15 Minute Projects

Quick and easy projects using images from the Craft Room Library

Fold Over Box

Here we are already on day 4 of the 12 boxes of Christmas! If you haven't already make sure to check out days 1-3 of our boxes; you really don't want to miss them! December seems to go by so quickly and no matter how much planning and preparing we do, there always seems to be a gift or two that you really need in a hurry! That's why this box is so perfect, it is a very simple box and so fast! It literally takes one sheet of paper and some ribbon. It would be great to hold a pair of socks, a handkerchief, gloves or anything that just needs a quick wrap.

Make a Simple Luminary

Luminaries have been a common Halloween and Christmas decoration for decades. It isn't hard to understand why. They are easy to make and can create an eerie glow for Halloween or a warm holiday welcome for Christmas. Traditionally they were intended to line the sidewalk as a greeting leading up to the front door. Usually they were made from plain paper bags filled with sand to weigh them down and a candle provided the light. While the luminaries in today's lesson are for the indoors only, they make an easy, spooky greeting for the Halloween season.

Pop Up Borders

Sometimes, when I am focused on scrapbook pages, I forget about design elements such as pop ups and windows with flaps. I tend to think that when a page is slipped inside of a sheet protector all of the fun movement is trapped inside. I realize that that is not always true. I have resolved to cast aside my tunnel vision and see what ways I can use these dimensional elements in my projects.

Twirled Flowers

Create these six dimensional flowers simply be twirling the paper around a pencil and then curling the petals down. So simple and yet so beautiful you will want to make a whole bouquet!

Covered Buttons

I am always looking for new ways to use my Inspiration. Since I used to sew a lot, I have had covered buttons on my list of ideas for a while. Recently, there have been covered buttons showing up in a lot of product lines. They come already covered and cost quite a bit of money. Naturally I want to be able to make covered buttons in the size I want and have the exact color and print I want- when I want it.

Rotation Flowers

I love flowers, is there anyone who doesn't? They come in such a abundance and variety of shapes and sizes. I never cease to be amazed at their simplicity and yet they can be so complex in design. I have a large number of flowers in my cutting file collection already, but I am always looking for more. Apparently, one can never have too many flower designs. Today, I have created a video tutorial that will guide you through the process of using the Rotation feature found in the Transformation window. Using my method you can create an infinite number of flowers for your cutting file "garden".

Make Your Own Stick Pins

Stick Pins and Hat Pins are items that remind me of my grandmother’s jewelry box. They were something I rarely saw her wear but were fascinating to me as a child. I do remember seeing them on occasion when she wore one of those little hats with the veil over her forehead. My mom had one with a top shaped like a teapot that she wore stuck in her coat lapel. Now I see them added to cards and scrapbook pages as an accent to the design. Most often I see them with beads but I also see other tops to the pins that add interest to the page or card theme.

Easter Flowers

There’s nothing like a great project, but a project that’s easy to assemble and has a big impact—that’s even better! I loved these cute Easter egg flowers that Chris designed. What a fantastic way to dress up your eggs and display them. When she brought them in to the office I instantly started assembling the perfect flower. Then the next thing I knew I had created three, and if it wouldn’t have been in the middle of the work day well I probably would have hung out at her desk all day!

Owl Holder

Little owl holder for a pixie stick or pencil. Perch this adorable owl on a pixie stick or pencil branch and give to a special someone!

Mini Candy Bar Holder

Small case for holding mini candy bar chocolates This sweet little case with a slit inside perfect for holding mini candy bars.

Heart Lollipop Holder

An adorable holder that can be used two ways. This versatile candy holder that can be used to store small candies or to top a lollipop!

Cute Owl Treat Holder

An adorable holder that can be used two ways. This versatile candy holder that can be used to store small candies or to top a lollipop!

Heart and Arrow

A pixie stick or pencil can double as the arrow in this sweet and clever treat.

Simple Folded Box

This simple box folded card conceals your valentine message and sweets!

Fluttering By Sucker

This adorable butterfly valentine requires no glue! Simply cut two sets of wings and use the pen tool for a message if you wish, then slide a dum dum through the slits!

You Rock Pop Rocks

Pocket holder perfectly sized for pop rock packets This rocking valentine is perfect for tweens and teenagers who would rather not be overly "cutesy".

Sweet Treat Bags

Did you know that Valentine's day is on it's way? Are you sitting in your house looking around at Christmas decorations that still need to be put in boxes? Are you unable to FIND your Christmas decorations underneath the mess left from the holiday chaos? Don't worry! You are on your own for boxing the Christmas decorations but with a few great ideas from the Craft Room you can knock out your Valentine to-do's.

Last Minute Halloween Idea

I threw a Halloween party last night and wanted to share some of my party ideas with any of you who may be trying to find some last minute Halloween ideas.

No-Mess Pumpkins

All the fun with none of the mess! 9 different faces that you can mix and match for tons of options!

Simple Gifts

Recently my daughter had pictures taken of her 3 month old baby boy, Dustin. I was along, of course, as I like to help pay for the photos. Little Dustin was so cooperative and it seemed like every picture was a “keeper”. As usual, I went a little overboard choosing pictures. Once the pictures were distributed to all the relatives we still had a bunch of wallet photos left. I turned to my Inspiration to come up with a way to use those cute little wallet photos.

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