Elegant Curved Box

I love boxes with unusual shapes. I also love to use sparkle and shine in my projects at Christmas time. This elegant curved box is the perfect combination of both. I cut it in a glitter embossed cardstock and added silver shimmer accents. The box also has a velcro closure under the snowflake medallion. There will be no doubt that this box holds a very special gift inside.

Scallop Christmas Tree

I am not a baker, but when we decided to make gift bags and boxes this year for the holidays I quickly went home to retrieve some cookbooks from my shelf. I was inspired to create some scrumptious cookies and give away to my friendly neighbors as gifts this Christmas. I thought this box would be a fun way to distribute my holiday baked goods. I chose a fun paper that was nontraditional for Christmas, pink!

Fold Over Box

Here we are already on day 4 of the 12 boxes of Christmas! If you haven't already make sure to check out days 1-3 of our boxes; you really don't want to miss them! December seems to go by so quickly and no matter how much planning and preparing we do, there always seems to be a gift or two that you really need in a hurry! That's why this box is so perfect, it is a very simple box and so fast! It literally takes one sheet of paper and some ribbon. It would be great to hold a pair of socks, a handkerchief, gloves or anything that just needs a quick wrap.

Santa Bag Chapstick Holder

I was really excited to create this project for my daughter for Christmas. This is a wonderful way to have your kids create a simple project and give away as a very inexpensive gift to friends. Let’s face it, gift giving is expensive! I’m constantly looking for ways to cut corners on my spending for my holiday shopping and that made this little project was a sure bet!

Decorative Gift Basket

For several years we have celebrated the Christmas season with you by doing a series of 12 projects based on a theme. Two years ago we did the 12 Tags of Christmas and last year we did the 12 Ornaments of Christmas. Make sure to check out those projects because they are still just as awesome as the day they were posted! This year we really wanted to "wow" you with our 12 days of Christmas project series. After much debate we settled on doing the 12 BOXES of Christmas. We know how much you love dimensionals and we also know that they can be pretty intimidating to make. So let us help you out this season with 12 boxes that will leave your guests and recipients "ooing" and "awwing" all the way in to next year!

Frosty Window Card

Have you ever walked by a home on a frosty evening and caught a glimpse through the window? The Christmas tree sparkles with lights; maybe there are candles on the sill and a wreath hanging in the window. This simple card evokes that same cozy feeling for me. Christmas is the season of giving and for those of us who craft, our thoughts often turn to making cards. What better way to express our personality and individuality than in a custom made Christmas card. The truth be known, for many of us, Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without handmade cards.

Warm Thoughts Pocket Card

This Warm Thoughts card has a clever pocket for a packet of hot cocoa or apple cider mix. It’s the perfect antidote for the winter blahs.

Santa and Moose Candy Boxes

This moose and Santa make an adorable pair of boxes that sit upright for display and open to reveal a box for goodies or potpourri!

Gingerbread House

I really can't imagine who wouldn't love the idea of a house built of candy. Real gingerbread houses always seem to be one of those things that I want to do every Christmas and yet every Christmas I run out of time to do it. So when I saw Chris's awesome gingerbread house I just knew I had to make my own.

Gingerbread Gift Box

Does your house have the smells of Christmas? Gingerbread, spice tea, rum balls and sugar cookies are some of my favorite holiday scents.This house shaped box is the perfect holder for some of those yummy Christmas goodies. Add to the fun by hiding some cute photos of the kids or special messages to the recipient behind the windows.

Tea Light Candle Holders

Today’s ornament for Pazzles’ 12 Ornaments of Christmas was the inspiration for the beautiful candle holders in this Tricky Tuesday lesson. The candle holders can be made in any size just by changing the dimensions of the circles. Since glass votive and tea light holders don’t come in a standard size I have created a video tutorial to show you how to adjust the opening to fit any holder. I will also be featuring the measuring tool and some of the justification tools. Even if you are an experienced ‘Pazzle Person’ I’m betting that you will be surprised at my trick for making the holder opening the same depth when creating holders of successively smaller dimensions.

12 Ornaments of Christmas

To say that I love Christmas would be a gross understatement. I love everything about it: the tree, Christmas lights, the music, the food, the time with family, the cards, the gifts...I could go on and on! Last year in the spirit of the holiday we did the 12 Tags of Christmas. Since many of you joined after that time I'm guessing you may not have seen those tags so make sure to check those out. This year we are doing the 12 ornaments of Christmas!

Sparkle and Shine Scrapbook Layout ...

What is Christmas without the sparkling lights, the glitter and the shine? Indeed, Christmas would not seem Christmas at all, if it no longer glistened. What better way to remember Christmas than to make that twinkle, a part of the memory. Now, is the perfect time to use glitter cardstock and rhinestones to add shine to your projects. Together they make your Christmas memories reflect the sparkle, just like you remembered it.

Embossing with a Glue Pen

I know Halloween is just behind us and Thanksgiving is still 3 weeks away, but it is time to think of Christmas cards if you are going to make your own. Rich greens, deep reds and gold evoke Christmas elegance. This beautiful card has an abundance of all those elements.

12 Tags of Christmas

Those of us here at Pazzles often wish we could let each of you know just how much we appreciate you! Through the years we have made so many wonderful friends. Some we have only spoken to on the phone, others are email or forum friends and many of you we have met at shows. We certainly are convinced that you are a very talented and lovely group of ladies. The 12 tags of Christmas is a gift from Pazzles to you, our very special customers.

Nesting Boxes

Ever since design team member Amy Combstock Combs created her beautiful Christmas nesting boxes we've been itching to make some of our own. There are so many different fun things to do with this cutting file!

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