Paper Bows

Wrapping a gift in beautiful paper and bows is half the fun of gift giving. Every year I pick just the right wrapping paper to fit my theme. Well, at least that is the theory. I like to have a different wrapping paper for each of the grandkids but now that there are 11 of them it is impossible. Now I have a different paper for each family, that way it is less confusing when it comes to passing the gifts out on Christmas Day.

Piece of Pie Box

I love baking goodies to give as gifts at the holidays. I usually make cookies, candies, jar mixes and jams as they are easy to wrap in fun little packages. Recently, my mom who is widowed, remarked that she loves homemade pie but cannot possibly eat an entire pie by herself. She was thrilled at our Thanksgiving dinner that she would be able to take a piece of pie home with her. I decided to make a box that could be used to gift a person with their own personal piece of pie. I also added a slide out tray lined with freezer paper.

Santa Bag Chapstick Holder

I was really excited to create this project for my daughter for Christmas. This is a wonderful way to have your kids create a simple project and give away as a very inexpensive gift to friends. Let’s face it, gift giving is expensive! I’m constantly looking for ways to cut corners on my spending for my holiday shopping and that made this little project was a sure bet!

Decorative Gift Basket

For several years we have celebrated the Christmas season with you by doing a series of 12 projects based on a theme. Two years ago we did the 12 Tags of Christmas and last year we did the 12 Ornaments of Christmas. Make sure to check out those projects because they are still just as awesome as the day they were posted! This year we really wanted to "wow" you with our 12 days of Christmas project series. After much debate we settled on doing the 12 BOXES of Christmas. We know how much you love dimensionals and we also know that they can be pretty intimidating to make. So let us help you out this season with 12 boxes that will leave your guests and recipients "ooing" and "awwing" all the way in to next year!

Pie Box

Are you going out of town for the holidays, maybe to the inlaws, and you want to bring a gift with you? Or maybe you are just going to be a dinner guest somewhere soon and really want to bring something special with you to thank them. Maybe you just really want to show someone how much you love them. What about combining your cooking and crafting skills to make a delicious pie all packaged up in a beautiful hand crafted box? I really have a hard time thinking of any gift I would rather receive!

School Supply Box

It seems that when I have thought of back-to-school projects I usually focus on the elementary years. For this project I was determined to make something that would appeal to a high schooler, college student or even a mom who needs to organize her office supplies. So often the pencil holders found in the office supply stores are too small for the collection of pencils, pens, scissors and rulers that I want to keep close at hand but this roomy box holds a lot .

Candy Cases

Up-cycle small empty plastic cases into sweet treats

Fresh Lemonade Tin

We get together with good friends often, and most of the time it is at my house. That means I’m in charge of providing snacks and drinks. Nothing says summer like a glass of cold, fresh lemonade. Not only is it a great way to decorate for adults getting together, but it’s a great way to decorate the kid’s lemonade stand too. I hope that you’re enjoying your summer—there’s going to be plenty of warm, sunny days. Just make sure that you have plenty of ‘fresh lemonade’ on hand to help cool you off!

Describing Dad / Honoring the ...

Father’s Day cards tend to be either funny or sentimental and often the meaning is lost on young children. Cards for the graduate become one of many that are quickly discarded and forgotten. This week’s lesson shows you how to make a meaningful word book as a card for a grad or dad. The Grad card becomes a special memento of a milestone in the young person’s life by including pictures and copies of the graduation announcements, programs and school logo. The book has plenty of pockets to tuck a gift card or money and include pictures of favorite moments at school. The word books shown are a variation of the traditional word book and are a little less complicated to create.

Easter and May Day Baskets

Traditionally these beautiful May Day baskets are hung on friends door knobs on the first of May. Often they are filled with flowers and treats as a way to celebrate the arrival of spring. What a fun way to get in to the spirit of spring! Even if you aren't in to the idea of May Day baskets, these hanging baskets are perfect for Easter! I even think that some of these baskets would be wonderful for wedding decorations.

