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DIY Home Calendar Planner

Organization Week: DIY Home Calendar

Hello crafty friends, Melin here with you today sharing my calendar. Part of being organized for me means keeping better track of time. So I decided to create this calendar that will hang on my bulletin board. I started by using a standard 12" x 12" scrapbook page size. From there I laid out my concept with my software. I love being able to lay my project out in my software before I cut anything. It helps me figure out my die cut sizes as well as what pieces I will use. Once I laid it all out, I picked my papers. I started by cutting a base of the Doilie Frame cut file from the library. I then cut the Flourish Hardware, Royal Damask, Wire Dress Form and the Doilie Frame 2 all from the Craft Room Library.

Vinyl on Glass Frame

Personalized Frame Idea with Vinyl

Vinyl is a creative way to say something unique in an entirely new way. If you have a friend getting married, a family member's birthday, or maybe you just want to decorate your own walls with a little personal message to someone you love, this idea is definitely the way to do it. I found this floating frame at my local Home Goods store. It worked perfectly for showcasing my project. Since my vinyl is sandwiched between two pieces of glass the finished product looks professional, and gift giving worthy. It couldn't have worked out more perfectly. It's amazing how cute of a project you can make for less than $10.00, and nothing says I love you more than homemade!

Upcycled Winter Home Decor Sign

One of my friends was going to throw out an old home décor sign and asked if I wanted it. I originally said no. The sign was funny but nothing I would use. Then I got to thinking about it and told her I had changed my mind and I would love to have it. The whole time I was thinking about how I was going to repurpose it. I decided to make a winter sign instead of a holiday sign, so I could use it throughout the season. I was going to sand the sign down and repaint it but then I decided to just flip the sign over and use the back, as the base coat was the exact color I needed.

New Years Wreath Door Decoration

New Years Wreath Door Decoration

Need a great door decoration for your New Years party? You know Pazzles can help you with that. Here I cut out a wreath form out of cereal boxes with my trusty Inspiration Vue. I cut a circle inside of a circle to create a wreath form. I did cut out three of them and glued them on top of each other to give my wreath more stability. Then I started collecting stuff for my wreath. I found I had some gold tulle and some gold star trim as well as some clear acetate. I wrapped the form in the tulle twice again to make it look fuller and then with the star garland. I found some great files in the Pazzles Craft Room to decorate. I then wrote Happy New Year 2015 and gave it an outline in black. I used Core’dinations Gold Pearls Paper to cut out the lettering. The champagne bottles are from the Craft Room Library, New Years Bursting Bottle file and the glasses were from the 2011 file.

Rolodex Perpetual Calendar

Written communication is becoming more and more digital. With email, Facebook, texting and more, I find it […]

Thanksgiving Turkey Box

Turkey Box Remake

This fun turkey makes a great decoration for the mantel, or an end table, or use it as a Thanksgiving table decoration. If you want to use it for place cards, be sure and look to see what Design Team member, Melinda Beltran did with a few modifications. When I made the original turkey box a few years ago, I had no idea that it would remain one of my all time favorite projects that I had created. I have done a few modifications to the file to make it quicker and easier to assemble, without taking away from the fun personality of this character.

Wood and Vinyl Giant Wall Ruler

Wood and Vinyl Giant Wall ...

This ruler for your wall is perfect for a new mom, grandparent, teacher or anyone that you think might want to 'measure up.' No need to spend up to $100 dollars for this wonderful addition to any home or classroom when you can personalize your very own.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Happiness Table Top Banner

I love personalizing my projects and I generally try creating my projects with someone special in mind. I love giving my creativity away and having that person know it was made especially for them. Thanksgiving is right around the corner. For those hosting your own turkey day, this is a great way to greet guests with personalized messages. Perhaps the use family name, or glue several sections together and make an entire saying for your Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Sunflower Bouquet in a French ...

Fall brings us beautiful colors, pumpkins, hay rides and flowers! I love the fall weather, just cool enough to wear a sweater and nice enough to sit on the front porch swing. Every time we go to the pumpkin patch they have cut sunflowers for sale in large French tin vases. I just love the way they look and smell! It’s one of my favorite spots to sneak off to while the kids are playing nearby with their dad. I just drink in the scent and beautiful blooms! I can’t resist touching the petals and I always bring a bunch home! Since pumpkin patch time has arrived, I got to thinking about all the fun and many memories we shared in the prior years of going. One of my fondest memories is of the sunflower bouquets in those tall silver flower pots lined up on hay bales just waiting to be scooped up! While thinking about these memories I decided I would fire up the Pazzles Vue and recreate those memories in a more permanent way. One of my favorite things about the Pazzles Inspiration Vue is that, if you can think it up you can create it! The projects I’ve made with my Pazzles have brought our family much joy, giggles, fun and lots of new traditions. This project will only add to those traditions and memories.

