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Layered Vinyl Project: Patriotic Mason ...

For this layered vinyl project I used the three layers of flag from the MK July 4th Set. I would recommend getting the Wall Vinyl Transfer Tape from the Pazzles Store to make placing your vinyl onto the Mason jar easier (due to the many stripes which are a little delicate), but the Pazzles Jewels Vinyl was forgiving and came unstuck when I needed to carefully reposition or remove bubbles (which I would recommend adjusting immediately because this amazing product is permanent and even dishwasher safe!) I adhered the red layer first, then the white, then the blue, using the cut out stars from the blue flag field as embellishments above and below the flag on the jar.

Paper Umbrella and Flowers Garden ...

An umbrella wreath full of vibrant beautiful flowers. Makes a fun baby/wedding shower decoration or decrease the umbrella’s size and add candy inside it for a fun party favor!

Personalized Vinyl Sign: God’s Cat ...

Have you ever needed something for a spot in your home and haven’t been able to find the perfect thing to fit in that space? Consider creating a special art piece, using your Pazzles machine, a purchased piece of art and Pazzles vinyl. The inspiration for my art work came from the location and the area around where I was placing it, specifically next to my patio doors, overlooking my back yard. Key components in my back yard are the “occupants".   I have the usual things in my area of the country-a palm tree, a swimming pool, hibiscus plants, bird of paradise plants, citrus trees and feral cats.  I’ll explain about the cats, specifically, “God’s Cat Garden” a bit later. A base to place the vinyl was required.  I was unable to find the correctly sized unfinished piece at my local craft store.  A pre-made framed sign, made of paneling with words etched in the surface was the correct size. The piece was on sale so I purchased it, planning to sand off the words and refinish it. After sanding off the original words, I used two shades of paint on the paneling base to create a distressed look and distress stain to antique the frame.

Recipe for a Beautiful Garden ...

Every Spring and Early Summer as the cold weather turns and the grass starts to get green, the flowers start blooming and the leaves cover the trees in verdant colors, I get excited and ready to start adding a touch to our own yard for us to enjoy for the next few months.  The past two years we have not done a lot in our new home, so this year we are ready to really get started. As I was thinking of the things I needed to do to make sure our yard is vibrant with color and flowers, I recalled the special recipe that my oldest sister used and shared with us in the past.  We have used this recipe in our past homes and have always left each place with a plush lawn and beautiful landscaping with flowers and bushes that show their colors to the fullest.  So I know it is time to pull out the 'recipe.'   As I was doing that, I realized I could not find it. It then occurred to me, it should be with my recipe swap book that I did years ago with a group of online friends, that I still use.  That meant creating a page.

Dimensional Paper Picture Frames

These fun frames have a dual purpose. They are not only frames, but boxes too. I was very excited about this project because, like many other projects in the Craft Room, their versatility is almost endless.  You can leave them as plain as you like, or really dress them up.  Check out the frames section under the decorative header in the Craft Room. You can use some of those files to decorate your frames. I think the Circus Tent file or the Choo Choo file would be really cute.   Adding something as simple as a name and a basketball, baseball, or the like would make great team gifts, and remember you still have the box part to add treats to! How about adding a graduation cap to one for a grad gift!  Another idea is to shrink them and use them for table markers/favors.  They can be the same theme or completely different.

Napping Vinyl Sign

Napping Vinyl Sign

When my daughter asked me if I could make a sign for her front door for her new pre-school/daycare, I immediately said yes. I love to work with vinyl. It cuts so nicely and is so easy to work with. I found the saying that she wanted to use, then picked out the fonts I had on my computer and created this piece. I bought a 12 x 12 chalkboard piece from Joann Fabrics. I added paint to the edges and then put the vinyl on it. Of course, I couldn't stop there, because not everyone that naps is a child, so there are a number of different options for everyone in your life, including you.

Vintage Country Birthday Banner

Belle here today sharing with you a vintage banner I made for my daughter’s 10th Birthday party last month. We decided on a blend of Wild West and Vintage Country using lace, burlap, red gingham, hay bales and plenty of Country Music! It was a great party. I knew I wanted to make a banner, and when I came across the Lucky Dip burlap pennants in my local Kaisercraft store I knew I had to have them for this very project.

Easter Egg Village: Jelly Bean ...

