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Hot Air Balloon Box

Take your boxes to new heights with this amazing paper hot air balloon. Using a small dowel or candy stick, paper, and twine you can create your own - complete with a weaved basket case with plenty of room for treats!

Planner Calendar

Can you believe it is already July?! It seems just like yesterday I was planning all our summer events and BBQ’s in preparation for our busy summer. If you want to help keep life organized for you and your family, creating this project will be a must this summer. I found this frame on a discount table at Kmart about a year ago and never got around to printing a picture large enough to go on the inside. So, I thought using it for a white board or calendar is exactly what my teenage daughter and I needed.

Custom Easter Eggs with Vinyl Resist

Vinyl Easter Egg Stickers

Add a new twist to egg decorating this year by making vinyl stickers for the eggs that are a kind of mask that would prevent color from getting on the area of the egg underneath it.

There’s “Sew” Much You Can ...

The crafting world isn't exclusively for paper crafting and our Inspiration has found a place in the homes of crafters of all kinds. We have a lot of designers, jewelers, and a number of quilters excited about using our machine as well. We are making scissors a thing of the past! With that in mind I thought I would address the big fabric question. So many of you often ask this question: is the Inspiration capable of cutting fabric?

Valentines Party Set with Subtract Weld

Valentine with Subtract Weld

Wow! The actual DAY, Valentine's Day, really snuck up on me! I have been making valentine themed projects for Pazzles for a month now but totally missed the fact that I needed to get things done for my Grandkids for today. As I was working on redoing the video tutorial for Subtract Weld, it occurred to me that it was the perfect technique to use to create a quick and easy table setting for Valentine's day.

Monthly Flip Calendar

January is the month of new beginnings and organization. That usually means you need a few new calendars around the house. This pretty flip calendar will add a designer flair to your office or craft room.

Make a Simple Luminary

Luminaries have been a common Halloween and Christmas decoration for decades. It isn't hard to understand why. They are easy to make and can create an eerie glow for Halloween or a warm holiday welcome for Christmas. Traditionally they were intended to line the sidewalk as a greeting leading up to the front door. Usually they were made from plain paper bags filled with sand to weigh them down and a candle provided the light. While the luminaries in today's lesson are for the indoors only, they make an easy, spooky greeting for the Halloween season.

What will You do with ...

I absolutely love small town pride and all the hoopla that goes with it! Pazzles is located in a small town and this past weekend we celebrated our company and our home town. There was the BBQ and the farmers market, the craft booths and the barrel train ride, but best of all was the parade. It may be hokey and lack the glitz of the big city but small town parades are a lot of fun! Where else can a kid get a huge bag of candy in less than an hour? Where else can you get soaked by the little old ladies and their water hoses as you walk by? (Believe me, that is very welcome on a 90 degree day!)

Fresh Lemonade Tin

We get together with good friends often, and most of the time it is at my house. That means I’m in charge of providing snacks and drinks. Nothing says summer like a glass of cold, fresh lemonade. Not only is it a great way to decorate for adults getting together, but it’s a great way to decorate the kid’s lemonade stand too. I hope that you’re enjoying your summer—there’s going to be plenty of warm, sunny days. Just make sure that you have plenty of ‘fresh lemonade’ on hand to help cool you off!

Elegant Etching

Elegance does not need to be expensive. Your Inspiration can help you make beautiful etched glass accents for any summer occasion. These etched wine goblets, mirror, flat glass marbles and candle make elegant pieces for an outdoor wedding, wine tasting or birthday party. You can custom create any design you envision and convert plain, inexpensive glass into a look that any hostess can be proud of.

4th of July Banner

A great 4th of July vintage banner that you can make as you are getting ready for your 4th of July celebrations. Just change out the text and colors to use this rosette banner any time of the year!

Being Green

Being ‘Green’ can mean a lot of things. In my grandparents day you had a green thumb if you could grow plants well. The ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ movement has been gaining momentum but really started in the 70’s about the same time as the advent of Earth Day. More recently it means to be aware of the impact your everyday life has on the environment. My grandma would probably say that reusing and recycling was just a way of life for her generation and they would have called it being thrifty. However, it seems that having a thrifty mindset is something that the rest of us have to work at. Today’s project is a great way to use some “found” objects that you might have thrown away in the past. You can also use up those small bits of vinyl you have after cutting a larger project. It makes a great gift for someone who loves to garden or just something fun for your own green thumb!

Innocence Scrapbook Page with Stencil Butterflies SQR

Cutting Pazzles Stencil Plastic

I have always loved the look of stenciled wood and walls. It has long been a standard in home décor. Did you know that you can stencil almost any surface? I have seen beautiful projects using stenciling on walls, windows, furniture, plaques, fabric and even plastic. I have also used stenciling in my card making and scrapbook pages. I used a stencil to create the background for this scrapbook page and also used it to stencil fill the wings on the main butterfly.