Shamrock Headband

This shamrock headband is an easy way to add some Irish pride to you or your kids' outfits!

Round Boxes

I wish that ladies still wore hats more often. I love looking at vintage hats and all the many beautiful and unique styles that we have gone through over the decades. These little round boxes remind me so much of hat boxes and I love hat boxes as much as I love hats!

Valentine Boxes

Valentine's Day is this coming Monday and if you walk in to the stores you will see massive displays of pinks and reds everywhere right now. I doubt however that you will see anything quite as beautiful as these treat boxes made by Craft Room member, tarabrown. There are so many wonderful things about these boxes I am not sure where to start. First of all these boxes are absolutely beautiful. Secondly I love how tarabrown took advantage of so many Craft Room features for her project.

Simple Folded Box

This simple box folded card conceals your valentine message and sweets!

Warm Thoughts Pocket Card

This Warm Thoughts card has a clever pocket for a packet of hot cocoa or apple cider mix. It’s the perfect antidote for the winter blahs.

Routine Chart

Happy New Year from Pazzles! Have you made your resolutions yet? Sometimes resolutions sound so much easier in theory than they are in practice and we often fail to accomplish the things we set out to do. There are some ways you can give yourself a better chance of succeeding though! Why not take your skills at crafting and put them to use for your resolutions this year? Klo decided to do just that by creating this routine chart.

Crop and Print

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday Season! My house was filled with family including children and grandchildren. There were 22 of us all together! That gave me many opportunities to take pictures to remember the fun and the love we shared. I am sure many of you did the same. Now, I want to use some of my favorites to create scrapbook pages and gifts. Since I am not a professional photographer I will need to crop my photos to remove unwanted hands, heads etc. I especially love to crop into ovals and circles; it gives such an elegant feel to the photo. The trick is how to match my photo mat or frame to the cropped photo. I am sure you will not be surprised to find out that there is a great cropping tool in the Inspiration Studio Software.

Making Your Own Boxes

Only four days to go until Christmas! If you are like me than you probably trying to wrap up your Christmas shopping and get everything wrapped and under the tree. For me, that's about the time I realize that I need a lot of boxes in a lot of sizes that I don't have for gifts like necklaces, cookies, and ornaments. A pretty box can make all the difference when getting a gift.

Gingerbread House

I really can't imagine who wouldn't love the idea of a house built of candy. Real gingerbread houses always seem to be one of those things that I want to do every Christmas and yet every Christmas I run out of time to do it. So when I saw Chris's awesome gingerbread house I just knew I had to make my own.

Printable Window Cling on Glass Candle Holders

Printable Window Cling Autumn Leaves ...

Last week I shared how to add color and shading to Pazzles Window Cling to make decorations for Fall. I hope you were excited to try the easy method of using alcohol-based markers on the cling plastic. This week I wanted to give you some ideas of how to use the Printable Window Cling that is included in the kit.

Dimensional Flowers

These Flowers are 3 D but you don’t need any special glasses to see the 3rd dimension. If you are a scrapbooker you might find yourself stuck in two dimension, limited by the need to keep the page flat. The fabulous flowers shown in this tutorial may entice you to expand your projects to include home décor, gifts and card making. Packages of petals to make similar flowers are available in craft stores and on-line sites. But if you are like me, the Inspiration for an idea doesn’t happen in advance. I hate waiting to get what I need and I certainly don’t need to waste time and money on a fruitless search.

Simple Gifts

Recently my daughter had pictures taken of her 3 month old baby boy, Dustin. I was along, of course, as I like to help pay for the photos. Little Dustin was so cooperative and it seemed like every picture was a “keeper”. As usual, I went a little overboard choosing pictures. Once the pictures were distributed to all the relatives we still had a bunch of wallet photos left. I turned to my Inspiration to come up with a way to use those cute little wallet photos.

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