No Easter Village is complete without a Jelly Bean House. In a village full of Easter preparations there are bound to be a few extra jelly beans left over. Enjoy this house that is part of our complete Easter Village.

Dimensional Coffee Cup Gift Box

I LOVE my coffee! I head straight for the coffee pot as soon as my feet hit the floor in the morning. I actually collect coffee cups with fun sayings on them. I created this cup with my love for coffee and coffee cups in mind.

Folded Dimensional Paper Snowflake

Folded Dimensional Paper Snowflakes

My daughter came home from an activity a few weeks ago with a super cool folded dimensional snowflake. It was unlike anything I'd seen before. She created it by folding and cutting several pieces of paper and then gluing them together in cool patterns. I knew immediately these would be a hit with grownup kids too, so I created a few for you to cut out.

Paper Snowman Hat Decoration

Paper Snowman Hat

We all know how the song goes "there must have been some magic in that old silk hat they found..." We are big fans of the old Frosty the Snowman classic movie in my home. We watch it every year without fail and it's one of my favorites. Today's Paper Snowman Hat will bring a little magic to your holiday home. This hat is fun to make and will be so cute tucked among your other Christmas and winter decorations.

Winter Swag made entirely of paper

Paper Winter Swag and Pinecone ...

I love decorating for the holidays, but Christmas goes by so quickly, and then all the decorations have to come down almost as fast as they went up. This will not be the case if you make this pretty winter swag. It can stay up all the way through the winter season. This winter swag is a more difficult project to put together but if you follow the step by step directions it will turn out great! Your friends and family will be wowed that you made it completely out of paper!

Etched Glass Gifts

Etched Glass Gifts

Turn simple glass containers into special gifts with a custom etched design and a delicious treat or bath scrub inside - instructions and bath salt recipes included!

Notes or Love Message Board

Love Notes/Message Center

Okay, confession time! This project ended up being a completely different concept when I got through with it. I had intended on creating a message center to keep track of calendars, menus, lists, etc. However, I had a few things happen personally over the last week or so in my family that changed the idea. The idea of having Love Notes is based on the idea that we look for positive and good things that are going on around us with our family. So many times we get caught up in the wrong or bad things others are doing that we create a negative circle in our lives. I hope with this idea and concept, we can all start to find the simplest good things we love about each other, even when it is hard.

Custom Coasters

Custom Coasters

About 5-6 years ago a friend gave me some of these tile coasters and I have absolutely loved them and used them every day.   I realized what a useful and wonderful gift this was, but it is also cost effective and a great option for a quick gift to have ready, just in case you get to a gathering and realize you need a gift.

12 Gifts of Christmas-Day #5: ...

Join in on the fun and creative Gifts and Recipes in a Jar.  These are such quick and easy ways to put together a gift for a neighbor, friend or co-worker. There are three different concept types here for your creativity.

12 Gifts of Christmas-Day #2: ...

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, putting them in a special customized photo frame that you have faux etched with the frosted vinyl from Pazzles make your picture worth even more than that. This is such a quick, easy and inexpensive way to add some fabulous to a gift.

Paper Snow Globe Christmas Project

12 Gifts of Christmas-Day #1: ...

As the Christmas season rolls around each year, my family looks forward to our tradition of watching as many Christmas movies as we can. My favorites are the classic stop motion movies that were on television when I was a kid, like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. I loved to think that every scene was created in miniature and filmed one step at a time. These little snow globes remind me of those miniature scenes and I hope you will enjoy them. The file features several different options so you can mix and match your snow globe to your liking. You can cut them all from white for a monochromatic look or cut each layer in color. I used glass bowls I found at Dollar Tree store. They have a 3.5" opening and 3.5" flat bottom. If you can't find the exact bowl, substitute with a bigger size and adjust the files.

Wooden Crate Gift Box

While shopping one day, my eye caught a large display of wooden crates. I immediately thought they would make cute gift boxes, only they would have to be a lot smaller. I went to work right away and created this little crate.

Thanksgiving/Fall Cutlery Pockets

One thing I love about this Design Team position with Pazzles is that I get to try new things. You see, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Australia, so creating a project for that was great fun for me. As some of you will know, I love to host a dinner party or two and that is an excuse to make things for the table! This cutlery pocket was an excellent opportunity to try out something new for my dinner tables! Creating great table décor is at your fingertips with the amazing craft room files available.

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