Engraved Frame Box

Hello Pazzles Craft Room friends, Melinda here with you today.Today I am using the Pazzles Engraving Tool. I love that our machine has the ability to use several different tools to create various projects on all sorts of mediums.   I decided to create a memorial box for our beloved fur baby that crossed Rainbow Bridge almost a year ago. She was with us for many years and was my son’s childhood buddy, so it had to be special. I started by designing the project. I created the frame of the design and then used the engraving settings to create the “fill lines”.  I then used a chunky serif type font for her name letters and did the same. For her birth and death date, I used one of the single stroke fonts that is in the program. The frame file is available exclusively in the Craft Room Library.

Piercing Tool: Birthday Card

Do you still have your Pazzles Piercing Tool packed away? Now is the time to unpack your tool to create a simple birthday card. The Craft Room Library has tons of files that can be used, and with the InVue software you have the option to change your lines to piercing. Within the InVue software I used the A2 card template. For the metal piece I used the Lattice Frame file outline and created an inline duplicate of the shape five times. On two of the lines I selected the piercing option, on three I selected the embossing tool and the final line is used for cutting out the shape. I typed the word Happy Birthday in the middle to be embossed.

Fun Folds Hiking Birthday Card

Hiking is a wonderful way to enjoy nature and beautiful summer days.   Creating a birthday card for hikers using the Fun Folds 3 collection is another fun way to spend a summer day. The Fun Folds Card collections are easy to cut and fun to decorate.  There are a number of appropriate designs in the Craft Room but the Stair Step Gatefold card has great space for creating a large scene. 

Pen Tool Bookmark

Pen Tool: Reader’s Gift Tag ...

I am a member of a reader's club. We started in January of this year and we already have read a book per month. Every month we meet to share our opinions and feelings about the book. The June meeting was at my house, so I decided to do something for the members related to the book. The book we read was Passion India, written by Javier Moro. He is a Spanish writer. I love the way he writes. One of the assignments for me, this month was to use the Pazzles Pen Tool, a tool I love.

Recipe for a Beautiful Garden ...

Every Spring and Early Summer as the cold weather turns and the grass starts to get green, the flowers start blooming and the leaves cover the trees in verdant colors, I get excited and ready to start adding a touch to our own yard for us to enjoy for the next few months.  The past two years we have not done a lot in our new home, so this year we are ready to really get started. As I was thinking of the things I needed to do to make sure our yard is vibrant with color and flowers, I recalled the special recipe that my oldest sister used and shared with us in the past.  We have used this recipe in our past homes and have always left each place with a plush lawn and beautiful landscaping with flowers and bushes that show their colors to the fullest.  So I know it is time to pull out the 'recipe.'   As I was doing that, I realized I could not find it. It then occurred to me, it should be with my recipe swap book that I did years ago with a group of online friends, that I still use.  That meant creating a page.

Spring Time Card / Tiempo ...

A Note from Pazzles:  We are so excited to have Adriana as a new member of our Design Team.  Adriana's first language is Spanish, so her blogs will be presented in both Spanish and English to honor this.  We are excited to be able to offer dual languages for our Spanish speaking friends. Thank you Adriana for taking the time to write in both languages! This expected season has come in some parts of the world: full of colors, the plants turn green, flowers start to bloom and the days are longer. In Colombia, my country we do not have all the seasons, but we have a city called Medellin where the flowers are blooming most of the time as in Spring, so people call it "The Eternal Spring". This month there are some birthdays to celebrate, so I decided to look at the Pazzles Craft Room Library to get some inspiration.  So I did a card for this special celebration inspired by this season.

Distressing Tool: Pocket Full of ...

My Design Team assignment for this month was to make a project using the Pazzles Distressing Tool. I’ve had my Distressing Tool awhile but only just now discovered how fun it is! The basic ideas that came into my head when deciding what project to do were either vintage themed or denim themed, but you don’t have to limit the possibilities to that. I’ve been enjoying seeing all the spring flowers pop out, especially the itty bitty ones, and they made me think of a pocket full of posies which is part of a nursery rhyme I used to sing with my kids when they were very little. Thus, a search through the Pazzles Craft Room Library later and the Pocket Full of Posies Shaped Card came to fruition.

Cat Lover Anniversary Card

Happy Anniversary Cat Lover Card

I enjoy making cards for family and friends, and along with birthday cards, I make anniversary cards. A few years ago, I realized that I make at least a dozen anniversary cards per year. The card recipients either don’t know each other or live far apart, so I began creating cards using the same basic design for all of them. I can customize the cards by using different papers or colors or adding a slightly different sentiment to emphasize the anniversary year. It is a huge time saver to be able to use one design, cut all the pieces at one time, and then simply assemble the cards as they are needed or when time allows.

