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How Does This Go Together??

Are you like me; long on ideas but short on memory? I love creating designs with my Inspiration Studio software even if I won’t use them right away. I am a bit obsessive about saving them for future use. My problem is that I don’t “exactly” remember sometimes how they were supposed to go together!! Now, I have managed to get really SMART! It is such a good idea that I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner. When I want to save an example of how the pieces should be assembled, I use the Convert To Image function.

You Rock Pop Rocks

Pocket holder perfectly sized for pop rock packets This rocking valentine is perfect for tweens and teenagers who would rather not be overly "cutesy".

Warm Thoughts Pocket Card

This Warm Thoughts card has a clever pocket for a packet of hot cocoa or apple cider mix. It’s the perfect antidote for the winter blahs.

Harvest Spread

The way food is presented has a huge effect on how we perceive it to taste.It may all be in our heads but we simply cannot help that a wonderful looking spread makes us believe it is also a wonderful tasting spread. Well we may not be able to help you with the cooking part, for that you are on your own! But we can help you with making your harvest feast look amazing!

Embossing with a Glue Pen

I know Halloween is just behind us and Thanksgiving is still 3 weeks away, but it is time to think of Christmas cards if you are going to make your own. Rich greens, deep reds and gold evoke Christmas elegance. This beautiful card has an abundance of all those elements.

Last Minute Halloween Idea

I threw a Halloween party last night and wanted to share some of my party ideas with any of you who may be trying to find some last minute Halloween ideas.

Candy Bar Wrappers

Klo's scarecrow is just too precious for words isn't it? These wrappers are perfect for a Halloween party or if you just want to amp up the candy you give out.

Pazzles Tote and Rhinestones!

At Pazzles we have been secretly toiling away for the better part of a year on these products that I am so proud (and a little relieved!) to announce to you! I am SO EXCITED about these new products and I hope it won't take long before you are just as excited as I am.

Tomb It May Concern: Create ...

There has been a lot of buzz lately about Print and Cut. Everyone is asking, “Can the Inspiration cut around clipart?” ”Do I need to get a special cutter and printer?” I am proud to say that here at Pazzles we have been cutting around clipart for years without any special laser eyes or registration marks. I honestly don’t understand the fuss; the Pazzles method is so easy and very accurate. Did you know that you can also create your own clipart in the Inspiration Studio Software?

Cut Away Cards

I cannot believe that summer is over but the crisp air and changing colors on the trees definitely say FALL. I have to admit I am a summer kind of gal, I love the sunshine, warm weather and summer activities. One of the things I do love about this time of year is the holidays that arrive every month. I am just itching to make cards and projects for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Dimensional Flowers

These Flowers are 3 D but you don’t need any special glasses to see the 3rd dimension. If you are a scrapbooker you might find yourself stuck in two dimension, limited by the need to keep the page flat. The fabulous flowers shown in this tutorial may entice you to expand your projects to include home décor, gifts and card making. Packages of petals to make similar flowers are available in craft stores and on-line sites. But if you are like me, the Inspiration for an idea doesn’t happen in advance. I hate waiting to get what I need and I certainly don’t need to waste time and money on a fruitless search.

Zig Zag Stitch Card

While perusing the different Scrapbook and Cardmaking magazines, I noticed that using a sewing machine to stitch around paper is really popular. In my past life, aka Before Pazzles, I did a lot of sewing, so I love this look. However, I don’t have room to keep my sewing machine up and I hate hauling it out for a little project. I have already been using the fabulous Pazzles Pen Tool for stitched or dashed lines on my projects. But I wondered; could I make my project look like zig zag stiching that is joining 2 pieces of paper together?

Simple Gifts

Recently my daughter had pictures taken of her 3 month old baby boy, Dustin. I was along, of course, as I like to help pay for the photos. Little Dustin was so cooperative and it seemed like every picture was a “keeper”. As usual, I went a little overboard choosing pictures. Once the pictures were distributed to all the relatives we still had a bunch of wallet photos left. I turned to my Inspiration to come up with a way to use those cute little wallet photos.

Strawberries just for you.

When I saw this project uploaded to our image gallery, I instantly fell in love with it. This is a perfect example of how two types of patterned paper can complement each other so well. The pinks and greens are perfect together and move away from the traditional red and green that we normally associate with a strawberry.

Father’s Day CD Cases

Father's Day is this coming Sunday! Finding a gift for dad can sometimes be difficult, not to mention making a card! Many of us are so drawn to the beautiful designs that include lace, pink, flowers, and elegant girly designs that when it comes to something for the boys we are a little lost. We decided to tackle two birds with one stone by making a Father's Day card that doubles as a holder for a small gift, all done with a recycled CD case!

This is so Distressing!!

But, I’m not really upset because my paper is what’s distressed. I recently wrote an article and created a project for a magazine that featured the Pazzles Distressing Tool. I fell in love with the distressed look all over again. I realized that distressing is a whole lot more than a bit of sandpaper on some white core cardstock. I used to think of distressing as being somewhat imprecise but with the distressing tool I can be very detailed.

Rose Treat Box

Here is a beautiful box pattern with a gorgeous rose on the top that really “pops” on the black and white design. Includes a card with "mom" title. Perfect for her birthday or for Mother's day!

Flower Pot Treat Box

A fantastic box pattern designed to look like a flower pot. Complete with a little packet for flower seeds! The perfect box to share some seeds or treats as a way to welcome in spring!

Scallop Treat Box

Here is a beautiful box pattern with a beautiful layered scallop design on the top. Perfect for a birthday or for Mother's day!

New Wall Vinyl in 12 ...

I’m sure you will all agree that it is very hard to keep a secret. Especially when that secret is really exciting and you KNOW that others will be just as excited as you are when they find out. We, here at Pazzles have been sitting on a secret for a long time now and today I finally don’t need to hold it in ANY longer! We are introducing a new line of Wall Vinyl in addition to the vinyl we already sell. The Wall Vinyl is in a mat finish and comes in 12 amazing colors for practically any décor style.

Good Behavior Tickets

Teacher’s Week: Good Behavior Tickets

Pazzles would like to thank all of the hardworking teachers out there by providing some projects made especially for the class room! Thank you to all our teachers past and present that give their time and hearts to help our children grow!

Gift Card Holders

Spring is upon us and with it come baby showers, birthdays, and engagements! That means you have a lot of gifts to get we are guessing! This project is a very practical, easy, but extremely fun to make gift card holder. If you need a gift "in a pinch" these holders are quick to make and really liven up the giving of a gift card.

Kiss Cut Accents


The word KISS brings to mind a lot of different things. We all have sung the school age song: “Tommy and Suzy sitting in a tree…... K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” We might think of baby kisses or romantic kisses and someone who tries to gain favor by “kissing up”. However, when it comes to those of us who love cutting paper, KISS CUT is at the top of the list. Kiss cut is also referred to as perf lines, stitch marking or dashed lines. They are often used for fold lines on boxes and cards. They can also make delightful borders around projects.

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