Easter Flowers

There’s nothing like a great project, but a project that’s easy to assemble and has a big impact—that’s even better! I loved these cute Easter egg flowers that Chris designed. What a fantastic way to dress up your eggs and display them. When she brought them in to the office I instantly started assembling the perfect flower. Then the next thing I knew I had created three, and if it wouldn’t have been in the middle of the work day well I probably would have hung out at her desk all day!

Easy Easter Egg Buddies

I think that we all know that creating fun projects like these still brings out the kid in all of us. So maybe we are just all kids stuck in grownups bodies! When I created these little ‘Easter Buddies’ I right away thought not only are they cute decorations, but they would make great place settings to write the names of friends and family members on them to reserve their special spot at the table for Easter brunch or dinner.

Monogram Pillow Die Cut Fabric

Cutting Fabric

I would venture to guess that there are a lot of you that were into sewing in a previous crafting life. I know I used to sew all of my daughters’ clothes but they grew up and sewing clothes got expensive. I also discovered that scrapbook papers fed my love of all things patterned and colorful, so I haven’t done a lot of sewing in the past few years. I think that working on this fabric cutting tutorial has fanned that flame alive again and I will have to figure out where to make room for my new/old addiction! It was so exciting to see how well the Inspiration cut fabric that I had try as many kinds of fabric as I could find. Don’t misunderstand me, the Inspiration won’t cut every kind of fabric but it will cut so many of the commonly used ones that I can’t go to sleep at night without coming up with a new idea.

The Photo Cut Feature

Have you discovered the Photo Cut feature yet? Maybe you have stumbled across it in the Image menu and wondered what it was and how to use it. Often, when I mention Photo Cut, I get a puzzled look. It doesn’t take long for the puzzled look to turn into one of determination when that person begins to understand what it is. They become very determined to find a way to use it in their projects or home décor.

Football Chain

This football paper chain is incredibly easy to make and is just the right amount of clever decorating that won't be too girly. Putting this project together will only take a matter of minutes and it can be used to dress up your serving table or living room.

Routine Chart

Happy New Year from Pazzles! Have you made your resolutions yet? Sometimes resolutions sound so much easier in theory than they are in practice and we often fail to accomplish the things we set out to do. There are some ways you can give yourself a better chance of succeeding though! Why not take your skills at crafting and put them to use for your resolutions this year? Klo decided to do just that by creating this routine chart.

Tea Light Candle Holders

Today’s ornament for Pazzles’ 12 Ornaments of Christmas was the inspiration for the beautiful candle holders in this Tricky Tuesday lesson. The candle holders can be made in any size just by changing the dimensions of the circles. Since glass votive and tea light holders don’t come in a standard size I have created a video tutorial to show you how to adjust the opening to fit any holder. I will also be featuring the measuring tool and some of the justification tools. Even if you are an experienced ‘Pazzle Person’ I’m betting that you will be surprised at my trick for making the holder opening the same depth when creating holders of successively smaller dimensions.

12 Ornaments of Christmas

To say that I love Christmas would be a gross understatement. I love everything about it: the tree, Christmas lights, the music, the food, the time with family, the cards, the gifts...I could go on and on! Last year in the spirit of the holiday we did the 12 Tags of Christmas. Since many of you joined after that time I'm guessing you may not have seen those tags so make sure to check those out. This year we are doing the 12 ornaments of Christmas!

Harvest Spread

The way food is presented has a huge effect on how we perceive it to taste.It may all be in our heads but we simply cannot help that a wonderful looking spread makes us believe it is also a wonderful tasting spread. Well we may not be able to help you with the cooking part, for that you are on your own! But we can help you with making your harvest feast look amazing!

Printable Window Cling on Glass Candle Holders

Printable Window Cling Autumn Leaves ...

Last week I shared how to add color and shading to Pazzles Window Cling to make decorations for Fall. I hope you were excited to try the easy method of using alcohol-based markers on the cling plastic. This week I wanted to give you some ideas of how to use the Printable Window Cling that is included in the kit.

Decorate for Fall with Pazzles ...

I can remember how much fun it was to decorate the windows with seasonal designs using Window Cling kits I ordered through a catalog. (This was wa-a-y before the internet!!) The kids and I had so much fun deciding which piece went where. When we drove up to the house we could see the designs from the outside too. I loved it because I didn’t have to deal with tape on my walls or thumbtacks making holes that would need to be filled later on. Sometimes I was disappointed that I couldn’t find a set for the event I wanted. Now, I never have that problem since I can cut my own window clings on my Inspiration using the Pazzles Window Cling kit.

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