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This Wonderful Craft

This week's Fabulous Find is this beautiful scrapbook page done by user, Miztaken. I love the topic of the page, which is about the friends she has found through paper crafting. Isn't wonderful how this hobby has brought so many of us together who we otherwise would never have known?

Taking the Time to Share

There are a lot of communities out there excited to share their cutting files they’ve created using their Creative Cutters. It’s always fun to get new cutting files. It’s kind of like getting a small present!


I will admit that sometimes I am stumped when it comes to choosing a topic for Tricky Tuesdays. At those times, I usually just start playing with the Inspiration Studio Software hoping to come up with…Inspiration. That is how this lesson began. I was exploring the Draw Polygon tools and realized that I could easily make scalloped circles! Eureka! I had done this technique ages ago (Yes, I am a dinosaur when it comes to Pazzles!) and tucked it back in the furthest recesses of my mind. Was I ever excited when I remembered it.

We’re in California Girls!

Pazzles will be in beautiful Santa Clara, CA at the Scrapbook Expo! The Expo is August 6th and 7th and will be held at the Santa Clara Convention Center. As always, we will be there to answer you questions, help you get restocked on supplies, or give you a great deal on one of our many products! For more information about the Santa Clara show visit the Scrapbook Expo page by clicking here.

Tailored to Order

Oh where to begin with this beautiful file by Opal777? Another member asked for help finding a tailor dummy in the forums (did you know you can do that? 99% of the time someone will show you one or make it for you!). Opal quickly jumped in and made this gorgeous tailor dummy that she uploaded in to the Pazzles Albums. So I love this file first of all because it reminds me what a great and helpful community we have on the craft room. Where else could you get a cutting file literally "tailored to order"?

Doing the Twist

There are so many products out there that we as Inspiration users are excited to try and cut. From time to time you may find that you have better luck with one product over another as far as how easy they are to cut through and the results you will get in the end. With a bit of experience you’ll find that by varying pressure, speed, and blade length you can get great cuts out of almost any material. Most of this comes with practice and patience as you find what settings work best for you.

Can’t Find it? Make ...

I think one of the most valuable attributes of the Pazzles Inspiration System is the ability to create anything I need for a project. I can choose from hundreds of fonts and most of them are free on the internet. If I can’t find exactly what I have in mind I can make it look the way I want. I have COMPLETE CONTROL over the results. I don’t need to buy a new cartridge or download to get the look I want. I don’t need to settle for something that is so-so. I don’t need to pop in one cartridge and keyboard overlay, cut ONE thing, pop in another cartridge and overlay, cut ONE more thing and repeat, repeat, repeat. In the Summer Splash page pictured here, I altered the fonts to fit the theme. Simple ways to alter fonts are to tilt the letters or resize them as I did for the word ‘laugh’. (Use the Break text by Character option under the text menu to separate the letters.) But did you know that you can change the fonts in other ways?

Memories Mini Book

Craft room user, anamoreno, made this stunning little memories book. The title "Recuerdos" is Spanish and I am told translates to "Memories". There are a lot of pages to this little book (check them out in our gallery under "Other Treasures")and they are so packed with detail it is easy to forget just how tiny the book actually is.

DVD Cases

When we found these DVD tins for a smoking deal when you buy in bulk, we thought it would be great to pass the savings on to you and give you some ideas of how you could use them. If you love our ideas or have ideas of your own swing on by the Member's section of our store for a screaming deal on these DVD tins. Make sure you are logged in to your account so you can see the member's only price!

Going to the Source

Have you ever had trouble getting your computer to recognise your Creative Cutter? While there can be a lot of variables as to the reason that this happens, a good place to start is looking at your power source. Since the power source that the Inspiration is plugged in to will vary from household to household, it is wise to take in to consideration what kind of an area you live in. Are you prone to power outages or power surges?

The Truth About Chipboard

I was browsing the internet for chipboard to buy and really getting a headache over it. Not because I couldn’t find any, there were lots of places that sell chipboard for very reasonable prices in every dimension I could think of. Where I really got stuck is on the thickness of the chipboard. I knew I wanted something with some rigidity and thickness to it but not so thick that I couldn’t cut it. All of these websites were referring to their thickness in things like “caliber” or “50 point” or “0.022”…0.022 what?! Is it a caliber, a point, an inch? What do those even mean? Have you ever been in my shoes? If you haven’t, lucky you! But whether you have or have not had to deal with this headache I am here to shed some light on this tricky issue

Baby Cradle

I must admit that I have always had a soft spot for dimensionals but there were so many wonderful things about this design by Craft Room member, Phlumpets, that it was impossible to pass up. Look at all the gorgeous details, don't you feel like you could just step right over to that cradle? I completely love the beautiful mobile hanging from the cradle's canopy. All of the lace just makes the cradle feel rich and soft, just like a cradle should! Thank you Phlumpets for sharing such a stunning project!

