Push Pop Valentine Ideas

Push Pop Valentine

These Push Pop Valentines are quick and easy to make. Just a little bit of vinyl on the outside, fill with the item of your choice, add string and a tag and you are all done. Also included is a holder to keep them all in before you give them away.

Chapstick Holders Cutting Collection

Tatum's Santa Chapstick Holder continues to be one of our most popular projects, so we decided it needed to be expanded to an entire Cutting Collection. The Chapstick Holders Cutting Collection pieces make quick DIY gifts and a fun way to share a little love with someone. The chapstick holder insert is a separate piece, so it can be left out and these can be used as gift card holders as well. I know you will find so many ways to use these and with eight different versions there is sure to be one that suits everyone.

Rolodex Perpetual Calendar

Written communication is becoming more and more digital. With email, Facebook, texting and more, I find it […]

Wood and Vinyl Giant Wall Ruler

Wood and Vinyl Giant Wall ...

This ruler for your wall is perfect for a new mom, grandparent, teacher or anyone that you think might want to 'measure up.' No need to spend up to $100 dollars for this wonderful addition to any home or classroom when you can personalize your very own.

Family Heart Wall Hanging

This wall hanging was inspired by a table top piece a friend of mine liked on Facebook, so I decided to make her one for her wall. I used the heart from the Heart and Bow file in the Craft Room Library and sized it to 7.5 inches. Then I used the Edwardian Script font to add the saying and added some holes to attach ribbon for hanging. After I cut it out, I inked all the edges and filled in some of the lettering. To decorate it I used a simple flourish, the Curlz file from the Craft Room and some bling. This was a really simple project and can be made in no time at all. I could see this as a name plate on a little girl's bedroom door or nursery, or just on the wall with your favorite saying like this one.

Burlap Gift Bags

Create beautiful monogramed tags and place over burlap bags for an elegant country gift. Perfect for wedding favors!

Branch and Birdies Vinyl Frame

I was walking through the craft store a few weeks ago and came across the coolest pictures. They had a hefty price tag, and my first thought was, I can probably create that very same thing for a lot cheaper. I liked the look of the picture under the glass and the way the vinyl outlined the splashes of color in the frame. They were so simple, yet perfectly pretty.

Polymer Clay Pendants With the ...

I am so excited about this project! I made these pendants using the Pastry Tool, Pastry Mat and polymer clay. Just like all other types of mediums you cut on your Creative Cutter, the possibilities are endless! It’s amazing the detailed cuts you can get using clay! To get started, watch Klo’s Polymer clay video for some fabulous instructions. It is in the January 18th – 21st Marathon classes, sessions 10 & 11. The files I used are found in the Craft Room Library and are listed at the end of the instructions. First, I rolled my clay out using a pasta machine using a thickness of 5. I placed my rolled out clay on my Pastry mat and patted it down until I was sure it was firmly stuck to the mat. Then I chose my design and cut it out. I used a pressure of 13 and a speed of 2. The blade is stationary so you do not have to adjust it. I cut two of my design out and layered them on top of each other so I would have the thickness I wanted and also to hide the jewelry pin inside.

Vinyl Resist Home Decor Canvas

I could hardly wait to do this painting! We just redesigned our master bedroom and went with a totally different color scheme than we had before, so our previous wall hangings had to go. What is an owner of a Pazzles Creative Cutter to do? Well make your own of course! I have seen this type of art work on line and knew it was what I had envisioned for my bedroom. It was a pretty simple process and the possibilities are endless. I measured my surface (In my case a 20" x 16" canvas). Then I opened my Pazzles software and changed my page setting to 20" x 16" so I would know that my design would fit nicely on my canvas. I used the Bird On A Branch file. I altered it by copying the bird, mirroring it and adding it back to the branch next to the original bird. I then welded it all together so it would cut out all in one piece. I made my own word art using true type fonts. Make sure any cursive fonts are welded before cutting. Obviously our Pazzles will not cut a 20" x 16" design, so I had to break up the design and adhere to the canvas in parts. I was able to keep all the words together, but the branch did not fit in the same cutting area so I cut it separate from the word part of the design and lined it up manually on my canvas. It wasn’t hard to do, just an additional step. This will not be an issue if your surface is smaller than 12 x 24. I chose two paint colors that matched my color scheme, then painted the canvas in one of the colors using a small paint roller. I tried it with a foam brush and got not so great results. The roller worked great and gave me an even coat of paint. While it was drying, I cut my design out using Pazzles REMOVABLE wall vinyl.

Fishing Pole

The reel on this fishing pole pulls apart and is a box where you can tuck a small gift. Attach sweet notes from the kids on the back of each fish, or use them for candy or gift cards.

Teacher Appreciation Apple Treat Box

Here, in the UK we have several more weeks till the end of the school year! I thought I would make a cute gift box for my son’s teacher in appreciation for schooling my son this year. I work in a school myself and know that the teachers love to receive unique, homemade gifts. I have used the Tennis Box from the Sport Gift Boxes Collection. In addition, I selected the apple from the Apple Tree cutting file also found in the Craft Room Library. I resized the apple to sit on top of the circular tab and cut it out of Kraft card which I covered with red gingham paper. I added a twirled flower between the leaves of the apple using red cardstock and inked up the edges of the leaves and apple. I then added some numbers using fonts in my Pazzles software and cut them out of black cardstock.

Father’s Day Coupon Card

This card has a little pocket on the inside of the card to hold special coupons for dad. You can have your little ones create their own coupons using the pieces you cut out or go and print them out from the many different places that have them on the internet.

