Coffee Cup Circle Card

I wanted to create a special birthday card for a friend who loves coffee. I decided to create her card using the coffee theme. I used the Scallop Sunshine cutting file, Coffee Cup and the Let It Snow file, all of which can be found in the Craft Room Library. I enlarged the sunshine cutting file to 6 inches and mirrored and welded it to create a shaped card.

Hot Cocoa Party Set

A hot cocoa party set for toasty winter gatherings. Includes mug shaped invitations, chocolate covered stirring spoons with spoon covers, and party banner.

Ice Skate Box

Ice Skate Gift Box

This ice skate box makes a great gift box or party centerpiece. Cut two Ice Skate and one Cereal Box from the Craft Room Library. No need to change the sizes of these as they are perfect just as they are. Assemble the cereal box. Apply decorative paper to the ice skates and cereal box. Cut two 3" x 6" pieces of white corrugated card stock. Align and glue the bottom edge of each corrugated piece to the bottom edges of the longer sides of the cereal box. The corrugated cardstock not only provides extra support for the project, but looks like leggings.

Winter Sled Gift Box

A sled full of treats that goes together easily and makes a perfect winter gift. Fill with treats or a small gift for a winter birthday, Christmas, or just as a special treat!

Snowflake Embossed Cards And A ...

If the weather outside is frightful, stay inside, and make some winter paper projects. Armed with a few pads of Core'dinations cardstock and the Pazzles Embossing Tool, I made a trio of cards to celebrate the wintry weather. We've long been a fan of Core'dinations here at Pazzles. Distressing the cardstock adds a special element to a project. Using the embossing tool and then distressing it, takes it to a new level. When you use the embossing tool you have two unique looks depending on the side of the paper you choose to use. The embossing tool actually debosses the front of the paper leaving an indention as it moves through the design. Once your embossing is complete and you pull the paper off of the embossing mat, the backside of the paper is embossed and the image is raised. By sanding either of these sides you get a different look.

Winter Paper Lanterns

An unfortunate side effect of having an amazing Craft Room stuffed with project tutorials and cutting files is that sometimes it is hard to think of something new to make for a project. I was playing around with making a dimensional bird cage that wasn't looking quite right when I suddenly realized it looked more like a lantern. I added some snow and holly and they finally looked just right. These winter paper lanterns are a happy accident that I would love to share with you.

Cut And Paste Sketches: Snowflake ...

Although this may send some of you into a stress induced panic, Christmas is on it's way! If you plan to send out handmade Christmas cards, now is the time to get started. I did the math and if I make five cards a week for the next eight weeks I will have enough cards to send out. I make this plan every year and end up ordering photo cards two days before Christmas and sending them out late. It is perfectly fine to send out photo cards, unless you are me, and everyone knows that making cards is your thing! Oh the pressure! Does anyone else feel this way?

Snow Bunny Winter Decoration

Winter is a great time to stay warm and snuggled up indoors, but there are a lot of exciting winter activities to take advantage of outdoors too. Maybe you like attending winter carnivals,  going for long walks when the snow is falling, or maybe you’re like so many who enjoy hitting the slopes for a little skiing and snowboarding. In light of the winter season and for all the snow bunnies here in the Craft Room, I made this decorative 15 minute project snow bunny to hit the slopes with you!

Crazy about cards? Good news… ...

Did you know that this week is a very special week? According to the International Society of Friendship and Good Will this week is Universal Letter Writtting Week. As I crafter you know that a handmade card is the best kind of letter to recieve, so get busy celebrating by making a few cards today. I thought it would be fun to link up a few random ideas to inspire your creative mind.

Snowflake Wreath P K Glitz Glitter Wheel Spring 2 and WonderFilm

Glitter Snowflake Wreath

Last Friday we gave you a sneak peak of this gorgeous Glitter Snowflake Wreath when we debuted our newest Crafty Shopper Special, the PK Glitz Color Wheel and WonderFilm. We thought this beauty deserved it's own moment in the spotlight, so we are highlighting it today.