Halloween Wall Hanging

Halloween Wall Canvas

As most of you know I went on the Pazzles Cruise. I was so inspired by the canvas project that Klo taught us that I wanted to share it with all of you. So first of all I got a 12 x 12 canvas. In the class we used the Pazzles Stencil Material but I didn’t have any of that on hand, so I took a trip to the hardware store. I found one of those 11 x 11 no trespassing signs and figured "it's plastic, so why not give it a try". While I was there I also picked up some joint compound and some glow in the dark spray paint, but that’s for a later project.

Halloween Subway Art Canvas

This fun Halloween Canvas is a great addition to anyone's decorations. With the fun words and nearly see through spider web, it will make your friends take a second look. I have to admit, this is probably one of my favorite Halloween decorations I have ever made. I can see myself using it for years to come, because it just goes with any style of decor. After painting the canvas, I used Mod Podge on the canvas. I then used the gray vinyl from the Pazzles Neutral pack for the words. This keeps it subtle, but you can still see it through the frosted vinyl from the Pazzles Primary Pack, that is generally used to give the look of etched glass. It gives a wonderful effect for the spider and its web.

Halloween Lamp with Vinyl Silhouette

Halloween is right around the corner, and who doesn’t like to decorate for the holidays? This is a super easy project and it’s so much fun! When the lamp is off you can’t see the design. But when someone turns it on, POP, there it is! It is so fun to see their faces when they turn the lamp on! My son said, “It’s kinda like the Christmas tree. I just can’t stop looking at it.” I combined several Halloween files from the Craft Room Library to create this scene. Once I got my design the way I wanted it, I welded the elements together. (Make sure you reverse your design before cutting, especially if you are adding words.) I cut my design out using Pazzles Wall Vinyl in Cotton (White).

Pumpkin Shadow Box

Pumpkin Shadow Box

This is a delightful, but quick creation that you can make with the assistance of your Inspiration Cutter as […]

Family Heart Wall Hanging

This wall hanging was inspired by a table top piece a friend of mine liked on Facebook, so I decided to make her one for her wall. I used the heart from the Heart and Bow file in the Craft Room Library and sized it to 7.5 inches. Then I used the Edwardian Script font to add the saying and added some holes to attach ribbon for hanging. After I cut it out, I inked all the edges and filled in some of the lettering. To decorate it I used a simple flourish, the Curlz file from the Craft Room and some bling. This was a really simple project and can be made in no time at all. I could see this as a name plate on a little girl's bedroom door or nursery, or just on the wall with your favorite saying like this one.

Happy Birthday Wood Sign

Birthdays are a big deal at my house. My mom always made birthdays special with a handmade decorated cake and our favorite box of sugary breakfast cereal waiting for us. It was the only time we got sugary cereal and it was a huge deal to open that box. I'm carrying on the big birthday celebration at my own house. When a birthday comes along we celebrate! I spotted this birthday sign idea on Pinterest a few years ago and I've wanted to make one. Vinyl week happens to coincide with my son's birthday month, so it was the perfect time to whip it up.

Baby Room Decor

String Lights Banner

I recently helped host a baby shower. I wanted something that helped showcase baby’s gifts and came up with this string lights banner. I wanted to use a thin font that had extra details and pieces that I wouldn’t typically use for paper crafting, yet the font worked like a charm using vinyl! I used some scraps of ribbon in an assortment of colors, and tied them along the string of lights. I think it turned out cute, and was a great way to “light” up the special day.

By The Sea Glass Jar

Hi fellow Pazzlers, Joanna here sharing my Home Décor item for my DT project this month. I love how I can use just one cutting file from the Library, as an embellishment, accompanied with other materials from my stash and turn it into a treasured item. During the summer holidays I take the kids on lots of day visits to the beach. They love walking along the sea shore collecting the prettiest shells and on our return we have buckets of them! Unfortunately, they end up being stored in the garage where no one can see them, so I thought this year it would be nice to display them in a glass jar. I used a glass jar that I purchased recently, no preparation needed! I secured and wrapped some burlap material around the glass jar and overlaid it with some white Voile. I cut out some fishes from some patterned paper I bought last year and adhered them using Micro Dots around the base of the jar.

