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Tri -Shutter Card

Tri Shutter Cards Each week, as Thursday comes closer, I get more excited about what project I am going to pick next. There are so many wonderful ones to choose from! This week's fabulous find goes to Catherine with her Tri Shutter card. I love this pattern and there are so many fun ways to use it.

“Zoom” in to Take a ...

The set of tools that I tend to use the most are the Zoom Advanced Tools. While they don’t play a huge role in creating the project, they help while you’re making changes or need to zoom in and out of your image. Here is a run down of what those tools do.

How to Print and Cut

One of the additions in the Inspiration Vue is an optical eye for print and cutting clipart. If you have our previous model, the Inspiration, you can still do an accurate print and cut though using this method!

Pazzles Craft Room = Community

As I sat in church Sunday morning, I felt deeply grateful for all the people there. I was reminded of all the different communities I belong to. My thesaurus uses words like neighborhood, kinship, unity, identity, and cooperation to describe the word. My family, of course, is my primary community but there are many others I belong to. My small town of Kuna where we have lived for over 30 years is a community. The people I worship with constitute another community I belong to. We have a common belief and have a bond that has developed from that. (There are a lot of relatives there too!) The Pazzles office is a very important community in my life. The people there are like family to me.

February Here We Come!

We are down to the last few days in January and heading in to the second month of the new year already! How time does fly! If time has been flying for you too and you haven't had a chance to come by the Craft Room lately, here is what you have been missing!

Pillow Box

Dimensionals are so much fun. With Valentine's day just around the corner we are always looking for something fun to give. That is why I wanted to shine some attention on this piece by Angie. I have chosen the Pillow Box for this week's fabulous find because, let's face it, what is there not to love about it?

Learning about your Media Settings

Regardless of your skill level when it comes to working with your Inspiration, there is always something new to learn. Like I mentioned last week, it’s easy to get used to doing something one way, even if it is the long way. I think regardless of what we’re talking about in our lives that can happen. Thank goodness for the GPS getting me to my destination and calculating a shortcut to get there. I still take the long way, even when I know it may not be the fastest way. The GPS is helping me with that though, and now I’m not so afraid to find a new route. Like most people I guess, once I find something that works, I just stick with it. I’ve gotten pretty good about knowing what pressures work well with different papers. I have a bit of an advantage here at Pazzles, because we tend to purchase the same papers (we love Worldwin Colormates paper). I always know what pressure will work best with our paper supply. However, it would be nice to remember, and save those cutting calculations as far as pressure, speed and blade length go, just like my GPS!

I don’t want to go ...

I am venturing a bit outside of the usual Tricky Tuesday theme today but I think I will get your creative juices going nonetheless. I have been at the craft industry’s premier trade show, CHA in Anaheim, California. This is where all of the different companies debut their new products for Spring. All the big companies are here and there are buyers (in suits, of course) from Michael’s, Joannes, Hobby Lobby, QVC and HSN walking the floor to find great, new products. Usually I am busy working in our Pazzles’ booth but this year I got to walk the floor. I have been on the lookout for new products that would work with our cutter and seeing what trends there are in the industry. I could have waited until next week’s Breakfast Topic but I just can’t seem to keep this stuff to myself for that long!

Fonts Fonts Fonts!

I have to say...I am officially addicted to fonts! There are just so many of them out there for absolutely free. I even found a site where they have turned hundreds of people's hand writing in to fonts. So fun! Even though I have hundreds of fonts on my computer (and growing!), I still find myself gravitating back to certain fonts.

Got the Winter Blues?

Is the winter blues getting you down yet? I know that around this time of year I am always ready for winter to be over! All the fun winter holidays are over, and I am tired of not seeing green. I want something new! If the winter blues is getting you down too, you can always find something new here at the Craft Room! Sure it's not exactly spring, but there certainly are fresh and new things popping up everywhere!

Baseball Wall Hanger

There are so many reasons to give gifts: anniversaries, a new job or (one of my favorites) the birth of a new baby and, of course, birthdays. Anyone can bring a pack of diapers or a toy but it takes talent to make a personal gift.

I Love Shortcuts!

I love shortcuts, and when it comes to the features in your Cutting Control Panel the software gives you a lot of great shortcuts. It’s easy to get caught up in doing things the long way, because you become accustomed to the process. I’m definitely guilty of this. So I am going to give you a quick run through of some of the things you see in the Cutting Control Panel under the Advanced Options.