Paper Hula Girl Bobble

Aloha fellow Pazzlers! Does anyone you know have one of those Hawaiian girl bobbles on their car dashboard? My grandparents did, and I played with it every time I got in their car. I just loved watching her swing back and forth with every bump in the road. Because of those memories I knew the very first time I saw the Hawaiian Girl file that it needed to be a bobble!! She is so cute! This little hula girl is learning her native dance with the help of an Action Wobble Spring. Her base is actually the Glamour Girl Compact Box so it can hold secret treasures. She is sitting on my desk and every time I sit down to work I have to give her a little tap so I can watch her do her dance.

Upcycled Truffle Gift Box

More recently, I have found that I am looking at packaging and thinking how I can use it for my projects. At Christmas we received a lovely box of truffles and I immediately thought how I could decorate it, when all the chocolates had been eaten. I measured the dimensions of the box and laid my patterned paper onto my cutting mat. I cut the pieces for the wrap around the box, the inside and top of the lid. It was so easy using the Transformation Menu in my Pazzles software to create the exact measurements for my paper piecing. The video tutorial in the Pazzles Craft Room called How to Resize Images helps you understand the capabilities of the Transformation Menu.

Spellbinders Digital Dies Launch Party: ...

Pazzles designer Heidi Edwards makes the coolest dimensional projects and this is no exception! Heidi's Blog This sweet little duck pull toy would make the cutest baby shower decoration. Filled with treats it can serve as a functioning candy bowl as well. Heidi created this fun piece by using the technique taught in our Making Shaped Bags Video.

Milk Jug Necklace

I was inspired by a necklace I saw Erin Madsen from DCWV wearing in a video for paper stacks. It looked kind of like iridescent shells, but being a crafter I saw milk jug material. I waited for my family to finish the gallon of milk in the fridge, then I rinsed it out and cut the flat side off. I used the Flower Bunch file from the Craft Room Library. That file really seems to be my go to file for spring projects. I chose a flower with defined petals and duplicated it until I had nine flowers, then resized three each to 1.5", 1.25" and 1". I thought at this point it might get tricky, but it didn’t. I put the milk jug pieces on a new conditioned mat, as I did not want them to move during cutting. Just to make sure they didn't slip, I taped them with painters tape also. I cut them on the stencil material setting and did 2 passes, first on a blade depth of 2 and then on 2.5. It cut beautifully.

Front Door Vinyl Signs

Driving through my neighborhood the other day I saw that my neighbor had added her last name to her front door with vinyl. I instantly wanted to be a copycat. What a cute idea! Sometimes it's the simple things we can do with our Inspiration that we overlook. Since I can't create all of your last names for you in fun fonts, I did the next best thing and made several generic front door signs ready to cut out in your color choice of vinyl. I don't know why I never thought of this before, but I think this might be my part of every gift I give this year. What a cute idea for newlyweds or a small gift for a teacher, or neighbor.

Need 4 Speed Cutting Collection: ...

My son loved his little cars when he was younger. He always pretended the cars were driving really fast and the police pulled them over. He played with them almost every day, and we rarely left the house without at least one in his pocket. But this too shall pass…ho hum. We recently cleaned out his toy box and I found all his beloved cars at the very bottom. He was hesitant to get rid of them but he also said, “I don’t really play with them anymore”. So when I saw the Need 4 Speed Cutting Collection I knew right away what I was going to do with it! I purchased a 12x12 shadow box, took the back off, laid it face down and filled it with his most favorite cars. I used vinyl to cut the files out, layering them as I went and applied it to the glass front of the shadow box. He was so happy and even got a little sentimental when I gave it to him. I hope it provokes those feelings every time he sees it.

Valentine Shadow Box

I love holidays, and I really love holidays that include lots of chocolate. Valentine's Day seems to revolve around chocolate, which makes it one of my favorites. It's time to start your love themed crafting in preparation of the big day. I've seen shadow boxes all over the crafting world and while most are made of something a bit more solid like metal or wood, I wanted to try my hand at making a paper version. The result is a valentine of epic proportions that can stick around for a while as reminder of your love. I've embellished my little boxes with hearts and glitter, but it would be fun to add little mementos of your time together in each box as well. The files for this project are free for everyone!

Pazzles Express Giveaway Winner

Congratulations Amy Beth Ogden! You are the winner of the Pazzles Express giveaway! Santa has wrapped up a special mystery gift and it is on it's way to you! No peeking until Christmas morning!

Christmas Votive Candle Holders

Candles are one of my favorite parts of the holidays. I love the smells, the glow, and the warmth they add to a room. Sometimes though, the plain glass containers can be, well, a little boring. And really, who wants to look at the label or the other side with the warnings? I know I don’t. In about 15 minutes you can decorate them. All I did was gather a few files from the Craft Room Library and size them to fit my candles. The candles I had were small candles about 2.5". Gather some vellum, a couple buttons, some pearls, and some adhesive, and you are ready to go.

Wall Art and a Kaisercraft ...

I love to play with paper. That should come as no surprise to those of you who have been visiting this blog for a while. I know you like to play with paper too, or you wouldn't be stopping by today. If it was socially appropriate I would probably cover my walls with squares of patterned paper so I could look at it all day. This cool Kaisercraft 3D Wall Art Kit is the next best thing. The base of these kits is made of wood rather than chipboard so once you have created a masterpiece, it will stand the test of time. The sturdy base makes it perfect to stand on an easel or hang on your wall.

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