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Make Your Own Paper Lace

Paper lace has to be one of my favorite inventions of all time. I love using them as overlays for my pages and there are just so many different designs and ways to use them that the ideas just keep coming! Many of you have already seen our Paper Lace CD (a personal favorite) and been inspired to create your own paper lace designs. But, making them yourself can prove to be a little trickier than you might expect! Thankfully I've made enough paper lace designs that I have it down to a science...well ok, almost.

Summer fun in the sun

I love summertime with the kids . The hot days are accompanied by all the wonderful activities of summer.. I cannot think of a better way to show this then through a scrapbook page. This week's Fabulous Find goes to Loretta for her "Summer Fun in the Sun " page. This two page layout is so adorable. It truly captures what summer is all about.

New Mats

There’s nothing like the smell of a new Inspiration mat. It reminds me of my first Pretty Pony. Those are such great childhood memories for me. For those of you lucky enough to have the Inspiration a new Inspiration mat can have some pretty good memories too! Just think of all those beautiful projects you’ve been creating using your Inspiration.

Measuring with Rectangles

Recently, someone asked on our forums how to measure just one part of an envelope. There were many answers. Each person had their favorite method, some used the measuring tool, others liked to use line guides. It didn’t take long for me to realize that my favorite is to draw a rectangle or square.

Father’s Day CD Cases

Father's Day is this coming Sunday! Finding a gift for dad can sometimes be difficult, not to mention making a card! Many of us are so drawn to the beautiful designs that include lace, pink, flowers, and elegant girly designs that when it comes to something for the boys we are a little lost. We decided to tackle two birds with one stone by making a Father's Day card that doubles as a holder for a small gift, all done with a recycled CD case!

Pazzles Is On You Tube!

Pazzles is now on You Tube! Subscribe to our You Tube channel to stay up to date on our latest tutorial and informational videos. Have a friend who you are dieing to share some information with about the Inspiration? Send her one of our great videos! We have also scoured You Tube for the fantastic Inspiration tutorials uploaded by Inspiration users. Check out our favorites to watch some truly remarkable videos uploaded by Inspiration users just like you. Click here to visit our page or visit us any time at

T-shirt Iron-on

She shoots….. she scores! This week's Fabulous Find goes to cindibasson for her Iron On project. We all love iron on projects when we see them but often we are afraid to attempt them ourselves. But why is that? After all, it can be so much fun and is so versatile. I simply had to show off the t-shirt that cindibasson made for her son’s soccer team. I love how bold and bright you can be with the designs on soccer uniforms.

Well Used, Well Loved!

I think a sign of a product that’s well loved is a lot of use. Take for example my car, it’s older and the paint job isn’t as lustrous as it was when I bought it new 9 years ago, but it’s dependable and I really love it. So even though it has a few dings, and it makes funny noises from time to time, I still love my dependable car. It’s kind of like that with my Inspiration too. I use my supply of wet wipes to clean it up, and make it pretty when friends come over to create projects with me, but there’s some spots that just don’t clean up as easily as they used to. I think that’s a good thing though, because it means I’m creating projects and my Inspiration is getting used!

This is so Distressing!!

But, I’m not really upset because my paper is what’s distressed. I recently wrote an article and created a project for a magazine that featured the Pazzles Distressing Tool. I fell in love with the distressed look all over again. I realized that distressing is a whole lot more than a bit of sandpaper on some white core cardstock. I used to think of distressing as being somewhat imprecise but with the distressing tool I can be very detailed.

Iron On!

Everybody likes customized gifts, and I mean everybody!! I love showing up for parties and events with customized treat bags, glasses and clothing. Nothing says I love you more than a gift with them in mind. Anybody can go to the store and buy a simple gift, not everybody can create personalized gifts for that special somebody. I can honestly think of a million uses for iron on material. I was at the store last night looking at fun iron on images and just smiled because as much as I liked them, I didn’t like the price tag. On top of that, I knew that I could create them at home, and make them even better!

Mr Fix it

Often when I am surfing through the gallery searching for a Fabulous Find, I look at the cutting files and wish they were on a page so I could showcase them too. This week I just could not let one particular cutting file go without mention.