Replacing Your Blade

A dull blade can cause your paper to shred or cut inconsistently. Over time, you’ll find that cutting certain materials will make the blade dull more quickly. So it is always wise to keep extra blades on had so that you can change them out as frequently as you will need to.

Create a Font

Do you like your own handwriting? I have to admit that I don’t like mine very much. But it is mine and anyone who knows me will recognize it immediately. I remember as a teenager I envied the girls who were making their own beautiful lettering and doodles. I always wished I could do that but I struggled to get a decent grade in penmanship so making a beautiful signature was always something out of reach. I think I am too old to reinvent my penmanship but I do wish mine was prettier.

Rose Page layout

Melin is at it again. Even when she ventures into a different style, she creates another masterpiece. This page is just wonderful. I love the shabby chic feel this layout has. Melin has a wonderful sense of color.


For all of you card makers that are using the Inspiration to cut your welded salutations and embellishments. It can be pretty easy to get discouraged with the quality of the cuts depending on the font selection that you use. One of the reasons for this is because of the amount of detail and generally the size of the words that go on such a small pallet like a card.

Star Attraction

I hope you had a great Fourth of July! I know I did. I ate way too much food, stayed up way too late and had way too much to clean up on Monday. Now that I have recovered it is time to look at the pictures I took. I have 9 grandchildren who live nearby and the annual fireworks-in-the-backyard event gives me lots of great pictures to scrapbook. I had one picture of my grandson, Jeshua, from last year that begged to be the ONLY picture on the page. I like the idea of featuring a single picture on the page but don’t always want to fill the page by using a lot of journaling. That is when I like to use paper lace overlays. They fill the page, add dimension and are a lot of fun to design. Pazzles sells a wonderful CD of paper lace designs but you can also make them yourself.

Pazzles in Georgia and Iowa

Pazzles is going to be in the Atlanta, Georgia area July 9th and 10th. We will also be in Des Moines, IA on the 9th and 10th! Come visit us in Duluth, GA at the Scrapbook Expo! Or visit us in Des Moines, IA at the CKC convention! Pazzles will be there to answer any of your questions, help you stock up on supplies, or get a great deal on images or a brand new Inspiration! To learn more about the Expo in Duluth, GA click here! To learn more about the CKC show in Des Moines, IA click here!

4th of July Layout

Happy Independence weekend! From everyone here at Pazzles I want to wish you a wonderful (and safe!) 4th of July. We hope your weekend is filled with sunny skies, friends, family, food, and fireworks!!

Aztec Calender

The first word that came to mind when I saw this fabulous project by PaperKutz was "WOW". I sat back and was taken by all the elements in this Aztec design. I can understand why it would take the better part of three months of free time. I believe it would have taken some of us a lot longer. Designing alone is only half the battle but then to paper piece it all back together is amazing. True paper piecing at its finest.

Make Your Own Fonts

Did you know that you can make your own fonts in the Inspiration Studio Software? YES!! You can! You could take your own handwriting or maybe your children’s handwriting and turn them into fonts to cut. You can also take a favorite font and turn it into a single stroke font for journaling with our Pen Tool.

Score Marks on Your Mats

Today I picked up my mat and looked at all the scratch marks, titles, and images that I’ve cut at one time or another. As a seasoned Inspiration user, I know that it’s normal to see all the things I’ve cut on my mat. In fact, it would be almost impossible to avoid it from happening since the blade lightly scores the mat as it cuts your images.

Strawberries just for you.

When I saw this project uploaded to our image gallery, I instantly fell in love with it. This is a perfect example of how two types of patterned paper can complement each other so well. The pinks and greens are perfect together and move away from the traditional red and green that we normally associate with a strawberry.

Music in the Air

I know that we all love the sing, song sound that the Inspiration makes. I’ve heard it referred to in a number of ways from famous Star Wars characters, to a music box. Regardless, we all love that sound. It means that our Inspiration is merrily making the cut to complete our project. What do you do when the Inspiration makes a noise of a different sort?

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