Gingerbread Christmas Mini Album

Gingerbread House Mini Album

It feels so strange to be adding frosting/snow capped roofs to projects in the July heat, but I have to admit it has been fun. It's got me dreaming of sweater weather and snow days while the sun beats down outside. This gingerbread mini album can become a yearly tradition for your family or the start of a new tradition for whoever you gift it to. Pick one holiday memory and document it year after year in this album. Maybe it's your annual gingerbread baking, or the neighborhood cookie swap. It would be so cute to include a picture of the kids with Santa every year so you can see how much they have changed. Whatever you decide to document, this album can be pulled out and enjoyed year after year.

Holiday Family Recipe Album

When the holidays roll around I start dreaming of all the good food coming my way. The women in my family all have their special recipes that they make holiday after holiday. I look forward to each and every one and I thought it would be a great gift to gather all of those recipes and make an album. I'll make one for every family in our extended family and my hope is they'll be passed on to the next generation. That way my grandkids won't miss out on my sister-in-laws pumpkin bread or my aunt's butter rolls.

Easter Peeps Printable Treats

I love sending treats to my Grandkids and using my InVue software makes it so easy to send personalized treats. First I started with a basic rectangle as wide as my sandwich baggie. I knew it was going to be a topper so I doubled the size so I could fold it over. Then, using the Spring Borders Set 2 file I choose the border I liked and sized it to fit my project.

Christmas Scrapbook Layout Cutting Files

Cut and Paste Sketches: Tis ...

Leave the Christmas cleanup until tomorrow and spend today documenting the season's festivities. Print out your pictures and use today's Cut and Paste Sketch to get your memories quickly captured. If you whip up a layout with this sketch and still want more, check out the Christmas Memories Layout Collection.

Pop-Up Gift Card Holders

Pop-Up Christmas Gift Card Holders

We decided to do the Friday project on Monday this week because we had one more fun Christmas idea and we know you will be spending Friday with your family enjoying your new gifts. Gift cards sometimes get a bad rap for being a lazy person's gift choice, but I happen to love gift cards. It's the gift that is two gifts in one. You are thankful when you receive it and you are thankful when you spend it. If you've picked out gift cards for a few people on your list, make the giving of the gift card extra special this year with a pop-up gift card holder. We've got two versions for you to choose from, a santa stuck in a chimney and a Christmas tree surrounded with presents. These fold flat for mailing or delivery, but pop-up and stand on their own once they are opened. Note: Make sure and measure your gift card before cutting the slits to hold the card, so you can make any necessary adjustments.

Deer Tea Light Holders

Brrrr! Its cold outside and winter is in full swing. Soon all the holidays will be over, the Christmas décor will come down and we will be writing 2015 on our checks before we know it! I like to keep my house festive and fun during the winter months as they are usually the months we spend the most time inside. I created these little deer tea lights to add a little sparkle to my kitchen table winter scene. They are very simple to assemble and are a fun addition to my table.

Gingerbread Girl Gift Bag

Hi, Joanna here, sharing my Gingerbread Christmas Gift Bags created using my Pazzles Inspiration. I just love making presents for my friends, and using files from the Pazzles Craft Room makes it so easy to make them unique. I created these 2 different sized bags using the Cereal Box found in the Pazzles Library. I have altered it slightly, using my software. Gift Bag 1, I made tall and Gift Bag 2, much shorter, but I love both sizes. I cut the bags out of good quality double sided patterned paper which gave a good weight to the bag. I added a folded flap to the tops of the bags in red cardstock, using one of the files included in the Lunch Sack Gift Bags Collection, and resized them to fit the two sizes of bags. I inked around the scallop edges which gave the look of snow on the roof of a gingerbread house!

Christmas Print and Cut Sticker ...

Joanna here with a quick Print and Cut project for you to make your own Christmas sticker labels. I decided to make several sheets of stickers to add as decoration to my brown paper wrapping using my Pazzles Inspiration Vue. I have used several of Miss Kate Cuttables files which I imported into my software. On the larger present, to the front left of the photo I used the Be Merry Title. You just need to spend a few moments layering up the elements. I constantly referred to the image in the Pazzles Craft Room, to help align everything up correctly. I also used a selection of the Christmas Tags in the Pazzles Library and followed the same process. I removed the ribbon holes on some of the designs as they were not required for stickers. Once the title and tags were looking how I wanted, I made an outline of the outer cutting line. As I was putting my stickers onto brown wrapping paper, I thought a white outline would make the stickers stand out on my presents.

Snow Globe Cards Cutting Collection

Snow Globe Cards Cutting Collection: ...

If the weather outside is frightful, stay inside and capture a winter scene with a snow globe card. This collection features eight different winter scenes in a cute tri-fold shaped card plus sentiments you can mix and match for the perfect card.

Christmas Gift Tags and Gift ...

Christmas is right around the corner. If you haven't started shopping yet, you have less than two weeks to get everything done! Since Santa delivers the gifts, help make things a little easier for him and create these cute holiday gift tags. He'll be thankful to see them by his plate of cookies so he can label the gifts while he snacks. That way he won't get confused and leave you the neighbors' lump of coal, and leave your new Inspiration Vue™ under their Christmas tree! This project is simple to make. You can fit a total of eighteen tags on one sheet of cardstock. It even makes a great party exchange gift.

