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Fireman Treat Bag

Here is a great idea for a treat bag. This fireman bag really couldn't be any cuter, simply fill with treats like hot candies for an adorable gift.

Elephant Treat Bag

Here is a great idea for a treat bag. This elephant bag really couldn't be any cuter, simply fill with treats like lotions and fingernail polish for an adorable gift.

Bikini Treat Bag

Here is a great idea for a summer treat bag. This Bikini bag really couldn't be any cuter, simply fill with treats like lotions and fingernail polish for an adorable gift.

Summer Santa

Ever been so inspired you simply have to create and have to NOW? I think it is the artist in all of us that pushes through every now and then. Musicians wake up in the middle of the night to write a song sometimes. Is it really any more odd that we sometimes get the undeniable urge to craft? I say no!

Installing the Inspiration Studio Pro ...

It’s exciting when there are new products launched here at Pazzles. We know how excited all of you are to enjoy the many features included with upgrades that make using your Inspiration not only more fun, but easier to use too!

Tomb It May Concern: Create ...

There has been a lot of buzz lately about Print and Cut. Everyone is asking, “Can the Inspiration cut around clipart?” ”Do I need to get a special cutter and printer?” I am proud to say that here at Pazzles we have been cutting around clipart for years without any special laser eyes or registration marks. I honestly don’t understand the fuss; the Pazzles method is so easy and very accurate. Did you know that you can also create your own clipart in the Inspiration Studio Software?

Upcoming Shows

Well, it is about time to start the last run of shows for the remainder of the year. Here is the schedule:

Print and Cut Boxes

I am just in awe of these beautiful boxes created by Craft room member, studio30creative. Studio30creative modestly admits she is a new Pazzles user but she already is doing some amazing things!

The Need For Speed

One of the best things about the Inspiration Studio software is the ability to have so many options to improve the quality of your cuts. This can range from pressure, blade length and also the speed. We live in fast paced world, and time is everything to us. However, when you find that increasing the speed of your Inspiration isn’t giving you the results you want, maybe it’s time to take a break and slow things down a bit.

Condense or Outline- What’s the ...

I know that many of you love the nested shapes; those diecuts that get progressively bigger and bigger. When layered in different colors and paper patterns the effect is quite striking. The question is, how do you recreate the same look using the Inspiration Studio Software? There are 2 different ways to make copies of a shape: the Outline tool and the Condense tool. Each one works in a slightly different way and sometimes that makes a lot of difference. Let me show you how to choose between the two functions.

Paper Portraits

Yes, these really are portraits made completely out of paper! All designed by our very talented Pazzles Craft room user, Paperkutz. This is really some of the best vectorizing work I have ever seen, and what an example of how personalized and limitless your projects can be with the Pazzles Inspiration!

Mats Can Be Sticky Business

Having a new mat can help immensely when you’re doing more detailed projects because it helps the paper adheres to the mat well. That way the blade is able to cut some of those tight curves and details of your project without them bending or lifting.

Cut Away Cards

I cannot believe that summer is over but the crisp air and changing colors on the trees definitely say FALL. I have to admit I am a summer kind of gal, I love the sunshine, warm weather and summer activities. One of the things I do love about this time of year is the holidays that arrive every month. I am just itching to make cards and projects for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.


When I saw user kl71389 's projects I was in love instantly. Where I got stuck though was picking just ONE of her projects for the Fabulous Find! I finally gave up and decided that there was no way I could pick one of these cards above the others.

A Cut Above the Rest

I love putting a new blade in to my Inspiration. I love how clean my cuts are and how easily it cuts through a number of different papers without needing to cut at a high pressure. It also does a great job cutting the more intricate designs that I’ve created.

School Days

School is just getting in to swing for most of us. Perhaps you had excellent intentions to get all of your scrapbooking done this summer but life just got in the way! Or you hoped to have more free time once the kids were in school but between packing lunches, helping with homework, and driving to a thousand after school events, you begin to realize that was just wishful thinking. Either way, you could use some help getting your school pictures scrapbooked (This years, last years, or ten years ago it doesn't matter!). So here is my gift to all of you busy scrapbooking mothers out there who could use a hand.