Piercing Tool Happy Anniversary Card

I needed a nice anniversary card, and found some suitable designs for creating it in the Pazzles Craft Room Image Library.  I wanted to use my Piercing Tool for this project, and thought that this 3D Butterfly would be perfect inside of a frame for the card front. The piercing and embossing on vellum gave the pieces the elegant touch that I was looking for. I used a Purple Viva Pearl Pen to create the tiny pearls on the center of the butterfly to add that final touch to the completed card.

Mother’s Day Floral Card

Mother's Day is just around the corner and this is the perfect card to create for that. I used the Pen Tool to create the writing on the label. With the variety of single stroke fonts available in the InVue software you could easily change the words here if you would want to use this card for another occasion. After cutting the flowers, I curled them slightly to add some dimension. I curled them using the edge of the bone folder found in the Pazzles Tool Kit.

Get the Pazzles Weekly Newsletter ...

Each week we send out a Pazzles newsletter that recaps the week and includes extra tips and tricks. Below I've included this week's special article about the Pazzles Pen Tool. If you are interested in these extra articles and would like to receive this weekly newsletter, please enter your email address below. If you are already receiving the newsletter, you do not need to sign up again. Subscribe to the Pazzles Weekly Newsletter 5 Unique Ways to Use Your Pazzles Pen Tool Outline Cut Out Letters Use the Pen Tool to outline around negative space cut out letters for titles and card sentiments. You can use the same technique on cut out letters by using the Pen Tool to inline. (p.s. the files for this card are free for everyone)

Beautiful Bride Card

Beautiful Bride

One of the things I love most about my Inspiration Vue is the Pen Tool. My love affair with the Pen Tool is a result of my bad handwriting. I always wanted to add handwritten journaling to my scrapbook pages, but I always felt like my handwriting messed up the page. Besides fake handwriting, I love it for card sentiments. I love being able to design the sentiment I want in the exact size and shape I want.

Happily Ever After Card

Mr & Mrs Card

One of the things I love most about my Inspiration Vue is the Pen Tool. My love affair with the Pen Tool is a result of my bad handwriting. I always wanted to add handwritten journaling to my scrapbook pages, but I always felt like my handwriting messed up the page. Besides fake handwriting, I love it for card sentiments. I love being able to design the sentiment I want in the exact size and shape I want.

Smarty Pants Valentine

Smartie Pants Valentine

Jean pocket valentine complete with faux stitching and pockets to slide treats and messages in.

Fish Bowl Valentines

A perfect and easy valentine for school valentines that you can fill with goldfish crackers or swedish fish and includes the message "I'm glad we are part of the same school"

Valentine Tic Tac™ Game

Making valentines' for your kids to take to school can be a daunting task especially if you have several children, but these adorable tic-tac booklets are cute, quick, and affordable!

Joy Filled Tags Project Pattern

Tags are a quick and easy way to add a personal touch to almost anything. They can be used alone on gifts and homemade treats. Or you can use them as embellishments on cards and scrapbook pages. Whichever way you use them, these sweet tags will add a bit of joy to any project!

Lunchbox Animal Treats

Being a little kid is so magical. Everything is so exciting and every day is the best day ever. Even the smallest things make a little one so happy and it's so fun to be the cause of so much happiness and excitement. So join in on the fun and make up a batch of applesauce animals. Stick these in a sack lunch or deliver them to preschool on a platter and you are sure to get some great big gasps and lots of hugs of appreciation.

Dream Big Embossed Vellum Card

Hello crafty friends, Melinda here with you today sharing this pretty and easy card with you today. The task was to use one of the many wonderful tools that Pazzles offers. So I decided to turn my attention to the Embossing Tool. I love that you can emboss different surfaces with your tool and machine. I decided to go with some vellum for a card. I started by using my software to layout the top of the card that would be embossed. I used the Cheery Chrysanthemum file from the Beautiful Blossoms Cutting Collection and created the vellum overlay.

Hopes and Dreams Journal

Hopes and Dreams Journal

With every new year there's a quest to learn something new, adopt healthy habits, and start setting new goals. It's nice to have a place that you can write down your thoughts, motivational quotes, and keep track of what you plan to accomplish. I purchased this Wexford Composition Book 9.75" x 7.5" for under $3.00 at my local Walgreens store. I loved the fact that I can decorate it with my favorite paper line, and take advantage of all the scraps I collect. It's a great way to use up fibers too, and leave bits and pieces hanging from the pages. The busier, the better, and the ideas are endless!

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