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Piercing Tool: Birthday Card

Do you still have your Pazzles Piercing Tool packed away? Now is the time to unpack your tool to create a simple birthday card. The Craft Room Library has tons of files that can be used, and with the InVue software you have the option to change your lines to piercing. Within the InVue software I used the A2 card template. For the metal piece I used the Lattice Frame file outline and created an inline duplicate of the shape five times. On two of the lines I selected the piercing option, on three I selected the embossing tool and the final line is used for cutting out the shape. I typed the word Happy Birthday in the middle to be embossed.

Sunny Days Layout Project Pattern

This Project Pattern will help you catch up on summer scrapbook pages. Mix and match the elements to make unique pages for every activity.

Color Palette

InVue Color Palette: MME My ...

My Mind's Eye now has beautiful cardstock that cuts nicely on the Pazzles machines.  Over the next 8 weeks, we will be releasing color palettes to include all of their colors.  Today is #2 of 8. For InVue Users: Click on the color palette link below and save to your computer.

Flower Tea Light Set

Tea Light Paper Flowers

One of my favorite past projects in the Craft Room Library was the Rosette Snowflake Tea Lights Christine created several years ago. I loved the concept and wanted a summer version, so for today's project I made flower tea lights. These can be attached to packages, used as table centerpieces, or added to summer BBQ decor. I'm saving these for a girly tea party I'm hosting later this summer. The file contains four different flower options: hibiscus, rose, daisy, and water lily. My favorite is the rose. Make a bunch of the same kind, or mix and match the different flowers.

No Class July 17, 2016

Just a reminder that there is no class this week. Be sure and join us Saturday, July 23, 2016 from 10:00am-3:00pm Central Time,  for our next Virtual Crop and Craft Day. This would be a great time to review some videos or past classes.

Fun Folds Hiking Birthday Card

Hiking is a wonderful way to enjoy nature and beautiful summer days.   Creating a birthday card for hikers using the Fun Folds 3 collection is another fun way to spend a summer day. The Fun Folds Card collections are easy to cut and fun to decorate.  There are a number of appropriate designs in the Craft Room but the Stair Step Gatefold card has great space for creating a large scene. 

Pen Tool Bookmark

Pen Tool: Reader’s Gift Tag ...

I am a member of a reader's club. We started in January of this year and we already have read a book per month. Every month we meet to share our opinions and feelings about the book. The June meeting was at my house, so I decided to do something for the members related to the book. The book we read was Passion India, written by Javier Moro. He is a Spanish writer. I love the way he writes. One of the assignments for me, this month was to use the Pazzles Pen Tool, a tool I love.

bride card-wedding card

Bridal Party Cutting Collection: WPC, ...

A graceful bride, a handsome groom, the giddy bridesmaid and the steady best man. Every good collection includes those key players and predictably, a cake, ring, church and doves. However, I wanted to depart from the traditional pieces just a little bit in this Bridal Party Collection. There are many other important people who need to be spotlighted, don’t you agree? What is a wedding without the cuteness of a tripping flower girl or the goofiness of a little ring bearer? Then there is the mama crying in the front row who has poured her life into the bride or groom and the stoic father who walks the bride down the aisle.

MME My Colors Palette

InVue Color Palette: MME My ...

My Mind's Eye now has beautiful cardstock that cuts nicely on the Pazzles machines.  Over the next 8 weeks, we will be releasing color palettes to include all of their colors.  Today is #1 of 8. For InVue Users: Click on the color palette link below and save to your computer.

Pineapple Box

The pineapple is the national symbol of hospitality. It started way back in Columbus’s Day. He discovered the fruit and brought it back to the states, but farmers couldn’t figure out a way to make it grow outside its normal environment. The fruit quickly became an expensive commodity as it was not easy to ship without spoiling. Only honored and distinguished guests were gifted the extremely expensive whole pineapples and mostly by royalty. Even though today the pineapple is readily available, it still remains a symbol of welcome.

Turning Paper Lace to Home ...

The Paper Lace Overlays are so pretty and make cards and scrapbook layouts look beautiful.  Come to class and learn to turn them to a 3D piece that can be a piece of wonderful Home Decor. Join us starting Sunday at  7pm (times are USA Central, Chicago Time). If you are not sure what time that is in your location, go to the World Time Conversion site to see what time you will join us. Just go to Klo’s Classroom and click on Enter Classroom, join as a guest

InVue Software Video: How to ...

In today's video, we are showing you how to register your machine and software. This is a very important thing to do and it only takes a few minutes. With your machine and software registered, this helps Pazzles communicate with you better. This is also important if you would have a computer crash or upgrade you computer. Then your information is safe in your online account. Take a few minutes and watch this very important video. How to Register your Machine and Software This video will show you how to Register your Pazzles Creative Cutter and your software. Be sure and register your machine and software, this helps Pazzles communicate with you better and gives you the peace of mind if your computer would crash or you upgrade your computer.

