Paper Hula Girl Bobble

Aloha fellow Pazzlers! Does anyone you know have one of those Hawaiian girl bobbles on their car dashboard? My grandparents did, and I played with it every time I got in their car. I just loved watching her swing back and forth with every bump in the road. Because of those memories I knew the very first time I saw the Hawaiian Girl file that it needed to be a bobble!! She is so cute! This little hula girl is learning her native dance with the help of an Action Wobble Spring. Her base is actually the Glamour Girl Compact Box so it can hold secret treasures. She is sitting on my desk and every time I sit down to work I have to give her a little tap so I can watch her do her dance.

Upcycled Truffle Gift Box

More recently, I have found that I am looking at packaging and thinking how I can use it for my projects. At Christmas we received a lovely box of truffles and I immediately thought how I could decorate it, when all the chocolates had been eaten. I measured the dimensions of the box and laid my patterned paper onto my cutting mat. I cut the pieces for the wrap around the box, the inside and top of the lid. It was so easy using the Transformation Menu in my Pazzles software to create the exact measurements for my paper piecing. The video tutorial in the Pazzles Craft Room called How to Resize Images helps you understand the capabilities of the Transformation Menu.

Spellbinders Digital Dies Launch Party: ...

Pazzles designer Heidi Edwards makes the coolest dimensional projects and this is no exception! Heidi's Blog This sweet little duck pull toy would make the cutest baby shower decoration. Filled with treats it can serve as a functioning candy bowl as well. Heidi created this fun piece by using the technique taught in our Making Shaped Bags Video.

Milk Jug Necklace

I was inspired by a necklace I saw Erin Madsen from DCWV wearing in a video for paper stacks. It looked kind of like iridescent shells, but being a crafter I saw milk jug material. I waited for my family to finish the gallon of milk in the fridge, then I rinsed it out and cut the flat side off. I used the Flower Bunch file from the Craft Room Library. That file really seems to be my go to file for spring projects. I chose a flower with defined petals and duplicated it until I had nine flowers, then resized three each to 1.5", 1.25" and 1". I thought at this point it might get tricky, but it didn’t. I put the milk jug pieces on a new conditioned mat, as I did not want them to move during cutting. Just to make sure they didn't slip, I taped them with painters tape also. I cut them on the stencil material setting and did 2 passes, first on a blade depth of 2 and then on 2.5. It cut beautifully.

Front Door Vinyl Signs

Driving through my neighborhood the other day I saw that my neighbor had added her last name to her front door with vinyl. I instantly wanted to be a copycat. What a cute idea! Sometimes it's the simple things we can do with our Inspiration that we overlook. Since I can't create all of your last names for you in fun fonts, I did the next best thing and made several generic front door signs ready to cut out in your color choice of vinyl. I don't know why I never thought of this before, but I think this might be my part of every gift I give this year. What a cute idea for newlyweds or a small gift for a teacher, or neighbor.

Need 4 Speed Cutting Collection: ...

My son loved his little cars when he was younger. He always pretended the cars were driving really fast and the police pulled them over. He played with them almost every day, and we rarely left the house without at least one in his pocket. But this too shall pass…ho hum. We recently cleaned out his toy box and I found all his beloved cars at the very bottom. He was hesitant to get rid of them but he also said, “I don’t really play with them anymore”. So when I saw the Need 4 Speed Cutting Collection I knew right away what I was going to do with it! I purchased a 12x12 shadow box, took the back off, laid it face down and filled it with his most favorite cars. I used vinyl to cut the files out, layering them as I went and applied it to the glass front of the shadow box. He was so happy and even got a little sentimental when I gave it to him. I hope it provokes those feelings every time he sees it.

Valentine Shadow Box

I love holidays, and I really love holidays that include lots of chocolate. Valentine's Day seems to revolve around chocolate, which makes it one of my favorites. It's time to start your love themed crafting in preparation of the big day. I've seen shadow boxes all over the crafting world and while most are made of something a bit more solid like metal or wood, I wanted to try my hand at making a paper version. The result is a valentine of epic proportions that can stick around for a while as reminder of your love. I've embellished my little boxes with hearts and glitter, but it would be fun to add little mementos of your time together in each box as well. The files for this project are free for everyone!

Pazzles Express Giveaway Winner

Congratulations Amy Beth Ogden! You are the winner of the Pazzles Express giveaway! Santa has wrapped up a special mystery gift and it is on it's way to you! No peeking until Christmas morning!

Christmas Votive Candle Holders

Candles are one of my favorite parts of the holidays. I love the smells, the glow, and the warmth they add to a room. Sometimes though, the plain glass containers can be, well, a little boring. And really, who wants to look at the label or the other side with the warnings? I know I don’t. In about 15 minutes you can decorate them. All I did was gather a few files from the Craft Room Library and size them to fit my candles. The candles I had were small candles about 2.5". Gather some vellum, a couple buttons, some pearls, and some adhesive, and you are ready to go.

