You will learn both the visual rotation and the precision rotation.

Personalized Vinyl Sign: God’s Cat ...

Have you ever needed something for a spot in your home and haven’t been able to find the perfect thing to fit in that space? Consider creating a special art piece, using your Pazzles machine, a purchased piece of art and Pazzles vinyl. The inspiration for my art work came from the location and the area around where I was placing it, specifically next to my patio doors, overlooking my back yard. Key components in my back yard are the “occupants".   I have the usual things in my area of the country-a palm tree, a swimming pool, hibiscus plants, bird of paradise plants, citrus trees and feral cats.  I’ll explain about the cats, specifically, “God’s Cat Garden” a bit later. A base to place the vinyl was required.  I was unable to find the correctly sized unfinished piece at my local craft store.  A pre-made framed sign, made of paneling with words etched in the surface was the correct size. The piece was on sale so I purchased it, planning to sand off the words and refinish it. After sanding off the original words, I used two shades of paint on the paneling base to create a distressed look and distress stain to antique the frame.

New Document Template: Basic Square ...

This month's template is a Basic Square Box with Flap Lid.  This is a great place to start if you want to add some fun features to a box and you don't want to start from scratch. Here are the instructions to put the Document Template file into your InVue software:

InVue Color Palette: Yummy Summer ...

Summer is full of so many bright and yummy colors, that we couldn't resist creating a series of palettes for you. Here is the first in the series.  You will notice that each line in the photo coordinates to create a beautiful and fun palette for the senses.  Enjoy!

Mason Jar Recipe Book Mini ...

Scrapbook mini albums are a very controversial topic. Most people either love them or hate them. I feel a little of both. I love to make them and spend hours adding all of the little details, but then I start to hate it once it's made because I don't know where and how to store it. Which side are you on in the very important topic? Recipe mini albums are different though, because they can be tucked in with my cookbooks and I feel like they have a proper place. I put together a really fun recipe mini album this week with all of the little details I love and I'm excited to share it with you. And if you love mini albums, the inside of this book has a unique system that you can use again and again for any theme. Along with the mini album, I've included a few options for print & cut recipe cards. The square cards are intended to be adhered into the pages of the album.

Vinyl Cutting and Application: June ...

There are so many fun things you can do with vinyl.  This month in the Pazzles Craft Room, you will see quite a few projects using vinyl, so we are going to show you how to prepare, cut and apply vinyl.  We will be doing some layering as well as basic applications.  Don't miss it! Join us starting Sunday at  7pm (times are USA Central, Chicago Time). If you are not sure what time that is in your location, go to the World Time Conversion site to see what time you will join us. Just go to Klo’s Classroom and click on Enter Classroom, join as a guest

InVue Software Video: Width/Height

Today's video will show you had to change the both the width and height of your images. You have the option to keep them in proportion, clone them and even choose from what point the adjustment will be made. Be sure and take a few minutes to see how quick and easy it is to adjust your image to just the perfect size for your project. Width/Height This video will show you how change the Width and Height of your image. You will also learn to change them while keeping it in proportion, as well as how to clone them and choose the point the adjustment will be made from.

Grill Master Father’s Day Apron

Does your husband, father, brother, son or cousin always brag about being the best Grill Master? If they do, try this project for something they will cherish this Father’s Day.

Pen Tool Happy Birthday Water ...

Adult coloring is a huge trend today.  Retail stores of all kinds, not just craft and hobby stores seem to be embracing this phenomenon.  A walk through a craft store shows a plethora of books, frames, notebooks, journals all to be colored by the buyer.  The health benefits of coloring are many, from stress relief to an exercise for your brain.  I do enjoy coloring and admit, I have a couple of books myself. Then I came to the realization, I can make my own coloring pages with my Pazzles machine!  Using files from the Craft Room, it’s easy to make the perfect “coloring” project, using the Pen Tool. We can choose the type of paper for the coloring medium we wish to use. Why not make it card size, or to fit in a favorite frame? We can reveal our inner artist, and no one will ever guess that it is our imagination and a little “Inspiration” that is allowing us to create the perfect art. For example, this little “Birday” card was created using the branch from Birds on a Branch, the bird and flowers from Pretty Bird on a Branch and the border and medallion from the Medallion Card Base. 

No Designer Chat Tonight

Just a note to let you know there is no Designer Chat tonight.   Please have a safe Memorial Day!


Sports Monograms Cutting Collection

A collection of 10 sports themed monograms. With this collection you can create and give customized gifts that no one else will be giving. Add monograms to water bottles, mugs or even sports equipment.

InVue Color Palette

InVue Color Palette: Serenity and ...

Every year Pantone picks the "colors of the year" and for 2016 Rose Quartz and Serenity were chosen. Today's Color Palette includes these two colors and coordinating color pairings.

Recipe for a Beautiful Garden ...

Every Spring and Early Summer as the cold weather turns and the grass starts to get green, the flowers start blooming and the leaves cover the trees in verdant colors, I get excited and ready to start adding a touch to our own yard for us to enjoy for the next few months.  The past two years we have not done a lot in our new home, so this year we are ready to really get started. As I was thinking of the things I needed to do to make sure our yard is vibrant with color and flowers, I recalled the special recipe that my oldest sister used and shared with us in the past.  We have used this recipe in our past homes and have always left each place with a plush lawn and beautiful landscaping with flowers and bushes that show their colors to the fullest.  So I know it is time to pull out the 'recipe.'   As I was doing that, I realized I could not find it. It then occurred to me, it should be with my recipe swap book that I did years ago with a group of online friends, that I still use.  That meant creating a page.

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