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A Garden Makeover

For many years I have been saying I wanted to create a nice backyard garden area that was fun and functional. As I have looked at magazines, online and just chatted with people, I realized I had the ability to not only have a nice garden, but with my Pazzles, some garage sale finds, spray paint and some vinyl, I was able to get a good start on my creation.

Framed Cherry Blossom Paper Tree

Spring Blossoms Paper Tree Art

Ah, Spring – one of my favourite seasons. Beautiful blooms, sunshine and not too hot days. I adore the way that in America, you celebrate the turn of every season and decorate your homes accordingly. We don’t do that here in Australia, but I love the idea of it and am considering doing it in our house.

Salt and Light Framed Vinyl ...

This month was a new challenge for me. I was assigned to create a project around the theme “Typography.” If you have used the fit text to path option with the Pro Software, you can see where it might be easier to manipulate the text. However, I used the newer InVue Software to create my project. As the InVue Software does not yet have the fit text to path option, I was a little lost at first. Then I realized that working with the text was easier and just as fun. By foregoing fit to text, I was able to manipulate each letter freely. I did draw the salt shaker and flame myself. However, you can find a salt shaker and flames in the Pazzles Craft Room Library. I cut the outline for the shaker and the flame, as well as the type, out of vinyl. I adhered the vinyl to cardstock. I used a white gel pen to write the scripture address, as it is so tiny. My finished, framed pictures each measure just under 6" X 8".

Push Pop Valentine Ideas

Push Pop Valentine

These Push Pop Valentines are quick and easy to make. Just a little bit of vinyl on the outside, fill with the item of your choice, add string and a tag and you are all done. Also included is a holder to keep them all in before you give them away.

Vinyl on Glass Frame

Personalized Frame Idea with Vinyl

Vinyl is a creative way to say something unique in an entirely new way. If you have a friend getting married, a family member's birthday, or maybe you just want to decorate your own walls with a little personal message to someone you love, this idea is definitely the way to do it. I found this floating frame at my local Home Goods store. It worked perfectly for showcasing my project. Since my vinyl is sandwiched between two pieces of glass the finished product looks professional, and gift giving worthy. It couldn't have worked out more perfectly. It's amazing how cute of a project you can make for less than $10.00, and nothing says I love you more than homemade!

Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Thanksgiving Table Decorations

I am decorating my Thanksgiving table with Pazzles vinyl. This was my very first attempt to cut vinyl. I do not know what I had been afraid of. It is so easy. I started with the Give Thanks phrase from the Craft Room Library to decorate a vase for a centerpiece. I was working with small pieces, so I did not use the transfer tape. I did however, print out the image, tape it to the inside of the glass vase and use that as a guide to lay down the layers of vinyl.

Wood and Vinyl Giant Wall Ruler

Wood and Vinyl Giant Wall ...

This ruler for your wall is perfect for a new mom, grandparent, teacher or anyone that you think might want to 'measure up.' No need to spend up to $100 dollars for this wonderful addition to any home or classroom when you can personalize your very own.

Printable Cherry Pie Slice

Printable Cherry Pie Slice

A delicious print and cut project that is 'easy as pie' to make! The back of the box opens so you can tuck small treats or treasures inside.

Halloween Wall Hanging

Halloween Wall Canvas

As most of you know I went on the Pazzles Cruise. I was so inspired by the canvas project that Klo taught us that I wanted to share it with all of you. So first of all I got a 12 x 12 canvas. In the class we used the Pazzles Stencil Material but I didn’t have any of that on hand, so I took a trip to the hardware store. I found one of those 11 x 11 no trespassing signs and figured "it's plastic, so why not give it a try". While I was there I also picked up some joint compound and some glow in the dark spray paint, but that’s for a later project.

Halloween Subway Art Canvas

This fun Halloween Canvas is a great addition to anyone's decorations. With the fun words and nearly see through spider web, it will make your friends take a second look. I have to admit, this is probably one of my favorite Halloween decorations I have ever made. I can see myself using it for years to come, because it just goes with any style of decor. After painting the canvas, I used Mod Podge on the canvas. I then used the gray vinyl from the Pazzles Neutral pack for the words. This keeps it subtle, but you can still see it through the frosted vinyl from the Pazzles Primary Pack, that is generally used to give the look of etched glass. It gives a wonderful effect for the spider and its web.

Halloween Lamp with Vinyl Silhouette

Halloween is right around the corner, and who doesn’t like to decorate for the holidays? This is a super easy project and it’s so much fun! When the lamp is off you can’t see the design. But when someone turns it on, POP, there it is! It is so fun to see their faces when they turn the lamp on! My son said, “It’s kinda like the Christmas tree. I just can’t stop looking at it.” I combined several Halloween files from the Craft Room Library to create this scene. Once I got my design the way I wanted it, I welded the elements together. (Make sure you reverse your design before cutting, especially if you are adding words.) I cut my design out using Pazzles Wall Vinyl in Cotton (White).

Happy Birthday Wood Sign

Birthdays are a big deal at my house. My mom always made birthdays special with a handmade decorated cake and our favorite box of sugary breakfast cereal waiting for us. It was the only time we got sugary cereal and it was a huge deal to open that box. I'm carrying on the big birthday celebration at my own house. When a birthday comes along we celebrate! I spotted this birthday sign idea on Pinterest a few years ago and I've wanted to make one. Vinyl week happens to coincide with my son's birthday month, so it was the perfect time to whip it up.