Make it a Better Fit

How often do we think that about so many things in our lives? Why can’t they make these jeans a better fit? Why is it that these sheets aren’t just a little longer? I like that color but I think it would be a better fit if it were just a little darker/lighter. The title looks nice but it would fit better on the page if it was curved instead of straight. I think we all have had times in our creative process where we wish the word or title had more character. We want it to curve up or down, we want it to fit on top of the heart, we wish we could put the word inside of the butterfly. You all know what I mean!

“Me” Time

The new year is in full swing and we have made all of our New Years resolutions. The diets are under way, we’re hitting the gym hard and we have all promised to make this year be all about us! 2010 is all about putting us first. I have always been one to keep my house spotless and keep up on the laundry to make sure that the kids are taken care of. Running kids around from place to place, helping out down at the school and working a full time job—I stay pretty busy. I love to join and host swaps that I sign up for online.

Wiper Cards

These wiper cards are a wonderful and unique card that can be transformed for any occasion! They have a unique opening feature that you will be sure to love!

Always Something New!

We hope that 2010 is off to a great start for you! We know that here at Pazzles we just can't seem to get enough of the Pazzles Craft Room! We hope you come back frequently to see all the new things that we are adding here! There is always something new in the Pazzles Craft Room!

18th Birthday Card

The new year is upon us and birthdays are starting all over again. It seems we are all trying to find different ideas and layouts for the perfect card. I like to look all over the web for some of the best designs. I am always on websites seeing what is the latest craze. This week’s Fabulous Find winner, Toni,

Installing Your Inspiration Studio Software ...

There are some pretty neat little Netbooks out on the market right now. One of the great advantages to one of these small computers is the ability to have a light weight, compact, computer that slips easily into small bags, purses and drawers. The biggest downfall to a Netbook is not having the ability to have a CD drive. That’s where those handy little jump drives come into play. Not only is a jump drive - also known as a memory stick - an awesome little tool to save your WPC files and pictures, but it can also help transfer your Inspiration Studio software to your Netbook. To follow these instructions you will need to know how to create folders on your computer, how to copy files, and have some knowledge of how to use Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer!).

What’s In Your Bag?

Moms of little ones always have their diaper bag filled with necessary items and a few favorite tricks. Diapers, wipes, bottles and a change of clothes are necessary. A favorite toy, a set of noisy keys, a music box or a special blankie are life saving tricks. Traveling on a plane with kids requires a bag of tricks to keep them amused on the way. Recently, on a trip with two 6 year olds, I packed fruit snacks, crayons, sketch books, card games, books, electronic games and when all else fails- assorted Jelly Bellies. You would be amazed how long they can spend sorting out the colors and guessing the flavors! We even drew and colored each flavor on paper. I also have a bag of tricks for my Inspiration and Pro machines. Of course, there are the necessary items such as extra mats, blades and the Chizzle scraper that I always keep on hand. In addition, there are the other items that come from my Pazzles bag of tricks. Even when I travel with my cutter, I take them along with me.

Out With the Old and ...

Coming into the New Year it’s out with the old and in with the new. Which leads me to my next thought…what is new? There’s got to be some new products out there that you are all using. What are they?

Resolve to Take Some Time ...

We have just finished our first week in 2010! While we all struggle to keep those resolutions make sure to take some time to enjoy yourself and to catch up here at the Pazzles Craft Room! If you haven't had a chance to swing by the Craft Room lately, here is what happened this week!

Kiss Cutting Your Projects

Your color pallet can be an amazing tool to help create your projects. To use the Kiss Cut feature to its fullest potential and really maximize the use of your color pallet, I thought I would introduce some of the features you see there. This function can be used for so much more than just creating simply perforated fold lines for cards. Since we are creating images from a one dimension piece of paper, it’s sometimes hard to incorporate extra details. With the Kiss Cut feature you can create the illusion of ruffles in shirts, button holes, stitch marks and details in faces and animal images too.

Blade Length

Trying to figure out your blade length and pressure is almost an art. Getting it right takes practice and the more experience you have the easier it gets. I know when you are first starting out not being able to get your settings right can be really frustrating.

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