Importing DXF Files

A DXF file (or Drawing Exchange Files) is a vector file (remember that “Vector” refers to the cuttable lines in your design) that has become a popular file type because there are so many different programs that can open them. The great thing about these files is because they are “vector” files you can open them up in your software and cut them right away without having to use Auto-Trace or Manual Vectorization.

Baby Carriage

Babies are always a reason to celebrate. This card is a wonderful way to show some baby love and that’s why it this week's Fabulous Find. Beba has done such a great job with this sweet little carriage. I love the scallops with the lace details and the pastel pink and cream complement each other so well. This is such a soft feminine look for a sweet baby girl.

Disappearing Act

It’s not always easy to determine the reasoning behind computer glitches and temporary software errors. Even though we appreciate the advantages that technology gives to us, it’s also very hard when they don’t perform properly at all times.

My Magic Carpet Bag

I am beginning to think the Inspiration Studio software is kind of like Mary Poppins' carpet bag. Everytime I look in it, I pull something else out. What amazes me is that sometimes what I find is not really related to cutting at all. Summer is just around the corner. That means vacations, gardening, camping, swimming and...... boredom. If you have children you know what I am talking about. Boredom is as inevitable as scraped knees and grass stains in the summer. It can be frustrating for moms especially when their own time to craft and create is cut short.

Wall Vinyl Now Shipping!

Our much anticipated Wall Vinyl is now shipping! Have you always admired those beautiful quotes and designs people used to decorate their homes and apartments but shirked away because of the hefty price tag? Online you can purchase designs but they easily cost $30-40 dollars and even more if you want to customize them! Now you can create your own beautiful decor designs using our wall vinyl that comes in 12 gorgeous designer colors. Check them out by clicking here!

Shoes, Shoes,Shoes

Shoes , Shoes and more shoes. I love an image that can be used with other images or is perfect just by themselves. Natalia has done just that, not once but twice with her shoe images. Each one could be used in so many ways. Whether on a card or in a scrap book, no matter where you put these little gems, they will add so much class. That is why they are this week fabulous find. I love the strappy high heel. Natalia did a great job with the details and, as we all know, it's all in the details.

Using the 12×24 Mat

As you probably already know we are in the process of getting ready to release our Wall Décor CD along with our new line of vinyl. If you haven’t checked out our awesome array of new colors, you’re missing out! Alynne, was just as excited as we are about the new vinyl and is already getting started with her 12x24 mat to sweeten up the walls in her home and office.

Hidden Treasures (Font Mania- Part ...

Have I mentioned that I LOVE fonts! They offer so many possibilities for creativity and can be huge time savers. In my first blog on fonts, I showed you where to find fonts, how to download them and how to use fonts without installing them. My second blog was all about Dingbat fonts, those fabulous fonts that are images instead of letters. Today, I want to encourage you to look at alphabet fonts a bit differently and find the amazing potential for designs hidden there.

Rose Treat Box

Here is a beautiful box pattern with a gorgeous rose on the top that really “pops” on the black and white design. Includes a card with "mom" title. Perfect for her birthday or for Mother's day!

Flower Pot Treat Box

A fantastic box pattern designed to look like a flower pot. Complete with a little packet for flower seeds! The perfect box to share some seeds or treats as a way to welcome in spring!

Scallop Treat Box

Here is a beautiful box pattern with a beautiful layered scallop design on the top. Perfect for a birthday or for Mother's day!

Expo in Somerset

Do you live in New Jersey or nearby? Come visit us at the Scrapbook Expo May 21-22 in Somerset NJ! Pazzles will be there to answer any of your questions, help you stock up on supplies, or get a great deal on a brand new Inspiration! To learn more about the Expo click here!

Mothers Day Collection

Among those of us who have frequented the craft room for a while now, I am sure that when it comes to cards we can't help but think of Angie. She has such a great eye for card making. I find myself anticipating her next card creation.. This week's fabulous design goes to not just one of her cards but a Mother's Day collection.

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