Push Pop Valentine Ideas

Push Pop Valentine

These Push Pop Valentines are quick and easy to make. Just a little bit of vinyl on the outside, fill with the item of your choice, add string and a tag and you are all done. Also included is a holder to keep them all in before you give them away.

Pen Tool Ornament Bauble

Pen Tool Ornament Bauble

There are some great tools available to use with your Pazzles Inspiration or Vue. One my favourites is the Pazzles Pen Tool There is so much you can do with it. I like to use it to draw an outline of text in a fancy font and then free-hand colour in the rest of the design. This works particularly well with glitter pens. Today, I’ve chosen a simple, yet elegant Holiday Bulb file with lovely detail to be drawn in metallic blue pen on pale blue cardstock. I created an outline for the bulb too and then cut it out so it could be the feature for my holiday card. This file can be resized however you'd like it to fit your project, and would make a great file for a group of cards in the same design in different coloured card stock and metallic or glitter pen.

Pen Tool Cards

Boost Your Card Stash with ...

Melin here with you today. I'm sharing some quick, easy and cute cards with you. All you need is your Pen Tool, some pens and a few files from the Craft Room Library. I started by using the Flower Frame, Flower 4, Flower 5 and Journaling Butterfly single stroke files from the Craft Room. I edited the frame just a bit, combined the flower files and added the butterfly to the top right corner.

Distress Tool Birthday Card

My Design Team project for this week was to use a Pazzles Tool. I use the Pen Tool all the time, so I decided to use a tool I have had for years but haven't used much, the Distress Tool. Now my hubby's birthday is coming so I figured I’d make his card. I found the Birthday Title file in the Craft Room Library and thought that it would be perfect. The first thing I did was ungroup and move the candle and flame off to the side. I then made a rectangle the size I wanted the topper to be. Then using the engraving fill with S sweep, I filled in the rest of the file. I then resized the whole file, candle and all, to fit within the square topper. I find it much easier to fill the file before making it smaller to fit my card. For a little extra I added zig zag lines with the scissors tool to the top and bottom.

Watercolor Sketched Layout

I love the watercolor trend that is showing up everywhere right now. It's fairly easy to achieve this look with the help of my Inspiration. Although I can't doodle or freehand sketch to save my life, I do have the Pazzles Pen Tool. With the Pen Tool I can cheat and have the machine make my hand drawn designs. Instead of Kindergarten art, I get a professional looking sketch, which makes it easy to add water colored elements to my projects. Let me show you the steps I took to make this page.

Chalkboard Art Card

I just love the chalkboard look on cards. Inspired by a lovely saying that I found online, I created this note card using my Pen Tool. I created a perforated outline for the note card and then set my text in place. For my card base I used a 7" x 5" base. I used the draw tool to create two stars.

Hot Tamale Treat Topper

I was so inspired by Amanda’s So Lucky To Have You Treat Topper that I turned it into a treat for my hubby. With just a few changes and his favorite candy it came out so cute. First, I changed the Lucky wording to Hot Tamale and then changed the Pen Tool writing to read "You are one". I added a couple of hearts and hot tamale candies, then some stickles to fancy it up a bit. He’s going to love it!

Gold Nugget Sucker Covers

Make these golden nugget sucker covers for your friends and family and celebrate St. Patty's day in perfectly green fashion. Let them know how lucky they are you love them.

Pocket Card Gift Box

I was excited to see the new addition of the Pocket Box Card to the Craft Room Library.  The little box is just the right size for fun gifts.  This project was enlarged to 11 1/2" width. After covering the box card in pink papers, I added some of the Handful of Hearts file sized at 4 3/4”.  I love to add sewing to projects and so my absolute favorite tool is the Piercing Tool as it makes pierced holes that are separated by whatever spacing you want.  Hand stitching has never been so accurate and easy!

Hanging Heart Valentine Box

Create a special box to have at home to share love notes with family members. You don't have to have it out just for Valentine's Day, rather leave it up all year and once a week/month, have a special family night to share with each other.

Folded Heart Card

Pick a special person to be your Valentine and create this little belly band card to wrap your sentiments of love in.

