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Everywhere you look it seems like holiday goodies and decorations are bursting at the seams and yet I can never get enough! Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year because it is an excuse to get in my craft room and make things for people. I especially enjoy homemade ornaments. I love to take time as I trim the tree to remember the meaning behind each and every ornament.

How to open downloaded cutting ...

We hope you are having as much fun using our images from the library as we had creating them. I thought a good topic this week would be how to open a cutting file.

Christmas Cutting Frenzy

Are you feeling sleep deprived these days? Odds are that many of you are doing major cutting projects this time of year. These projects are probably keeping some of you up very late at night. Whether you are cutting Christmas cards and tags, doing a Swap, making kid’s projects or putting together class kits, you are in the midst of a cutting frenzy. Some of you are old hands at this type of cutting but for the vast majority of us cutting 50 – 100 of something is a very daunting task.

Christmas Indulgence

I have to admit that Christmas is my favorite holiday. I know, I know, it is a really busy time. There are presents to buy (or make) and then they also need wrapped. There are cards to write and send. The house needs decorating, the tree needs set up and the ornaments hung. Then there are all of the extra activities surrounding the holiday. I have a pre-kindergarten program, a first grade program, a Sunday School program, extra choir rehearsals for church, a ministry dinner and a company dinner to attend. All of that “busy-ness” can make me lose sight of what the season is all about.

Birthday Card-Hummingbird with flower

Cards are a great way to express oneself. They are fun to give and fun to receive and most importantly, fun to make. The Pazzles' cutter allows us to make unique cards that you can't find in the store. Also, when you make it yourself the words are always perfect.

Inspiration Blade Holder

It’s pretty easy to forget all the work that little blade holder does in the Inspiration. When we think of cutting, we think of the entire unit. Which is true, but the blade holder has a lot to do with that process. Not only does it cut your projects, but it also plays a big part in the quality of those cuts.

Trifold Cards

Cards at the store are so expensive aren't they? Thankfully with a Pazzles Creative Cutter making your own home made cards of any shape, size, or look is easy. Provided by Chris's inspiration, we decided to make these trifold cards that have a little extra flap that you can weld any shape to such as a heart, star, or really anything! Take at look at these great designs that we made and you will see what I mean.

Putting the Pieces Together

Scrapbooking has gone through many trends in the last 10 years. Die cuts, stickers, chalking and decorative scissors have all had a spot in the limelight. Many of them have recently been rediscovered and have become popular once more. Similarly, paper piecing is now once again a popular technique. I think that its rise in popularity is directly related to the advent of the personal electronic cutter. I know that some of you cannot even think of paper piecing without getting heart palpitations. It seems, at least at first glance, that scrapbookers and card makers fall into two camps when it comes to paper piecing. You either love it or avoid it like the plague. And yet, if you really think about it, we all do paper piecing.

Christmas on a Budget

I love Christmas. I love the decorations, the smell, the food, the presents, and everything about Christmas. My favorite part about Christmas is giving gifts to my friends and family. My husband and I have always been on a fairly tight budget for Christmas. With so many presents to buy, we long ago decided to make our gifts each year and Pazzles Creative Cutter has been a huge help!

Happy Black Friday!

It's black Friday! Whether you are getting up before the sun to beat the rush, just got home after braving the crowds, or decided to play it safe and stay home we are glad you decided to spend part of your day with us!

Gobble Til U Wobble

This two page layout by Melinda Beltran really says it all. The family is all with us. We have worked hard preparing the feast that is in front of us. The only thing left is to Gobble away baby, Gobble away. I am sure you will all agree Melinda has an awesome gift when it come to paper piecing.

Installing CDs into your Image ...

When we designed the Inspiration we also took the opportunity to redesign our software. Pazzles software has always been the leader in the industry, but we wanted to try and make it even better.

Engraving Tool Discoveries

I just finished creating a new tutorial video on the Engraving Tool. I will admit that when I was asked to show examples of different materials that can be engraved I was not too excited. It is the holidays after all and I have plenty of projects to do already. However, despite my grumblings, I found that I had embarked on a journey of discovery. I could not believe the different materials that I found to engrave on. Initially, I think most of us would agree that the first materials that come to mind are metal and glass. But did you know that you can also engrave on plastics, acrylics, wood and paper?


We only have a few days until Thanksgiving. All of us are working hard to make sure we have everything prepared and have taken care of those last minute details for the big day. I think some of us stress out so much because we know that once Thanksgiving is here Christmas is just a hop, skip and a jump away. We can lose sight of how special the day is. Growing up I can remember all the wonderful traditions we had.

Week Wrap Up

Another week has come and gone, and the holiday season is upon us! In between the family visits, turkey cooking, shopping and gift wrapping we hope you find some time to enjoy all the great gifts we have for you here at the Craft Room!

Happy Birthday Monkey card

I don't know about you guys but I am a very tactile person. I love to feel and touch. ( I was always being told as a child " we look with our eyes not our hands".) That is why digital scrap booking is not my cup of tea. I love how paper feels and smells.

Mini Albums

Mini albums are wonderful way to commemorate a special event, topic or someone. They make great gifts and coffee table books too! This week we took our own spin on albums using a design created by our very own Lisa. These little mini albums close shut by themselves using a short flap and slightly resemble a matchbook in shape. These were so much fun to do and we all took very different approaches to the project.

Loading your mat

I get an array of calls throughout the week with questions about the Inspiration. While some of the questions are easy—or easy to me because I use it almost daily. I have to step back and remember that there are a lot of Inspiration users out there with a very wide scale of expertise and knowledge levels. I think it’s interesting that just this week I got a question on how to load the mat. I thought to myself that it’s been almost two years since I started using the Inspiration. I also remember my first time using it here in our craft room and being a bit nervous.

Color My World

Are you an "8 crayon box" person or do you need the mega box with 128 colors? I am definitely a "128 crayon box" person and believe me I will use every single one! Whether you work with only a few colors or the whole rainbow, eventually you will need to use the color palette tools to design your project When you first use your Inspiration software you probably find the color palette window just a little bit annoying. It might seem like it is always in the way and wonder why it needs to be front and center all of the time. Then comes the day when you have an epiphany and realize that this box is the portal to a world of color magic.

Holiday Gift Ideas

The holidays are right around the corner. We are all very lucky that we have such an amazing machine that helps us make an array of different presents, decorations and holiday greeting cards.

We are ready!

The time has finally come for the Pazzles Craft Room to go public! We are so excited to share this site with the crafting community and hope you will love what we have here.You guys are what make this place really special and we can't wait to grow this community!


In our society it seems to be a girls world. Girls have tons of things to choose from whereas boys are left with far less options. You can find 10 different cute outfits for girls while only 2 for boys. It is no different in the scrapbook industry. There are tons of girl geared papers and embellishments and only a few for boys.

Missing Tool Bars!

Have you ever accidentally closed a tool bar and cannot figure out how to get it back again? They are really easy to bring back up as long as you know where to look! Here’s how to bring up the different tool bars in your software...


Sometimes I think we can get so wound up in all of the many things that the Creative Cutter can do that we forget how much easier even simple tasks are with the Creative Cutter. Of course I love paper piecing designs and cute titles just as much as the next person. But don’t forget that you can make perfectly proportioned window cards, tags of any size with a perfectly centered circle hole, or cards of any unique dimension!

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