School Motto Vinyl Decals

School Mascot Vinyl Decals

It’s that wonderful time of the year when the kids go back to school and football practice starts. You know, the time of the year when you want to put stuff all over your car to support your child. The decals sold at my son's school are the ones that look like someone printed them out on clear plastic or white plastic and slapped it on their car. Not this Pazzles girl! My inspiration for my project today is our school shirt and our motto Pride Matters. I scanned my shirt and took the lion and vectorized it. With very little clean up and resizing it came out beautiful.

Bleach Resist T-shirt Tutorial

Bleach Resist T-Shirt Tutorial

Today DT member Heidi Edwards continues vinyl week with a cool bleach resist T-shirt. She has included instructions for this fun project so you can make your own. 1. First I found an image that I liked in the Pazzles Craft Room. Then I cut it out using Pazzles Permanent Vinyl. I used Vinyl Transfer Tape to transfer the cut out image to my shirt. I pressed it down really hard, to be sure it was stuck to the shirt, being sure I pressed all the edges down well. I peeled the transfer tape off and ran my finger firmly over the more detailed parts of the design, just to be sure. 2. I put the shirt on a platen so the bleach would not soak through to the back. A big piece of cardboard will work just as well. Then I just sprayed it with a bleach cleaner. I know you can use a mixture of water and bleach but the bleach cleaner was handy and worked great. I used a misting bottle. You can get one at Walmart in the travel section.

Butterfly Cupcake Decoration with the Pazzles Pastry Tool

Easy Cupcake Decoration with the ...

I love baking with my daughter and enjoy all those special memories we create while doing so. We decided to make some cupcakes and make some quick and easy cut outs for our cupcakes using Wilton Sugar Sheets and the Pazzles Pastry Starter Kit. For these cupcakes we used the Large Flower, Flower Bunch and the Butterfly cutting files which can all be found in the Pazzles Craft Room Library.

Branch and Birdies Vinyl Frame

I was walking through the craft store a few weeks ago and came across the coolest pictures. They had a hefty price tag, and my first thought was, I can probably create that very same thing for a lot cheaper. I liked the look of the picture under the glass and the way the vinyl outlined the splashes of color in the frame. They were so simple, yet perfectly pretty.

Polymer Clay Pendants With the ...

I am so excited about this project! I made these pendants using the Pastry Tool, Pastry Mat and polymer clay. Just like all other types of mediums you cut on your Creative Cutter, the possibilities are endless! It’s amazing the detailed cuts you can get using clay! To get started, watch Klo’s Polymer clay video for some fabulous instructions. It is in the January 18th – 21st Marathon classes, sessions 10 & 11. The files I used are found in the Craft Room Library and are listed at the end of the instructions. First, I rolled my clay out using a pasta machine using a thickness of 5. I placed my rolled out clay on my Pastry mat and patted it down until I was sure it was firmly stuck to the mat. Then I chose my design and cut it out. I used a pressure of 13 and a speed of 2. The blade is stationary so you do not have to adjust it. I cut two of my design out and layered them on top of each other so I would have the thickness I wanted and also to hide the jewelry pin inside.

Vinyl Resist Home Decor Canvas

I could hardly wait to do this painting! We just redesigned our master bedroom and went with a totally different color scheme than we had before, so our previous wall hangings had to go. What is an owner of a Pazzles Creative Cutter to do? Well make your own of course! I have seen this type of art work on line and knew it was what I had envisioned for my bedroom. It was a pretty simple process and the possibilities are endless. I measured my surface (In my case a 20" x 16" canvas). Then I opened my Pazzles software and changed my page setting to 20" x 16" so I would know that my design would fit nicely on my canvas. I used the Bird On A Branch file. I altered it by copying the bird, mirroring it and adding it back to the branch next to the original bird. I then welded it all together so it would cut out all in one piece. I made my own word art using true type fonts. Make sure any cursive fonts are welded before cutting. Obviously our Pazzles will not cut a 20" x 16" design, so I had to break up the design and adhere to the canvas in parts. I was able to keep all the words together, but the branch did not fit in the same cutting area so I cut it separate from the word part of the design and lined it up manually on my canvas. It wasn’t hard to do, just an additional step. This will not be an issue if your surface is smaller than 12 x 24. I chose two paint colors that matched my color scheme, then painted the canvas in one of the colors using a small paint roller. I tried it with a foam brush and got not so great results. The roller worked great and gave me an even coat of paint. While it was drying, I cut my design out using Pazzles REMOVABLE wall vinyl.

Easter Serving Tray

Turn a plain white tray in to an Easter serving tray with a little vinyl and these bunnies from the craft room library!

Front Door Vinyl Signs

Driving through my neighborhood the other day I saw that my neighbor had added her last name to her front door with vinyl. I instantly wanted to be a copycat. What a cute idea! Sometimes it's the simple things we can do with our Inspiration that we overlook. Since I can't create all of your last names for you in fun fonts, I did the next best thing and made several generic front door signs ready to cut out in your color choice of vinyl. I don't know why I never thought of this before, but I think this might be my part of every gift I give this year. What a cute idea for newlyweds or a small gift for a teacher, or neighbor.

Customized Rhinestone Spirit Wear

School spirit day is every Friday at my daughter’s school. Red is the color and their mascot is an owl. I must say though I’m not too fond of their t-shirt designs. She is very girly and loves bling , so I decided to customize a tank top for her using the Pazzles Rhinestones Kit. I love that we can transform our images into something custom , unique and blingy. Watching the Creating Rhinestone Designs video has really made it easy to understand the process of creating with rhinestones.

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