Recycled Can Piggy Bank

My New Year’s resolution is to save more money. What’s yours? It is never too early to teach the advantages of having a savings to youngsters, and they may be more excited about stashing their money away if they have a cute bank to keep it in. Create this fun piggy bank and make them squeal with delight each time they’re able to add to their savings. I had some left over roasted almond containers on my kitchen counter and thought it would be fun to take something I would normally end up throwing away and turn it into a project instead. It’s a clever way to show people how to recycle, and inspire their own creativity in the process.

Snowflake Embossed Cards And A ...

If the weather outside is frightful, stay inside, and make some winter paper projects. Armed with a few pads of Core'dinations cardstock and the Pazzles Embossing Tool, I made a trio of cards to celebrate the wintry weather. We've long been a fan of Core'dinations here at Pazzles. Distressing the cardstock adds a special element to a project. Using the embossing tool and then distressing it, takes it to a new level. When you use the embossing tool you have two unique looks depending on the side of the paper you choose to use. The embossing tool actually debosses the front of the paper leaving an indention as it moves through the design. Once your embossing is complete and you pull the paper off of the embossing mat, the backside of the paper is embossed and the image is raised. By sanding either of these sides you get a different look.

Halloween Costume Ribbons

Halloween Costume Party Ribbons

I've mentioned before that I host a Halloween party for all of my extended family every year and costumes are requested but not required. I love to see what people come up with when choosing their attire for the night, and there have been many clever ideas over the years. At the end of the night I select a few people for the costume awards and I like to have a big ribbon to pin on their chest. This year I made my awards bigger and better with layers and layers of Doodlebug Designs papers and the Patriotic Ribbon file.

Halloween Toxic Treat Boxes

I'm a big fan of Halloween and while the cute versions of Halloween characters are fun to craft with, it's the eerie, spooky side of things that I love! Luckily my kids are finally old enough for the fake spiders and skeletons I've been dreaming of decorating with. I like my decorations spooky and creepy without going overboard or giving anyone a month of nightmares. These Halloween Toxic Treat Boxes will make the recipient think twice before gobbling up the goodies and are a quick enough project to make in multiples. Use the Halloween silhouette borders on scrapbook pages as well.

Trinket Book Box

I found this amazing cutting file on the Boxes and Bags CD. It is a great size for holding small gifts or photos. I enlarged the cutting file so that the size of the box ended up being 4” x 5 3/4”. I used the piercing feature in the software and the Piercing tool to pierce the stitching pattern for the word “Wish” on the side. This cutting file is a true treasure and one I'll be using many more times!

Nuts About You Fall Card

I'm a little nuts about cute critters and when I spotted this Woodland Squirrel in the Craft Room Library I knew he needed a little time in the spotlight. He is the focus of this quick card, and he looks rather pleased with himself.

Add Pierced Accents to Your ...

I had created this file to show off layering and in the process I played with turning one of the layers into a piercing line. I really do love using piercing as a subtle accent. It becomes an unexpected textural surprise on the card.

Lunch Note Card

8 Lunch Note Cards and ...

School lunch is a big deal in the life of an elementary student. My kids love cold lunch as the hot lunch choices are not always to their liking, and my daughter likes to eat the same exact thing every single day. We spent some time this weekend picking out the perfect lunchboxes for the new school year and making sure their names were written on everything. I have one more little trick up my sleeve to make lunchtime fun and that is where today's project comes in.

Engraved Sequins Happy Sunflower Card

Engraving on Sequins

We have had a lot of requests for more projects using the Engraving Tool. I knew I wanted to do a video on it but I wanted it to be different than what I had done in the past. When I am stuck for ideas, I like to wander the aisles of the craft store to see what inspires me. Recently, I discovered that sequins are coming back in style in a big way, literally.

Bam! It’s Your Birthday Card

Today we are discussing the modern graphic style which features crisp clean images, lots of white space and a side of cute.

Bon Appetit Party Set

Chef Hat and Pasta Party ...

What do you call a fake noodle? An Impasta! These paper noodles are sure to fool anyone. Create this cute pasta set for your next family dinner night and dress the part of their favorite chef.

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