Pop Out Box

When Samantha shared this concept of a project to me, I was immediately excited to turn it into a project that would be a great gift. This is what Samantha said for her inspiration, "Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year! From sledding down giant hills to sitting around the Christmas tree and drinking hot cocoa, there is nothing really that isn't magical about this glorious time of the year.  By creating a miniature living room with letters to Santa and even a fireplace, I feel like this would be a fun and unique way to create a gift." Well, she was right, with a place for money and a gift card all in a self contained box that turns into it's own special scene, you can create that magical feeling with this very special gift.

12 Gifts of Christmas-Day #2: ...

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, putting them in a special customized photo frame that you have faux etched with the frosted vinyl from Pazzles make your picture worth even more than that. This is such a quick, easy and inexpensive way to add some fabulous to a gift.

Paper Snow Globe Christmas Project

12 Gifts of Christmas-Day #1: ...

As the Christmas season rolls around each year, my family looks forward to our tradition of watching as many Christmas movies as we can. My favorites are the classic stop motion movies that were on television when I was a kid, like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. I loved to think that every scene was created in miniature and filmed one step at a time. These little snow globes remind me of those miniature scenes and I hope you will enjoy them. The file features several different options so you can mix and match your snow globe to your liking. You can cut them all from white for a monochromatic look or cut each layer in color. I used glass bowls I found at Dollar Tree store. They have a 3.5" opening and 3.5" flat bottom. If you can't find the exact bowl, substitute with a bigger size and adjust the files.

Wooden Crate Gift Box

While shopping one day, my eye caught a large display of wooden crates. I immediately thought they would make cute gift boxes, only they would have to be a lot smaller. I went to work right away and created this little crate.

Christmas Vinyl Sign Cutting Files

Christmas Cheer Vinyl Sign Collection: ...

I hope introducing a Christmas cutting collection in mid October doesn't send everyone into a panic. There are still plenty of days until Christmas and although the store shelves have been packed with Christmas stuff for several weeks, you've still got lots of time! The reason behind my madness is to give you time to do a little pre-Christmas Christmas crafting. You know, so you can enjoy it, instead of burning the midnight oil on Christmas Eve and giving yourself a stern talking to about being a gift buying procrastinator. The Christmas Cheer Cutting Collection is ten different vinyl wall art sayings that are perfect for creating Christmas vinyl sign decorations.

Halloween Matchbox Treat Boxes

Halloween Matchbox Treats Cutting Collection: ...

Create a cast of spooky characters to haunt your holiday with the Halloween Matchbox Treats Cutting Collection. Pick a few of your favorites to create, or make them all. Each matchbox has a slide out inner box to hide treats or small gifts inside. Your little goblins will be delighted to receive these.

Stand Up Pumpkin Box

These stand up pumpkin boxes have a dual purpose. They can be made for decoration plus they open up to store treats or gifts.

On the Coast Cutting Collection: ...

A vacation to the pacific northwest coast is all about misty mornings, cool lighthouse photo ops, whale watching, and finding treasures washed up on the beach. The On the Coast Cutting Collection captures all of those memorable elements. You'll find it perfect for scrapbook pages, but if you don't have any beach memories to record, use it on a card or gift. A set of lighthouse cards would make such a great gift. I decided to make a super special gift bag for my sister in law, who lives on the Oregon Coast. I purchased a plain white gift bag and added some blue watercolors to the front of the bag. I cut out the Lighthouse with Balcony file and the Anchor and Bottle file to add to the front of the bag.

Guitar Box

I live in Music City, USA, better known to most as Nashville, TN. Not long ago, the new amphitheater opened and the city exploded with music! Music is a part of everyday life here and during the summer, you can find a concert almost every night! Some on the rooftops of restaurants, some on the river front, and others, of course, at the amphitheater. I love that you can walk in downtown any night of the week and see Elvis impersonators, street artists, and plenty of aspiring musicians playing their guitars and singing for offerings. I created this fun guitar box and card set with the city and all those aspiring musicians in mind.

Pazzles Project Pattern: Sweet Treats ...

Everything is cutter in mini and this little gift sack is no exception. Modeled after a mini grocery sack, it's just the right size to hold a small treat for someone special.

Postcard Brag Book

Postcard Brag Book

This postcard album can be the perfect brag book for grandparents or a great way to showcase some of your favorite photos from a vacation or special event. A completed postage stamp alphabet included!