Rosette Snowflake Cutting Collection: WPC, ...

It's been lightly snowing in Kuna, Idaho the past few days, but the best snowfall has been inside the Pazzles office. While my office floor is covered with paper scraps, the office snowfall I'm referring to is the beautiful layered snowflakes lighting up the office.

Embossed Snowflake Pocket Tags

Embossing is the name of the game for today's 15 minute project. I grabbed an embossing tool to play with and the ideas started coming.

Yule Log and Winter Page ...

In many parts of the world we are experiencing the short days and cold of winter. For me, this means snuggling up by a warm fire with a good book or old movie. If asked what scents define winter I would definitely put pine, wood and cinnamon at the top of the list! Maybe that is why woodgrain is a popular theme in the paper arts community.

12 Gifts of Christmas, Day ...

On the third day of Christmas the Pazzles Elves gave to me… This gift bag topper turns a plain kraft bag into a wow gift in just a few easy steps. As an added bonus, the top can be glued on to prevent pre-Christmas peeking. The topper is made to fit a standard 8″ x 10¼″ kraft bag which you can find at most craft stores.

Nutcracker Ballet Collection

Nutcracker Ballet Cutting Collection

The Christmas season is all about nostalgia and one of the iconic images of Christmas is the Nutcracker. We've created an adorable cast of characters for our latest collection,  Nutcracker Ballet. The set includes six characters, a 12″ x 12″ stage, a title banner, a tree and a present.

Winter Holiday Village Store

Christmas Village Luminary

Christmas decorations have a way to make our favorite places shine and add that warm, inviting feeling. They make a wonderful display for family and friends to experience the holiday cheer whenever they come to visit, and this holiday village is no exception.

Light Frame and Reverse Metal Letters

Save your pennies, make your ...

One of the things I love about the Inspiration is that it's powerful enough to emboss and cut through soft metals, like art foils. It can be a bit tricky to master, but once you have it down, you'll be impressed with the range of possibilities! For today's Money-Saving Tip, I'll show you why you never need to buy another pack of metal embellishments, foil letters or sentiments—because you'll be making your own!

Holiday Mugs

Easy Holiday Mugs with Vinyl

A dollar store mug and some vinyl can be transformed into a unique and personalized gift. Fill these mugs with hot chocolate mix or homemade fudge and they would make great teacher or co-worker gifts.

Winter Tree Waterfall Card

Just pull on the tab of this winter tree waterfall card and watch the card transform in front of your eyes! Assembly instructions included.


It’s a new year full of new promise and experiences. Embrace the New Year! I hope that you enjoy creating this lantern for your own home décor, or for friends who could use a little “light” in their lives with the beginning of 2012.

Cake Bon Bons in Fancy ...

I love making these sweet bon bon treats from cake. You may know them by another name: cake pops or cake truffles. They are absolutely divine tasting and can be made in so many different flavors. Use your Pazzles Pastry Tool to cut fun topper designs from fondant or sugar sheets. You can cut 2 or 3 dozen toppers at one time so you have spectacular results very quickly. I have made them so often that I have come up with a few tricks to make the job easier and faster.


I took a hike this past week through our Mountains in Cascade, Idaho. I was on a quest to find pinecones that the chipmunks hadn’t scavenged yet for winter. I thought they would make a nice center piece on the table. When I found a nice little pile of them under the tree and started putting them in my bag I thought hey, I could make these out of paper instead!

Birdhouse Box

Wow can you believe that today is our last day of the 12 boxes of Christmas? We have had so much fun reading your comments and looking at the absolutely amazing boxes you have added. If you haven't seen the boxes made by craft room members go check it out right now! You guys truly are incredible artists and we love seeing your work! Perhaps I shouldn't admit it but I have to tell you that out of the boxes that I personally made, this one is my favorite. It just screams "cozy Christmas" to me.

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