Wall Art and a Kaisercraft ...

I love to play with paper. That should come as no surprise to those of you who have been visiting this blog for a while. I know you like to play with paper too, or you wouldn't be stopping by today. If it was socially appropriate I would probably cover my walls with squares of patterned paper so I could look at it all day. This cool Kaisercraft 3D Wall Art Kit is the next best thing. The base of these kits is made of wood rather than chipboard so once you have created a masterpiece, it will stand the test of time. The sturdy base makes it perfect to stand on an easel or hang on your wall.

Vinyl Candle Holders

Vinyl Decorated Candle Holders

I like to browse my local Hardware store and find great bargains to use with my Pazzles Inspiration Creative Cutter. The other day I found these glass hurricane lamps including the candles, on sale! There were only two left, at a great discounted price, so I snapped them up. The lamps were lovely but rather plain, and I thought I could make them look more special with a touch of vinyl using my Pazzles.

Baby Onesies with Fabric Appliques

As if you didn't need one more reason to love babies, these baby onesies will have you looking for the nearest baby to gift these to. They are so fun to make and will be much appreciated by the momma.

Wine Bottle Wrapper

One of the many things that I enjoy about the Pazzles Inspiration is the amazing capability of the software. This wine gift wrap was actually formed by just joining six Skinny Tags together. Size the skinny tag to 9" height and then join six of them together with kiss cut lines between each one. This can be easily done by selecting the Move Point tool and using the Cut Path advanced function to separate out the left and right sides of the interior tags after you break group. The Craft Room video Construction Points is helpful to understand this process.

Trinket Book Box

I found this amazing cutting file on the Boxes and Bags CD. It is a great size for holding small gifts or photos. I enlarged the cutting file so that the size of the box ended up being 4” x 5 3/4”. I used the piercing feature in the software and the Piercing tool to pierce the stitching pattern for the word “Wish” on the side. This cutting file is a true treasure and one I'll be using many more times!

Halloween Shadow Box Tray

Inspired by the fun paper collection Steam Punk Spells by Graphic 45 and the Authentique Enchanted Halloween Collection, I decided to decorate a shadow box tray with Halloween pictures and several cutting files. All the cutting files can be found in the Pazzles Craft Room Library. To decorate the top of my shadow box tray I used the Flourish Hardware file backed by chipboard and to accent the flourish I added some sequins for some sparkle. I cut out the Spooky cutting file to add on top of the spider web coaster.

Trash to Treasure Cowgirl Vinyl ...

We can all agree that a staple in almost any home is the infamous junk drawer. It's the place where we throw batteries, loose change, small light bulbs, buttons, tacks and rubber bands. I’m always intrigued by what I find floating around in mine. When I started to rummage around this morning I found two drawer pulls from a dresser and two old handles from the outside faucets and a ton of matching brass tacks. Paired together with this cute frame I had here at work I thought hey, I could make something really cute with these!

Tooth Fairy Treasures Collection: WPC, ...

When the tooth fairy visits my house it is always a big deal! I love this latest collection designed by Tatum because it brings extra magic into the whole process. The Tooth Fairy Treasures Cutting Collection is full of treasures and trinkets to help you celebrate. Whether you make up the floss box and the tooth brush holder in preparation of the big day, or leave behind the tooth fairy invoice and a tooth fairy gold coin on the big night, this collection will be a hit!

Purse Photo Folio

I modified the Purse Box to make it into a mini photo display that I could sit on my work desk to remind me of my recent wonderful trip to London.

Double Cup Coffee Carrier

Fall is my favorite time of year. Not only do I enjoy all the changes that take place outside with leaves changing and dropping; I love all the changes that take place indoors too. Fall is the time of year when we put the grilling utensils away and opt to make thick stews, soups and roasts instead. This caddy can be used for coffee but my original intent was to fill mason jars with yummy soups.

Soda Can Box and Orange Slice Drink Charm

Soda Can Box and Orange ...

Take advantage of the last bit of summertime fun before saying farewell to backyard BBQs and get-togethers. Create this Soda Can Box and fill it with goodies, but don’t forget to mix a pitcher of your favorite drinks to go along with it.

Money-Saving Tip: Personalize a Gift ...

I love to give personalized or handmade gifts, but the time factor is always my downfall. I usually have good intentions but end up running around the store in a panic the night before an event looking for something I can give as a gift.

Tea and Napkin Holder

After returning from a great trip to England and Ireland, I decided to celebrate those memories by making a tea and napkin box.

Lunch Note Card

8 Lunch Note Cards and ...

School lunch is a big deal in the life of an elementary student. My kids love cold lunch as the hot lunch choices are not always to their liking, and my daughter likes to eat the same exact thing every single day. We spent some time this weekend picking out the perfect lunchboxes for the new school year and making sure their names were written on everything. I have one more little trick up my sleeve to make lunchtime fun and that is where today's project comes in.

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