DIY Ornaments: Santa Box

I am excited to present to you this Jolly Santa Ornament. He went together quite quickly using the Tall Pyramid Box file. I used two files from the Pazzles Craft Room Library to make the white hat trim: Large Circle Scallops and Scallop Tag. With the InVue software, I layered the oval in front of the circle. Then I used Subtract Weld for the final look (deleting any extra pieces). You can use the same scallop for the ball on the pointed top of the hat. Santa’s moustache came from the Six Moustaches file.

DIY Ornaments: Jolly Character Faces

Christmas is here! I am so excited! It is the craftiest time of the year! So what better way to get started than to make ornaments for the tree! I made these three jolly ornaments using the Round Box file as the base. I love them because in addition to being an ornament they are a gift box too! You can hide small treasures in them like cash, lip balm, small toys, a key to a car…hint hint, etc. Hang them on your tree and surprise a family member with the prize inside.

DIY Christmas Ornaments: Victorian Baubles

Hello crafty friends, Melinda here today sharing my ornament project with you. These ornaments were super easy to make and very pretty. To start with I chose the Filigree Ornament file from the Craft Room. I proceeded to cut out 8 of these ornament files in white. I then created the solid "liner" piece by ungrouping the ornaments internal structure. I cut eight of these pieces out using some pretty paper from the Paper Studio Stack. Once I had all of my pieces cut out, I folded each piece in half. I did use my score board so that I could get a really good, clean score. You need to be careful with the filigree ornament when folding as there are a lot of little open pieces. Once all my pieces were folded, I glued one liner to one of the filigree pieces.

Gingerbread House Ornaments

DIY Christmas Ornaments: Gingerbread Houses

I’m excited to share with you my little gingerbread house ornaments today that you can re-create quite quickly and put your own twist on the decorations. These little houses can be used hanging on a Christmas tree, or from anywhere around the house. They can also be used on a mantel or table as cute decorations. I have even considered using them as place cards for Christmas Day with treats inside. The other thing you could do is pop a battery tea light candle inside for a nice glow. Using the Milk Carton House cutting file, I resized the entire file so I could fit two houses per 12" x 12" sheet of paper. This made them about 2" x 2" square at each face. The window, curtains and roof are all grouped together in this file, so resizing whilst these are included is essential to ensuring everything is the right size. Before I cut the files out, I ungrouped the files and then deleted one of the window sets to make room for the door file.

Gingerbread Village: Hotel

It's the 12th day of Pazzles Christmas and our visit to the gingerbread village has come to an end. We'd love to have you spend just one more night with us. Your accommodations at the Toasty Toes Inn have already been arranged, so find your room and get comfy! We have a special surprise for you! Waiting at the front desk is a beautiful package full of Pazzles goodies. It's missing a gift tag, so we must choose one of you to give it too! Leave us a comment telling us what you would do in a gingerbread village and we'll randomly pick one of you to receive the mystery gift! Comments close on Tuesday December 9, 2014 MST. Merry Christmas from Pazzles!

Gingerbread Village: Bridge and Pond

The milkshake pond is frozen this time of a year, and perfect for ice skating, but in a few short months when the weather thaws a bit (just a bit), you might be tempted to take a little dunk. Gingerbread people know what happens when their legs soak too long in the cold liquid, but still a few are tempted to see for themselves. It's a mistake that might cost a leg or two, so just obey the rules and stay out of the pond!

Gingerbread Village: Townspeople

It's the day of the candy parade in our gingerbread village and all of the townspeople are lining the streets to wave hello to the gingerbread floats. You'll see a few ice skaters, a snowman, Mr. and Mrs. Claus and all the other characters that make up this sweet village.

Gingerbread Village: Kids

It's always winter in our gingerbread village and that means the children spend many hours out in the snow. Nutmeg is the town's most fearless sledding champion. When the snow piles up against the eves of the house she starts on the roofs and uses the eves as snow jumps. She sometimes lands so hard she gets buried in the frosting snow and has to eat her way out.

Gingerbread Village: Man and Woman

When the sugar snow starts falling and the frosting hills start shifting and drifting, the gingerbread families hunker down in their houses. But when the sun is shining, the entire town is out and about shopping and visiting.

Gingerbread Village: Hot Chocolate Van

When you hear the sound of "Let It Snow" floating over the gingerbread trees and frosting hills, you better come running. Marvin's Hot Chocolate Van is making its rounds and the melted marshmallows will go fast.

Gingerbread Village: Bakery

Graham's Bakery has been around since the beginning of the village and is known for its gingerbread toast and cinnamon sugar rolls. You can stop in for lunch or order a custom part for your house renovation. When they turn on their giant ovens at 3 am every morning, the best smells float through town.

Gingerbread Village: Trees

Living in a completely edible town has it's advantages! On Christmas Eve the peppermint candies are harvested from all of the trees to fill every good gingerbread boy and gingerbread girl's stocking to the brim! The licorice ladders help the workers get the biggest and best candies, which are always at the top of the tree.

Gingerbread Village: Sled

On cold, frosty days the gingerbread children gather on the biggest hill for some sledding fun! Their cries of excitement can be heard all over the village. When the day warms up and the sled runners start to get sticky, they lick the marshmallow frosting off their mittens and head home.

Gingerbread Village Paper House

Gingerbread Village: Main Street House

Just down Main Street is the cutest little house with every Necco wafer perfectly positioned on the pitched roof. The village kids like to sneak up and take a lick of the giant suckers stationed at the doorway, but do it quickly, because it's likely Mrs. Ginger is watching from the window. She'll write down your name and report you to Santa.

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