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Saving Images to the Image ...

The Inspiration Studio software makes the process of viewing saved cutting files a lot easier with the ability to download those images directly to the image gallery. I love the fact that I can view my images through the gallery and then simply click on the image to import it to my page. Since it’s so easy to view CDs you’ve saved to the gallery, a lot of you want to know what other ways the gallery can benefit you—mostly with the thought of being able to save your own designs. I’ve put together some helpful suggestions here to help answer Alisha’s questions as well as a lot of others here in the Craftroom.

Getting Out Those Kinks!

By now, I would imagine that a lot of you have been exploring the ability of the Inspiration software to convert clipart to cutting files. The process of auto tracing (vectorizing) a drawing, photo or clipart never ceases to thrill me each time I use it. I can let so much more of my own personality show in my projects by being able to use the design I want instead of settling for a “whatever works” image.

Easter is Coming!

Palm Sunday is this Sunday and you know what that means? Easter is right around the corner! I love Easter because it is all about rebirth and everything around us seems to be blooming anew! I hope you enjoy the upcoming holidays and once your fingers are thoroughly died a deep shade of blue from making Easter eggs, make sure to take a few moments to see what has been going on in the Craft Room this week!

Baby Shower Collection

It's so fun to plan a shower for any occasion, but its extra special when we are celebrating a new life. This week's fabulous find does just that; it’s a whole collection of homemade baby shower decorations! Everything you need to throw a great party from the invitation to center pieces. Ana did a wonderful job with this collection.

Upgrading to Windows 7

I didn’t think it would hurt to touch on a topic that we’ve visited about in the past. The gang here at Pazzles has been getting lots of questions in the last two weeks in regards to Windows 7. Tax season is here so a lot of you are like me, buying something you’ve been waiting for all year with your tax returns. So many of you are excited about purchasing new computers with Windows 7. I’ve been fortunate enough to upgrade my computer here at work to Windows 7. With anything there are adjustments, but the benefits are fabulous! Here’s a question Jean had when upgrading her computer:

Finding Clip Art

I really love to vectorize my own designs, and I’ve gotten pretty good at it. But I’m really not an artist and it’s hard for me to make something up out of thin air so I usually start with a clip art file. My only problem is that I am cheap. I mean I am REALLY cheap, so I don’t want to have to buy clip art. One really amazing source for clip art that I have found is sites that offer public domain clip art.

Easter Pocket Purses

These adorable little bags are called "Pocket Purses" and have the distinguishing feature of a band that covers the top of the bag. These purses would be a wonderful way to give out Easter candy!

Welcome Spring!

Spring is finally here! At my house the daffodils are blooming and the grass is turning green. I am so ready for the warmer weather and the little indications that spring is truly here just cheer my heart. Of course you may have other indications of spring right now such as spring break! I know there is a lot of vacations and traveling going on right now so whether you are at home or on the road, I hope you are having a wonderful spring! In between all the business of the season I hope you have some time to see some of the wonderful things going on at the Pazzles Craft Room!

Tea party

Being a part of the craft room is like being part of a community. We get to hang out with our friends, kick back, and share ideas and images. That is why this week, when I was looking for the fabulous find, I was very excited to find this project. I love the way it was put together using files from different members in the craft room. It feels as though a bunch of friends got together to scrap and shared their images Angie did an awesome job with these files.

Download Limit Raised!

Here at the Craft Room we are always trying to find ways to make your Craft Room experience better. Be it adding new features, answering questions, or listening to your suggestions. We've been listening to Craft Room members about increasing our download limit in the Library.

Embossing Tool

Recently, a Hobby Lobby store opened in our area. Now, I know some of you have had Hobby Lobby stores near you for a long time but this is the first one in Idaho. My daughter, Leslie and I have gone a tad crazy in the home décor section of the store. We have been inspired to spruce up certain dull areas of our homes. Leslie has been redecorating (or should I say finally decorating) her back porch bathroom so that her little girls will use it instead of Mommy’s bathroom.