Gingerbread Christmas Mini Album

Gingerbread House Mini Album

It feels so strange to be adding frosting/snow capped roofs to projects in the July heat, but I have to admit it has been fun. It's got me dreaming of sweater weather and snow days while the sun beats down outside. This gingerbread mini album can become a yearly tradition for your family or the start of a new tradition for whoever you gift it to. Pick one holiday memory and document it year after year in this album. Maybe it's your annual gingerbread baking, or the neighborhood cookie swap. It would be so cute to include a picture of the kids with Santa every year so you can see how much they have changed. Whatever you decide to document, this album can be pulled out and enjoyed year after year.

Mini Album Calendar

Calendar Mini Album

Hello crafty friends, Melin here with you today to share my mini album. I was so thrilled to have a chance to create a mini album for this week's Christmas in July projects. I chose to go with a Calendar theme. This makes the perfect gift for special friends and or family. I started with the Scalloped Shaped Frame. I sized it to approximately 8.25 x 8.25. I cut the scallop in white. I cut out seven of them. I then cut the larger mat out in kraft cardstock. I cut out 14 of them and adhered them to both sides of the white scallop mats. I then chose several patterned papers from the DCWV Linen Closet. I love the beautiful soft teals, blues and greens. I created the little mini calendars and the labels for the months. I've included them below for you to download along with a notes journaling card. I printed them out and cut them with my Inspiration Vue.

Holiday Family Recipe Album

When the holidays roll around I start dreaming of all the good food coming my way. The women in my family all have their special recipes that they make holiday after holiday. I look forward to each and every one and I thought it would be a great gift to gather all of those recipes and make an album. I'll make one for every family in our extended family and my hope is they'll be passed on to the next generation. That way my grandkids won't miss out on my sister-in-laws pumpkin bread or my aunt's butter rolls.

Friends Word Book Album

I have always liked the look of Word Book albums, but I wanted to do one with a twist. So instead of just the letter all alone at the end, I put each letter in its own scalloped square to add a bit of fun. This can be a great gift for a special friend. Add photos and thoughts of your friendship together. I have included some different scalloped shapes for using with your Pen Tool to add quotes to. I have also included a few quotes that are fairly generic, but I encourage you to use quotes or journal to personalize it for you and your friends.

mini house cupcake carrier

Mini House Cupcake Carrier

If you have a friend in need of a little cheering up, you can take the cupcake shop right to them with this cupcake carrier. Take a peek inside this little cupcake shop and you'll find a rather sweet guest. I know he's sweet, because immediately after taking the photos, I ate him. One of the best things about being a paper crafter is that we are able to create so much joy with our projects. It makes us happy to make them and give them away, and it makes others so delighted to receive such special gifts.

stationery desk organizer DIY

Desk Stationery Organizer

Keep your stationery close at hand with this desk organizer. Fill one side with handmade cards and the other with envelopes for a personal gift you won't find at any store.

May Day Flower Basket

Each year for May Day (May 1), my kids and I make and leave baskets on neighbors and friend's doors. Our basket takes a different form every year. This year I have made a tussie mussie to stand in as a May Day Basket. A tussie mussie is traditionally a very small bouquet that is usually worn on the breast. Sometimes it is larger and held in the hands. Wikipedia says “The term tussie-mussie comes from the reign of Queen Victoria (1837–1901), when the small bouquets became a popular fashion accessory.” My tussie mussie is 12" inches tall. In the Pazzles Craft Room Library you will find many files to help you dress up your “basket.”

Desk Organizer Box

Desktop Organizer Box

This fun organizer box is great to sit on your desk for those things that you always need to have handy, but don't want to look cluttered. It would also be great for make up or your finger nail supplies. Use your imagination and use it where it is the most convenient for you. The dividers inside can be where you choose to put them or if you prefer, don't put in any dividers.

Paper Spring Fairy Shoes

Spring Fairy Paper Shoes

"Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world." -Marilyn Monroe A new pair of fancy shoes can indeed change your outlook on the day. While I can't slip these on my feet, they do make me happy. I created these spring fairy slippers to serve as both gift packaging and a pretty display item after the fact.

Wine Cork Projects: Wine Cork Fairies

Wine Cork Fairies

Basil and her friend Thyme have been busy working in their fairy gardens in the wine vineyards here in Idaho. They can tell spring is right around the corner, and have been getting things ready for cherished friends to come visit. If you've been doing a little spring cleaning of your own, don't forget to sit back and enjoy a little relaxation over a glass of wine. Perhaps the garden fairies will fly by to help with the chores and sprinkle a little magic along the way.

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