Heading to San Marcos, Texas

Pazzles is on the road again. I'm looking so forward to seeing everyone at the show. I hope to see you on September 17-18, 2010. If you are one of the first 10 people to come up to the booth and say, "I LOVE MY PAZZLES", I will have a FREE gift for you. I would LOVE to see some of your projects that you have created with your Pazzles, so be sure and bring those along too.

Dimensional Flowers

These Flowers are 3 D but you don’t need any special glasses to see the 3rd dimension. If you are a scrapbooker you might find yourself stuck in two dimension, limited by the need to keep the page flat. The fabulous flowers shown in this tutorial may entice you to expand your projects to include home décor, gifts and card making. Packages of petals to make similar flowers are available in craft stores and on-line sites. But if you are like me, the Inspiration for an idea doesn’t happen in advance. I hate waiting to get what I need and I certainly don’t need to waste time and money on a fruitless search.

Winners in Utah

Last weekend I was in Sandy, Utah at the Scrapbook USA Expo. Pazzles gave away a Pazzles Inspiration in the Dance Contest. Our winner was Lynn Millis from Bountiful.... Congratulations Lynn on your new wonderful machine, now if your two daughters let you have it, you are going to be having the time of your life creating with your Inspiration. It was so much fun to get to talk to you, LOVE THAT INFECTIOUS SMILE....don't ever stop.

Thank you for the AWESOME ...

Wow, I'm gone for the weekend at the Scrapbook USA Expo in Utah (more on that later) and come back to an amazing welcome. Thank you. I feel like I should make some type of acceptance speech..."I'd like to thank the Academy..." But really, I have been a member of the Pazzles family for many years and I cannot tell you how much I love these people. Now since Pazzles is my family and 'little sister' Amanda shared such a 'lovely' photo of me last week, I felt that I should share one of her also. (you know what they say about paybacks) This is what she looks like as she sits at her desk and answers all the questions and does her amazing creations. *VERY BIG GRIN*

Welcome Klo!

The entire Pazzles Craft Room team is so excited to welcome our newest addition, Klo Oxford! For years Klo has been known in the crafting community as a Pazzles expert, always willing to share her extensive knowledge of the Pazzles Inspiration and software. Klo travels the US and even the globe teaching and selling as a Pazzles representative. Klo's vibrant personality and eagerness to help has earned her friends all across the United States. In the little spare time that is left she contributes to the Pazzles community even more through forums, classes, blogs and more. We are so excited to have Klo onboard at the Craft Room. Keep an eye out for exciting new goodies brought to you by the Pazzles Craft Room's newest staff member, Klo!

Ever Feel Like You Need ...

I think each and every one of us deserves a chance to take a break and revamp our day. I know that as we are busy creating our latest projects, it’s easy to forget all the work the Inspiration is doing too. When you take a break from crafting, remember that the Inspiration could use a break too. The best thing to do is just shut everything down when it’s not in use. That way when you’re ready to start working on your project, the Inspiration will be too!

Utah Here We Come

Pazzles is on the road again. We will be at the Scrapbook USA Expo in Sandy, Utah September 10th and 11th. It is being held at the South Towne Expo Center. Since this is my first 'official' post, I get to offer a free gift to the FIRST 10 people EACH day that come to the booth and tell me (Klo), "I love my Pazzles Inspiration". So be sure and come see us right away. Plus, we will have some show specials going and that you don't want to miss out on. Also, bring some projects or pages you have done using your Pazzles machine and who knows, you may be featured here with your project.

Zig Zag Stitch Card

While perusing the different Scrapbook and Cardmaking magazines, I noticed that using a sewing machine to stitch around paper is really popular. In my past life, aka Before Pazzles, I did a lot of sewing, so I love this look. However, I don’t have room to keep my sewing machine up and I hate hauling it out for a little project. I have already been using the fabulous Pazzles Pen Tool for stitched or dashed lines on my projects. But I wondered; could I make my project look like zig zag stiching that is joining 2 pieces of paper together?

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