Cuttin’ it Up in the ...

I love making images that have a lot of layers. I’m huge on silhouettes and the look that those images give my projects, but dimension is fun too. I’m big into chalking all those pieces so that when I finally put my project together, everything really pops. In fact, a lot of the images in our Image Library have multiple layers. As you can see Mindy has a great question for cutting paper piecing images.

Easter bunny pop-up card

Pop-up cards are all the rage, there are so many fun ways to create them. I especially love how Catherine created her pop-up bunny. With Easter just around the corner, and all of us busy trying to find the perfect card to make and send to loved ones. I had to pick this card as this week's Fabulous Find. Catherine did a great job with this piece,

Grouping & Ungrouping your Images

Even though I’m a part of the designing team for our images, I still get excited every week to see what the group members have created for the image library. We all have our own individual style so it’s nice to be inspired by someone else’s creative process. I know that sometimes those images can come with a lot of little pieces. Cindy had a great question about what the group and ungroup function does in the software.

Gift Card Holders

Spring is upon us and with it come baby showers, birthdays, and engagements! That means you have a lot of gifts to get we are guessing! This project is a very practical, easy, but extremely fun to make gift card holder. If you need a gift "in a pinch" these holders are quick to make and really liven up the giving of a gift card.

Hello March!

March is here! Wait...March? Didn't we just celebrate New Year's? Is your year going as fast as mine is? I won't complain though because I am ready for spring! I hope you have a very wonderful weekend and that the weather is beautiful for you. No matter if you do get to go outside or you have to stay inside, I hope you have some time to enjoy some of the wonderful things going on at the craftroom!

Mini Mail Box

The best things often come in small packages. When I saw the little mail box by Ana Moreno, I knew I had to pick it for this week's Fabulous Find. There are so many dimensions to this cute little project.

How to Pause the Tutorials

I’m always happy to hear from craftroom members who let me know how thrilled they are with the wonderful tutorials that we offer. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a mastered Creative Cutter user. There is always something new to learn! I’ve been watching a few of them myself and I’m always excited when I find something new that I didn’t know about before. I’ve gotten a lot of thank you emails letting us know what a great job we are doing and to keep up the good work. I tell everyone that Chris is a natural born teacher so she does an excellent job at putting those together. A few of you have asked the same question that Jill has so this was a great topic for the week.


Who doesn’t like to save money? I know I do! That is one of the reasons I love my Pazzles Cutter! I never have to buy a font or image if I don’t want to. The ability to use all True Type fonts opens up new horizons for me. And it doesn’t cost me a single penny.

Family Frame

For most of us, our family is one of the main reasons we love to scrapbook. They are the people we share our pages with, and whom we make our pages about. Scrapbooking is only one way to share our talents. There are so many other ways to show our affection and one is through home décor. Anyone can put a picture in a frame but we can pour our emotion into the project by creating a customized one.

Software Shutting Down During a ...

There are so many factors that can affect the Inspirations performance. They can range from your computing environment, the amount of programs installed on your computer, and what kinds of programs you have running in the background of your computer. When I received this email last week I thought it was perfect, and hopefully can explain some of the reasons that you will experience problems with the software shutting down while you’re creating your project.

Kiss Cut Accents


The word KISS brings to mind a lot of different things. We all have sung the school age song: “Tommy and Suzy sitting in a tree…... K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” We might think of baby kisses or romantic kisses and someone who tries to gain favor by “kissing up”. However, when it comes to those of us who love cutting paper, KISS CUT is at the top of the list. Kiss cut is also referred to as perf lines, stitch marking or dashed lines. They are often used for fold lines on boxes and cards. They can also make delightful borders around projects.

Crafting this Weekend?

The weekend is finally here! We hope you have had an enjoyable (or at least productive!) week and hope even more that your weekend is wonderful! If you are setting aside some time to feed your crafting addiction this weekend, make sure you take some time to learn and be inspired here at the Craft Room. We have so many wonderful things going on here, you don't want to miss out!

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