Celebrate/A Celebrar

It is a good idea to have a plenty of Birthday cards to celebrate these specials dates.  There are cards in several styles. Today I want to show a fancy birthday card.  For me a card of this type sounds elegant.  For the inspiration I searched in the best place for that, the Pazzles Craft Room; it is full of inspiration and files. I got interested in the Fun Fold 2 Cutting file collection. 

Iron On Material Cell Phone

Iron-On Vinyl: Elephant Cell Phone ...

Sometimes we just don’t want to carry a purse to run a quick errand, but we need the cell phone, just in case. I made a black denim cell phone pouch from jeans I cut into shorts. Hey, recycling is good. I used flowers from the Pazzles Craft Room Library. I also, found the elephant in the Single Stroke Designs category.

New Document Template: 4 Photos ...

This month's template is for a 1-page layout, giving you room for 4 photos (1 - 5"x7" and 3 - 4"x4"). This could easily be converted to use for a 2-page layout and 8 photos. Here are the instructions to put the Document Template file into your InVue software:

Americana Color Palette

InVue Color Palette: Americana

Instead of having the traditional bold red, white and blue, we have chosen to go to the more subtle colors of Americana. This palette coordinates with our Americana Digital Paper Pack.

Cut Away Shaped Edge Cards

By now you likely have figured out that I love to make cards. It's my thing, and I know there are many of you out there that consider it your thing too. It's so much fun to come up with fun designs to cut on the Pazzles Vue that could never be made without this amazing machine. Shaped cards are one of my favorite ways to show off the Pazzles Vue and this is a different take on that idea. These cards are shaped on just one edge. There are four designs to choose from. Each card has an inner piece with a bit of Pen Tool detailing.

No Class July 3, 2016: ...

Just a reminder that there is no class this week. For those of you celebrating this weekend, have a safe and happy weekend. This would be a great time to review some videos or past classes.

InVue Software Video: Scale

In todays video, we will show you how you are able to Scale your images to specific percentages. You are able to increase or decrease images, allowing you to create varying sizes of projects to a perfect scale, using your Pazzles InVue software. Scale This video will show you how to Scale your images to the size you want.

Freedom Centerpiece Exploding Box Card

A centerpiece for your table for freedom that makes a strong statement in support of those who have given so much to gain and protect the freedoms we have.

Brick Wall Mixed Media

Pazzles Stencil Material: Brick Wall ...

Melinda here with you today. I am super excited to share my project with you today. This month I was tasked with creating a project that used the Pazzles Stencil Material. So here is what I came up with!  I created this wall hanging. I started by using the Pazzles Stencil Material . I was real excited when I got my hands on some. It is a much lighter weight than the typical stencil sheets you get at the craft and hobby stores. That means you can get a lot more creative with the type of cuts. I used the Brick Wall file. I created it in my Pazzles Software. Once I was happy with the look, I cut it out of the material. It cut like BUTTER!!! I used a semi-used mat and it had no trouble sticking down while it cut all the “bricks” out. Once I was done cutting the material, I turned to the internet and made some homemade gesso. I found a tutorial online.  I used the baking soda, paint and glue version. Once I mixed that up, I simply laid my stencil down on my canvas and spread the gesso all over. I really didn’t need any adhesive to hold the stencil down as I just carefully went over it with the gesso.

Shaped Journaling Spots Cutting Collection

Shaped Journaling Spots Cutting Collection: ...

After I make a really cute scrapbook page, I'm sometimes hesitant to add journaling because I'm afraid I will wreck the design, or make a mistake that messes up the whole page. This Shaped Journaling Spots Cutting Collection is my solution to this dilemma. These shaped journaling spots are cute enough to add to your design rather than take away from it, and they give you a small spot for recording the memories to go along with the photos. You can write your journaling before gluing it to the page so you can correct any mistakes before it's too late. If you hate your handwriting (like I do) then use the Pen Tool or the print & cut method for your journal spots.

Van Gogh Inspired Color Palette

InVue Color Palette: Van Gogh ...

This Color Palette is based on the some of the paintings of Van Gogh.  If you look closely, you can see the colors of Starry Night just bursting from the canvas. For InVue Users: Click on the color palette link below and save to your computer. Browse to the saved location and right click on the Van Gogh.scp file.

Twinkling Flower Light Covers

I have been seeing people put very cute string lights on porches, outdoor spaces, game rooms and even kids rooms. It is something that is so fun and appealing that it made me realize it would be so fun to be able to create a cover for those lights. I created some shapes that include flowers, starbursts and covers. You can mix and match or use just one style for your entire string of lights. The fun thing with these is, they are very easy to change out, so you can change with the seasons or holidays if you want.

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