Vinyl Countdown Calendar

August Challenge Reminder

I'm really not sure how time keeps flying like it does, but the August Challenge is well under way. As a reminder, the theme this month is Getting Ready. Think about something you are preparing for: a new school year, a new job, a new stage of life, a vacation, or anything else that is on the horizon. Make something to help you get ready for whatever is coming your way. The Design Team has been busy creating with this theme in mind. Marjorie Eades is busy planning for the Pazzles Cruise and Crop and she designed this adorable travel binder to keep all her paperwork organized. This is such a clever idea and can be adapted for so many things.

Branch and Birdies Vinyl Frame

I was walking through the craft store a few weeks ago and came across the coolest pictures. They had a hefty price tag, and my first thought was, I can probably create that very same thing for a lot cheaper. I liked the look of the picture under the glass and the way the vinyl outlined the splashes of color in the frame. They were so simple, yet perfectly pretty.

Baby Shower Wreath

Baby Week: Baby Shower Decoration

This wreath will welcome your guests as they arrive to your baby shower. It will set the tone and get your guests excited before the baby shower even starts! Once all your guests arrive you can move your wreath inside and use it for an indoor baby shower decoration too! It can easily be changed from girl to boy with just a little tweaking. Instructions: I cut about 130 3.25 inch circles. Yes, I know this sounds like a lot but it goes super-fast using your Pazzles Creative Cutter! I used a 90 year old music book for mine but you can buy a cheap book at a thrift store, use printed scrapbooking paper, print your own on your printer or just buy colored copy paper. I think it would be precious to use an old nursery rhyme book. *NOTE: The paper you use for the circles needs to be the thickness of copy paper or the pages of a book. You don’t want to use cardstock for this project. The paper needs to be flexible as you are gluing them very close together and cardstock creases easily, giving your wreath a more angular look. Instead, we are going for a softer feel since it is for a baby shower.

Photo Mat For Picture Framing

Decorative Photo Mats for Picture ...

Creating photo mats with my Pazzles Inspiration is something I hadn’t attempted yet. I had watched the How To Make Photo Frames , but not created a project based on it. Whilst perusing my photo collection of the children, I came across a favorite of Charlotte sitting out in my parent's garden reading a book in the sunshine after school. The book is called Charlotte in London, and I love seeing her engrossed in a story just like I was as a child. I would be up late reading my Enid Blyton books instead of sleeping! Charlotte remarks that her favorite smell is the smell of an old book, after picking up my old books. The photo was taken by my dad, and he framed it beautifully with the branches and leaves softly out of focus in the foreground. Taking my cues from these leaves I simply added a leaf from the images pre-loaded into the Inspiration Software. I placed it in the bottom left hand corner and chose a soft brown and dramatic black for my photo mats. The black for the top layer makes a statement in any frame and the soft brown complimented the timber frame and the natural colours of the photograph.

Vinyl Resist Home Decor Canvas

I could hardly wait to do this painting! We just redesigned our master bedroom and went with a totally different color scheme than we had before, so our previous wall hangings had to go. What is an owner of a Pazzles Creative Cutter to do? Well make your own of course! I have seen this type of art work on line and knew it was what I had envisioned for my bedroom. It was a pretty simple process and the possibilities are endless. I measured my surface (In my case a 20" x 16" canvas). Then I opened my Pazzles software and changed my page setting to 20" x 16" so I would know that my design would fit nicely on my canvas. I used the Bird On A Branch file. I altered it by copying the bird, mirroring it and adding it back to the branch next to the original bird. I then welded it all together so it would cut out all in one piece. I made my own word art using true type fonts. Make sure any cursive fonts are welded before cutting. Obviously our Pazzles will not cut a 20" x 16" design, so I had to break up the design and adhere to the canvas in parts. I was able to keep all the words together, but the branch did not fit in the same cutting area so I cut it separate from the word part of the design and lined it up manually on my canvas. It wasn’t hard to do, just an additional step. This will not be an issue if your surface is smaller than 12 x 24. I chose two paint colors that matched my color scheme, then painted the canvas in one of the colors using a small paint roller. I tried it with a foam brush and got not so great results. The roller worked great and gave me an even coat of paint. While it was drying, I cut my design out using Pazzles REMOVABLE wall vinyl.

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